Blendtec Blender Leaking? (How To Fix Your Leaky Blender?)

BlendTec Blender Leaking
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If you own a Blendtec blender, you probably already know how great it is.

It is made of high-quality materials that elevate your blending experience by allowing you to blend all sorts of smoothies, shakes, cocktail drinks, etc. However, the problem starts when it wears down.

Due to wear out, Blendtec blenders might start leaking.

What might be the cause of your Blendtec blender leaking, you ask?

The leakage can have multiple reasons, but it is usually due to the rubber gasket being dirty or worn out.

If that is the case, it is quite easy to fix; you can either clean it with mild dish soap and a soft sponge or completely replace it if it is beyond repair.

Also, make sure to check for any cracks on your blender cup and lid.

In some cases, a dirty or damaged blade leads to leaking your BlendTec.

If the rubber gasket does not seem to be the issue, keep reading the following article to learn of the causes and fixes of your Blendtec Blender leaking.

Why is Your Blendtec Blender Leaking?

As we have mentioned previously, there can be multiple reasons why your Blendtec is leaking.

Some of the causes are harder to fix than the others, and you might need to consult a professional in those cases.

However, a lot of the causes are easily repairable, and you can do them yourself!

Causes of Blendtec Blender Leaking

Incorrect Usage

Let’s get the no-brainer out the way.

A lot of the time blenders leak, not due to wear and tear, but due to incorrect usage and human errors.

Oftentimes, people forget to push the lid of the blender down which leads to the liquids inside spilling out the sides.

Another error that people make quite often is that they overfill the blending jar. If you overfill it, even closing the lid properly won’t do the trick.

Additionally, if you overfill your blender jug, it might overheat, which can cause you to be stuck with bigger issues than slight spillage.

Dirty/Damaged Rubber Gasket

The rubber gasket is the rubber ring that is between the blade and the blender jar. Such gaskets are found in all sorts of appliances since their main purpose is to stop leakage by sealing any openings.

However, when this rubber gasket gets dirty with dust and food particles, or when it wears down due to prolonged usage, they can’t stop the blender from leaking.

No matter what you try, you will not be able to stop your Blendtec blender from leaking without a proper rubber gasket.

At the end of the day, your blender will have tiny gaps which will let your food spill out.

Damaged Lid

A damaged blender lid will make your life so much harder.

Imagine trying to blend a smoothie, and a whirlpool of pureed fruits just attacking you and your kitchen countertops.

We doubt you would appreciate the mess; hence your lid mustn’t have any cracks or holes.

If your Blendtec blender lid has holes and cracks, that is, a way for air to get in, the food is much likely to come out.

So, if you ever drop your lid, double-check it thoroughly.

Also, do not put hot foods in your blender and blend them, as that too, is very likely to damage the lid.

Cracked Blending Jar

A cracked blending jar is equally as bad as a damaged lid.

A crack in your blending jar, no matter how big or small is sure to result in a mess.

This is because the jar is what makes the process of holding all the food together for blending convenient.

Like the lid, dropped blending jars can have cracks and holes in them which can cause the food to leak out.

Another thing that can damage the blending jar is extremely hot water.

Although the jars themselves are made of high-quality tempered glass that can handle a wide range of temperatures, boiling water can still cause them to crack.

Damaged Blade

Unlike the lid or jar, the blade is not the most obvious place food could leak out of.

Thus, you must always keep the blade compartment in your checklist when checking for the source of leaks.

Food can leak out of the blade compartment because it is connected to the rotating head of the blender’s motor which is usually sealed watertight but can wear down due to prolonged use and lodged food particles.

Manufacturing Defect

Finally, another reason why your Blendtec blender might be leaking is because of manufacturing defects.

This is because not all products come out of the factory flawlessly; some of them could have had errors during the manufacturing process which could have resulted in the leaking.

How to Fix a Leaking Blendtec Blender?

If any of the aforementioned causes sound familiar, do not panic!

The great news is that these issues are quite easy to fix.

However, if, even after a thorough examination, you still can not seem to find the cause of the leakage in your Blendtec blender, it might be in your best interest to get it repaired by a professional.

Fixes of Blendtec Blender Leaking

Close the Lid and Don’t Overfill

Errors are common to make, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you did not close the lid properly or overfill the blending jar.

However, just for the sake of not having to clean up a mess, be sure to double-check.

If you have a lid that needs to be pushed down, push it down as far as you can and try to pull it back up.

If the lid was put on properly, it would not come off easily.

On the other hand, if the lid has to be screwed on, there is a high chance that it will click into place once properly closed; so, always listen for the click.

Furthermore, these blender jars usually have a line up to which they can be filled. So, keep an eye out for the line, and do not overfill it!

Clean/Replace Rubber Gasket

Rubber gaskets are fairly easy to clean.

Just use a sponge and some dishwasher soap to scrub the gasket.

This will get rid of any unwanted particles that have built up over time.

However, if you see that the rubber gasket has been damaged, replacing it might be for the best.

To make the new gasket last, take apart the blender once in a while and give it a thorough rinse.

Replace Damaged Lid

Replacing an item can feel like an extra expense at times, however, when things are beyond repair, it is best to get rid of it and get a new one.

So, if you notice holes or cracks on your Blendtec blender lid, replacing it would be for the best.

Some Blendtec blender lid replacements you could try are: Blendtec Replacement Soft Rubber Lid and Blendtec Vented Latching Lid – Commercial

Replace Cracked Blending Jar

Like a damaged lid, if you have a damaged blending jar, you should replace it with something that is going to last you even longer.

If you are wondering what your options are, consider checking these out: Blendtec FourSide Jar and Blendtec WildSide+ 3 Quart Jar

Clean/Replace Damaged Blade

When you notice that your blender is leaking through your blade compartment, try cleaning it first.

Sometimes food particles get into the screw, and it gets loosened thus it needs to be the first thing you do.

However, if cleaning it does not work, consider replacing it or taking it to a professional.

Get Blender Replaced

If your blender starts leaking soon after purchase, or if it does not stop leaking despite you trying everything, you likely received a faulty product.

Luckily, most Blendtec blenders have warranties that you can use to get the blender replaced.

Why is My BlendTec Leaking Black Liquid?

Have you noticed a black liquid/stuff leaking from the BlendTec blender?

Then you may wonder what it is and why this happens?

This black substance is generally a mixture of lubricants to smoothen or oil its moving parts.

Sometimes, the black substance may leak because of a leaking gasket, which is a tight seal on its blades.

In such a case you need to replace the gasket of the blender with a new one.

In some cases, the gasket is misplaced. So just twisting the ring underneath the jar may solve your issue.

This black liquid can be removed by cleaning the blender or soaking in soapy water to remove the lubricant that could be causing it.

But you should not overlook this issue as it may damage your blender in long run.

The loss of lubricating oils will lead to an increase in friction whenever you use the blender, which will raise its overall temperature than may result in damaging the blender if left unchecked.

Blendtec Blender Leaking From Bottom?

If your BlendTec blender leaks from the bottom, this often occurs because the user does not install the blade part tightly with the mill.

The blade’s rotating shaft also gets dirty due to the long-term usage of the blender.

This problem also arises because of the damaged gasket. For this, you need to get a new gasket.

Related Questions

Does Blendtec have a lifetime warranty?

BlendTec has come up with a wide range of blenders.

The warranty of BlendTec differs from model to model.

BlendTec classic and Total blenders have a 2-year warranty on parts whereas BlendTec designer blenders have an 8-year warranty on parts.

Blend Tec Pro 800 blender comes up with a 10-year warranty on parts.

If you purchase the jar separately, you will get a 3-year warranty.

Where is the serial number on the Blendtec blender?

You can find the serial number of the BlendTec blender underneath the blender’s motor base.

Are Blendtec blender products made in the USA?

All the blenders made in the USA are of high quality and durable.

Blendtec blenders are engineered and assembled in the USA.

BlendTec blenders are well known to be tough.

They can be used to grind hard ingredients like grains and nuts into flour.

They are also perfect for blending frozen ingredients and making sauces with ease.

Can you repair the Blendtec jar?

No, Blendtec jars cannot be repaired if it gets damaged.

You have to buy a new jar or consider buying a jar with a replacement blade for your Blendtec blender.

Before spending the bucks check the warranty of your blender and jar.

Final Thoughts

Blendtec is one of the leading blender brands that is known for its excellent performance.

However, after prolonged usage, you might notice some leakage.

This can be caused by many reasons which are easy to fix.

So, if you are having troubles with your Blendtec blender leaking, read the article and fix it right away!


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