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Jet’s Pizza Sizes: A Detailed Anatomy!

Jet's Pizza Sizes
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Who doesn’t love those triangular delicacies full of cheesy pulls?

Fast-food restaurants that offer a range of crust options and pizza sizes are a blessing in disguise.

Jet’s Pizza sizes will cater to the needs of people of all ages!

So, what are the different Jet’s Pizza sizes, and which one is appropriate for you?

Like all pizza restaurants, they come with the option of small, medium, large and extra-large pizza crusts but with one distinction.

They have a party tray size that consists of 30 pieces of pizzas.

Jet’s Pizza also has a lot more to offer apart from the unique size.

Scroll down to enter the cheesy realm!

Is Jets Pizza Good? Should You Put Your Trust in Jet’s Pizza?

Started by two brothers in 1978, Jet’s Pizza began its journey in Michigan.

As of now, they have over 300 franchises after they merged their business with their cousins.

So, the family-owned business will never compromise with quantity or quality.

They always have offers going on.

So, you don’t need to pay the full amount imprinted in the menu if you keep a good eye on their website.

The place is definitely worth every penny as you can start by building your own pizza through major customization or can even go for specialized pizzas.

But I assure you that you will definitely find the appropriate Jet’s Pizza size for yourself!

How Big are Jet’s Pizzas? :Actual Size that Jet’s Offer

Jet’s pizza sizes are very appetizing no matter what your stomach needs are!

The size would first depend on the pizza option that you’re choosing from which includes their signature deep-dish pizza, hand-tossed, NY style, or thin crust.

After choosing your preferred crust you may then be able to tailor the entire pizza with various toppings and ingredients.

The thin pizzas are outspread and easy to eat as you can devour each slice at a time by folding them.

Though foldable, they are quite big and each thin-crusted pizza comes in 6 pieces.

The best part about Jet’s pizza sizes is that they come in both triangular and square shapes with each variant of the crust starting from 6 to 30 slices!

What is an 8 Corner Pizza From Jets? : The Specialty of an 8 Corner Jet’s Pizza

Most of us subconsciously think that the squared pizzas are a better deal than the triangular ones.

If you belong to that particular group then worry not as Jet’s Pizza size has a special variant of 8 corner pizza.

These are their signature deep-dish pizzas, so you can already start guessing on the number of extra toppings and cheese that you’re going to get.

Each bit promises to leave a burst of flavors as soon as they enter your mouth.

Salivating already?

Scroll away to help me announce myself as the best pizza guide!

Different Jet’s Pizza Sizes : The Ultimate Comparison

I would suggest you not only look at the diameters in the below table as each variant of Jet’s pizza size differs mainly due to the flavor that you choose.

The thickness of the crust is very important.

At the very edge of every Jet’s pizza, the crust thickness is about 1-1 and ¼ inches.

Pizza Variations

Since the signature deep-dish pizzas are loaded with toppings, these are the heaviest despite the given diameter, followed by the hand-tossed ones.

NY pizzas are in between the two extremes of the deep-dish and thin-crusted pizzas.

It’s the safest option for the ones who are trying Jet’s pizza for the first time as you can later choose whether you want a heavier or a lighter crust.

The thin-crusted pizzas will give you a slight crisp with every bite and it is very convenient to devour them.

They are very wide and foldable.

Detroit-Style Pizza vs Turbo Crust Pizza

A classic Detroit-style Jet’s pizza though loaded with toppings gives a very feathery texture.

It is baked over steel pans at an ideal temperature that gives a caramelized and crispy cheesy flavor!

While on the other hand the Turbo crust is brushed over with butter mixed with minced garlic and Romano cheese

What I find most appealing about Jet’s pizza is the number of choices that they offer you.

I would suggest you explore each of these options one at a time as they let you add flavors to your crust free of cost!

There are about 8 add-ons that you can add to the crust of 13 varieties of specialty pizzas.

Are you still confused about the Jet’s pizza size that will completely satisfy your taste buds?

This tabulated version of the details will help you decide in a snap!

Snap of the Jet’s Pizza Slices

Still skeptical about the right Jet’s pizza size?

You may consider looking into these special corner pizzas!

Jet’s Corner Pizza Sizes

What Is the Most Popular Size Of Jet’s Pizza?

The most popularized size is the medium-sized Jet’s pizza which is about 12 inches.

Since it’s available in the hand-tossed flavor only, you will get the special added touch of the professional chef in every bite.

The crust is extremely light and fluffy but also very fulfilling!

Added with fresh toppings, this medium-sized 12” pizza becomes a divine dish to munch on for many!

How to Reheat Jet’s Pizza?

You can reheat the Jet’s pizza with perfect crispy crust by three ways.

You can reheat the pizza using pan, oven or air fryer.

Pan Fried Method

Step 1: Takeout pizza from freezer or fridge and allow it defrost a bit.

Step 2: Preheat the pan and sprinkle a small amount of oil and place pizza.

Step 3: Keep the lid over pizza till cheese starts to sizzle.

Step 4: Here’s your delicious pizza ready to eat.

Oven Method

Step 1: Take pizza out from freezer or fridge and allow it defrost a bit.

Step 2: Keep the pizza on baking sheet.

You can also use this oven safe pan that is safe to use in standard or convection ovens.

It is also great for serving an evenly baked pizza for your family..

Step 3: Preheat oven to 400F and place your Jet’s Pizza in the oven till cheese melts.

Step 4: Now your Jet’s pizza comes out crispy and fresh like it was just made!!

 Air Fryer Method

Air fryer method is best way to heat up the pizza.

Step 1: Take pizza out from freezer or fridge and allow it defrost.

Step 2 : Throw your Jet’s Pizza into the air fryer basket and cook it for four to five minutes at 320° which makes it crispy and delicious.

Step 3: Now your crispy and delicious Jets pizza is ready.

Related Questions

Where did jets pizza start?

The Jet’s Pizza first opened in Sterling Heights, Michigan in 1978. The founders of Jet’s Pizza are Brothers Eugene and John Jetts.

What is Jet’s New York Style Pizza?

Jets offers The Bold Fold Pizza, designed as a NY style and crusted pizza which is known as New York Style Pizza.

It comes in the large size (6 slice) with a bold but delicious pepperoni topping.

The Classic thin pizza crust that’s quite wide & foldable.

It has amazing flavor and the crust is between thin and a regular pizza crust.

Final Thoughts

The number of options that Jet’s pizza sizes come with is rare in most of the other fast-food chains. It’s a place for all.

Even if you’re a fitness freak, you just have to look at the detailed calorie chart provided by the restaurant to choose the perfect Jet’s pizza size without compromising your health.

Jet’s Pizza also has a cauliflower crust option for the ones avoiding carbs.

This place is a one-stop solution to meet the cravings of people with different lifestyle choices.


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