Blendtec Blender Overheating? 5 Main Reasons and 6 Easy Fixes!

BlendTec Blender Overheating
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 The Blendtec blenders are very popular for being strong and powerful.

They are hardcore blenders that can crush and blend anything you throw in it.

But it still manages to remain with a simplistic modern blender look.

The immense horsepower of the Blendtec makes them one of the most formidable blenders in the market.

But this tradeoff of great power does bring some issues with it.

So, what to do if your Blendtec blender overheating, smoking is apparent?

But there is nothing to panic about if your Blendtec overheats, and starts smoking.

simply turn off the blender and opt for fixing the causes of Blendtec smoking.

Your Blendtec may overheat due to overloaded blades or broken brushes.

It also occurs due to a damaged gasket or damaged coupler.

In the worst-case scenario is a burned-out motor is a culprit for blender overheating issue.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of Blendtec blender overheating and how to fix them in detail.

Blendtec Blender Overheating? – Causes

Blendtec, or not, all blenders are at the risk of overheating.

The moto inside of the Blendtec blenders rotates with high torque.

This is what gives them the power to crush and blend anything with the blades connected in the end.

But this intense speed can also destroy the motor or the blender in some cases.

There are some common causes of why Blendtec blenders overheat or start to smoke.

We have discussed them below. Have a look.

Blades overloaded

The first and common cause of Blendtec blender overheating is the blades.

The blades in the Blendtec or any other blender have to go through a lot.

Thus they are susceptible to damage and can cause problems such as overheating, or not spinning at all.

Overloaded blades can be caused by blending more than the recommended quantity (measurement marks in the container), or by simply blending non-stop.

It can also happen due to blending items that are too hard for the blade to crush.

The damaged and overloaded blade will make it difficult for the motor to spin. This will put pressure on the motor.

That will cause the motor to overheat and can also cause it to smoke.

Brushes are broken

The brushes of the motor are more important than you may think.

These small parts are what transfer electricity in the motor and make it a spin.

But these brushes can easily get worn out and damaged.

It is a common problem with motor brushes.

Ever wonder what causes the Blendtec smoking and melting smell?

It is the damaged brushes.

So, if your blender gives a burning smell, then it is probably due to the damaged brushes.

They can be fixed easily and inexpensively.

We will focus on that in the Blendtec blender overheating?- Fixes section.

Damaged Gasket/ Seal

All Blendtec blenders have gaskets (also known as seals).

They are located in various parts of the blender.

In the container lid, and the blade base.

The purpose of these gaskets is to prevent liquid from spilling.

But it has another purpose, which is to protect the motor.

The gasket/ seal in the base of the blender is what stops liquid from entering the motor.

But these gaskets or seals are not immune to wear and tear.

When they are damaged, liquid can easily slip through and reach the motor.

We all know that electronics can be damaged badly with water, and that is what happens here.

The water reaches the motor, and the heat inside the motor makes the water vapourize.

But the process damages the motor and you can get that smoking smell from it.

Coupler gets damaged

The coupler locks the blender in place and lets the motor spin the blades inside the container.

They are usually made with plastic or hard rubber.

As a result, they can get damaged due to wear and tear.

Using damaged couplers can put stress on the motor and make it smoke.

Overworked motor

The last and worst-case scenario for your Blendtec blender overheating is an overworked motor.

This can cause you an expensive repair of your Blendtec blender, so you better hope that this is not the cause of your Blendtec smoking.

The previous causes of Blendtec blender overheating are mostly related to other Blendtec blender parts than the motor.

These damaged parts put stress on the motor which causes it to overheat and produce a burning/ smoking smell.

They do not permanently damage the motor.

But if the motor is overworked and you continuously use it, it will break down permanently.

There is no fixing this but replacing the motor.

In this case, you may consider buying a whole new Blendtec blender set instead of a motor replacement.

Blendtec Blender Overheating? – Fixes

Now that we have discussed all the causes of Blendtec blender overheating, let us discuss the fixes/ troubleshooting for them.

Based on the ranges of Blendtec smoking causes, the solution/fixes also vary. They can be simple or complex. They can be cheap or crazy expensive.

Either way, we have discussed the fixes of Blendtec blender overheating problems below. Have a look.


The overheat protection feature will make the blender stop working if the motor is overheated.

This can happen due to continuous usage of the blender without breaks.

The best you can do is wait and let the machine cool off entirely.

Replace blender blades

It is fairly easy to notice damaged blades than other damaged parts of the Blendtec blender.

As we mentioned earlier, damaged, and non-spinning blades can cause the Blendtec blender to smoke/ overheat.

If your Blendtec blender is smoking because of damaged blades, then you should replace the blades.

Replacing the blade is not possible with Blendtec blenders.

That is because of how the containers are designed.

The blade unit is fixed installed in the Blendtec jars and therefore, they are not replaceable.

But you can purchase a new Blendtec jar with new blades installed.

That shall solve your Blendtec smoking issue.

Replace worn seals

If you have identified the seals to be the cause of your Blendtec smoking, then the only thing to do is replace the old and damaged seals with new ones.

Unfortunately, Blendtec does not sell seal replacements, nor are they available on Amazon.

But it is possible to fit other brand seals into your Blendtec if the size and shape are right.

But if you have your Blendtec warranty, then you can just take the blender to a Blendtec store/ servicing center.

They will fix it or provide you with replacement parts.

Replace worn couplers

Worn couplers can put intense stress on the blender motor and cause it to overheat.

If your Blendtec has damaged couplers, the logical thing to do is to replace them with new ones.

Again, unfortunately, Blendtec does not provide such replacement parts.

Thus, it will be a pain to find replacements.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to contact Blendtec and ask for their suggestions.

You may get to use your warranty too.

Replace Brushes

We discussed earlier that a damaged motor brush is a very common reason why blenders smoke.

The only fix to this issue is to replace the brushes.

Blendtec does not sell brush replacements, but you may find some replacement from your local electrician.

You can also take the blender to the Blendtec servicing center and have them repair it for you.

If your warranty claim is valid, then they will repair it for free.

Motor Replacement or Buy a new Blendtec blender

The worst-case scenario is a burned-out motor.

There is no fixing it. Only replacing is an option here.

But you may have to think twice before deciding.

Will you replace the motor, or will you buy a new Blendtec set?

Blendtec does not sell motor replacements.

Thus, you may have to look for it in your local market.

But they are less credible and reliable.

If you don’t have a warranty claim for motor replacement, then you should just buy a new Blendtec blender.

Related Questions

How long does a Blendtec last?

In any case, anything goes wrong with your blender motor, Blendtec offers an 8-year warranty on their new blenders.

But some users still successfully used Blendtec blenders for nearly 12 years without any issues.

If your Blendtec blender is refurbished, have still it been strong with the long-lasting motor.

The Blendtec blender is an amazing investment that is worth buying.

How do I cool down BlendTec blender?

If you don’t allow your Blendtec blender to cool down before fixing an issue, it leads to even more problems.

First, you need to unplug your blender.

Once the blender is unplugged, make sure it is placed on a safe surface that can become hot and does not have anything around it.

Then wait at least 20 minutes to completely cool down before trying to analyze the issue.

Does the blender grind wheat and grains?

Yes! All Blendtec blenders can grind wheat and grains.

Your FourSide jar can handle 1-2 cups of wheat berries or other grains whereas the WildSide jar can grind 2 to3 cups of grains.

By grinding, your jar will get permanently cloudy.

This is just cosmetic and won’t harm your food.

However cosmetic alternations are not covered under your jar warranty.

So, we suggest buying a separate jar for grinding grains.

Final Thoughts

So that was all about Blendtec blender overheating cause and fixes.

If your Blendtec blender is overheating, you can fix it easily at home.

If not, you can contact Blendtec customer support and solve your issue.

We hope that you have found our article helpful and informative.


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