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DiGiorno Pizza Cooking Time and Temperature: Serve Delicious Pizza in No Time!

DiGiorno Pizza Cooking Time and Temperature
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When we come home after a long day, preparing food can seem quite a hassle.

However, we all deserve a tasty meal after finishing such a day, right?

What is the solution, then?

DiGiorno Pizza!

Yum, you will love the taste of meaty crust with slimy pepperoni toppings.

Wait, hear me out.

You might be thinking preparing a pizza is a lot of hassle.

You would not have that kind of time.

Guess what?

Guess what is the DiGiorno pizza cooking time and temperature?

It is less than you can imagine.

Cooking time is basically how long it will take the oven to make the pizza ready to serve, while the temperature is what you have to keep in mind while preheating the oven.

DiGiorno Pizza Sizes

This is a common thing most people worry about.

If the size of the pizza is enough for the serving.

DiGiorno Pizza is available in 12 inches size.

While most frozen pizzas are 10 inches.

Here you have a bigger and tastier serving pizza.

You can serve this pizza to up to 6 people without any reason to worry about it.

But we would still recommend you have an extra few in your stock.

In case, you fall in love with it and cannot stop having enough of it.

DiGiorno Pizza Cooking Time and Temperature

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The thing about DiGiorno pizza that is super interesting is that you can have your own preferred time and temperature choice while cooking the pizza.

Okay, so let get started and help you make some quick pizza.

The process is very simple, and you do not have to be an expert, so, frankly, relax.

If you are planning on serving the pizza within 30 minutes, this is what you need to do.

You will need to preheat the oven before you can put the pizza inside.

Preheat oven to 200°F and bake for 22 to 25 minutes.

While you are preheating the oven, keep the pizza frozen.

Take the pizza out of the freshness wrap and place the pizza on the middle oven rack.

Place on a baking sheet and bake for 25 to 28 minutes.

If you have that much time, you will get a delightful soft crust.

If you want to bake the pizza within 20 minutes tops, you can follow a different method.

Preheat oven to 180°F and bake for 18–21 minutes.

The crust might be a bit hard in that case.

Nonetheless, you need to remember while preparing it, the pizza should be placed on a sheet pan or other flat, hard surface.

For frozen pizzas, you can always put them on a rack in the oven.

The soft dough will fall between the rungs if you place a freshly constructed pizza straight on an oven rack. Be careful.

How Long to Cook DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Pizza?


Digiorno stuffed crust pizza is made with DiGiorno’s signature sauce and it is topped with real mozzarella cheese and delicious pepperoni.

You need to cook it with a conventional oven. Don’t thaw the pizza.

For cooking this pizza, you need to preheat and bake the pizza at 400-degree F. While preheating the pizza frozen.

Then take out the pizza from freshness wrap. Keep pizza on the center oven rack and bake for 18 to 20 minutes.

Keep in mind pizza should be cooked thoroughly to 165 degrees to ensure your food safety.

But baking time and temperature may differ as per different ovens.

How Do You Know When DiGiorno Pizza is Done?

You can apply one trick to ensure pizza is cooked fully.

If the cheese is melted and edges get golden brown, then this is the sign of pizza is cooked thoroughly.

The crust will be hard and charred if it is overdone, the dough will still be thoroughly cooked.

The crust is common if it is undercooked, however the dough is still not cooked.

So, make sure you check properly before taking it out.

Do You Cook DiGiorno Pizza on Cardboard?

Yes, you certainly can.

You may cook your pizza in the oven as long as the box fits inside.

But, for instance, if the temperature in your oven is set too high, the cardboard may catch fire, so that is something you need to watch out for.

Not only is it unsafe to cook pizza in an oven, but it also alters the flavor of the food.

Having said that, it is best recommended if you do not try cooking on cardboard.

Instead, it is best to bake it on a sheet pan or cover the oven rack with foil.

How Do You Make a DiGiorno Pizza Crispy?

Some of us really are suckers for a crispy crust.

And you can have it in your DiGiorno pizza, so why not?

You just need a bit of extra effort for that.

You need to brush your pizza with some olive oil if you want it to have a crispier crust.

Another pro tip for you, garlic powder is an essence that gives a seasoned touch to any prefabricated pizza or pre-cooked veggies for an added nutrition boost.

You can add that to be sprinkled on top of the pizza. Yummy!

Why is My DiGiorno Pizza Soft in the Middle?

Your DiGiorno pizza gets soft in the middle because of thawing it first.

If the ice in frozen pizza melts you may end up soaking the pizza and making it soggy.

Frozen pizzas are intended to be heated while they are still frozen.

Because of thawing it first, the ice evaporates as it melts.

Besides this, make sure you follow the instruction on the box as precisely as possible.

Before cooking your DiGiorno pizza make sure you are following the instructions on the package properly.

If the pizza wasn’t cooked long enough and you took it out of the oven a few minutes too early, also leads to pizza getting soft in the middle.

Your pizza also gets soft due to other various reasons.

If pizza does not cook in a hot enough oven. So, the heating oven is necessary.

How to Reheat DiGiorno Pizza?

If you want to reheat your DiGiorno pizza in a pan or toaster oven, the ideal method is to cook it in the oven.

For this process, you need to preheat your oven to 275 degrees.

This is a must-do step if you want to reheat your pizza rather than burn it.

Take a baking sheet and cover it with aluminium foil while the oven is preheating.

Then spray the aluminium foil with cooking spray to prevent the crust from sticking to it during the warming process.

Place the pizza pieces on the baking pan with some space between them.

After that, lightly sprinkle the slices with water.

When you lightly sprinkle your pizza with water, it expands just enough to soften the dough without making it soggy or chewy.

Using another piece of aluminum foil, loosely cover the pizza pieces.

This top layer of aluminum foil can help protect the pizza from burning by preventing moisture from escaping.

Place the baking sheet on the lowest rack of the oven when it has been prepared and bake the pizza for 20 to 30 minutes.

After 20 minutes, check your pizza every five minutes until it reaches the temperature you wish.

Related Questions

Do you put DiGiorno pizza on a pan?

It is not recommended to cook DiGiorno pizza on a cooking sheet or pan unless the pan is included in their package.

DiGiorno Crispy Pan Pizzas come up with a pan.

They are cooked in that pan for a crispy, caramelized crust.

So, if you receive DiGiorno pizza with a pan you can cook pizza on that pan.

Where is DiGiorno pizza made?

Wisconsin is known as the frozen pizza kingdom.

Most of the leading national selling pizza brands like Tombstone and Jack’s are made here.

DiGiorno pizza is also made in Wisconsin.

As per the director of product development for Nestle’s frozen pizzas division, Wisconsin is the largest per capita pizza consumer in the United States.

Does DiGiorno make gluten-free pizza?

DiGiorno has launched a new frozen gluten-free pizza with their signature puffy rising crust.

They also have a few other options on the shelf.

DiGiorno earlier launched its first gluten-free pizza with ultra-thin crust in 2017, but it was eventually discontinued.

Nowadays these new pizzas are available at limited Target locations, but later, additional national retailers will have them.

So, yes, DiGiorno makes gluten-free pizza.

Final Thoughts

Order pizza is alright, but cooking your own pizza is awesome.

You can get experimental with anything that suits your taste.

DiGiorno will help you keep the zest.

Prepare your quick pizza for any meal of the day with DiGiorno.




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