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Does GoGo Squeez Yogurt Need to be Refrigerated?

Does GoGo SqueeZ Yogurt Need to be refrigerated
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GoGo Squeez is a brand of portable and squeezable yogurt pouches specifically designed for on-the-go snacking.

This yogurt is made from Cultured Reduced Fat milk.

It comes with more than 20 varieties of fruit and yogurt pouches like mixed berries, apple cinnamon, strawberry banana, and more.

This yogurt is perfect for kids’ sports teams, classroom snacks, family-friendly parties, and outdoor entertaining.

However, does GoGo Squeez yogurt need to be refrigerated?

GoGo Squeez yogurt does not need to be refrigerated before opening.

But it needs to be refrigerated after opening and tossed after 24 hours.

What is GoGo Squeez Yogurt?

GoGo squeez Yogurt is yogurt that comes in squeezable pouches.

Each pouch contains a serving of real yogurt that is available in numerous varieties and flavors like berries, strawberries, bananas, and more.

These pouches are easy to pack and you can take them with you which is a convenient option for busy individuals, children, as well as families.

The ingredients of GoGo squeeze Yogurt are Cultured Reduced Fat Milk, Cane Sugar, Fruit Puree Concentrate, Fruit Pectin, Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavors, and Vitamin D2.

Is GoGo Squeeze Real Yogurt?

Yes, GoGo Squeeze is Real yogurt.

According to GoGo Squeeze yogurt, they follow the same basic process as refrigerated yogurt to make this GoGo Squeeze yogurt.

It is made by combining warm milk and cultures.

The process of making GoGo squeeze includes an additional heating step to ensure yogurt can be stored at room temperature.

Is GoGo Squeez Yogurt Healthy?

If you are one of those who make the resolution to get healthier, you have to choose snacks that are fulfilling as well as providing nutrients to your body.

If so, GoGo Squeez yogurt won’t disappoint you!

GoGo squeeZ inspires all families to live a healthy lifestyle.

They have a delicious product including fridge-free yogurt that makes snacking on the go easy.

The Yogurt is made up of 100% fruit and comes in a variety of flavors.

Kids really enjoy the GoGo squeeZ Yogurtz which are made of real yogurt and fruit.

The GoGo squeeZ Yogurtz contains 4g of protein. It is low in fat and contains no preservatives.

You can also check the nutrition facts below that give you an idea about the exact nutritional value of GoGo Squeez yogurt.

GoGo Squeez Yogurt Nutrition Fact

GoGo Squeez Yogurt: Strawberry

Serving Size: 1 Pouch (85g)

Does GoGo Squeez Yogurt Need to be Refrigerated?

GoGo Squeez yogurt does not need to be refrigerated before opening.

It is packaged in a way that preserves its freshness without the need for refrigeration.

But it needs to be refrigerated after opening and should be tossed after 24 hours.

The shelf life of Yogurt is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

You should check the ‘Best before’ date mentioned on the back of every pouch.

The ideal temperature to store GoGo Squeez Yogurt is 68 degrees F – 77 degrees F (20-25 degrees Celsius) or simply room temperature.

You should keep the cap out of reach of children under age 3.

If the pouch is damaged, or the seal is broken, it is recommended not to consume it.

In a nutshell, it is not necessary to refrigerate GoGo squeez yogurt if the package is not opened.

Once it is opened you need to refrigerate it.

Can You Freeze GoGo Squeeze Yogurt?

Yes, you can freeze GoGo squeeze yogurt.

If you are skeptical, about whether a GoGo Squeeze would explode in the freezer, then don’t worry!

It won’t explode in the freezer.

You can keep a GoGo Squeez in the freezer overnight and give your kids for school lunches.

So, you can freeze GoGo Squeeze (or a box full) in the freezer the night before school, camp, or a trip to the beach and consume it on your trip.

Does GoGo Squeeze Yogurt Have Probiotics?

As aforementioned, GoGo squeez yogurt has gone through the heating process.

The heating process changes the yogurt in two critical ways.

First, it changes the texture.

When this yogurt gets pumped into the packages, the yogurt is thin.

The consistency is more liquid than yogurt.

After going through retort, it gets thickened up.

So it feels like more traditional yogurt.

The Yogurt has gone through a sterilization process of retort which kills all bacteria, both bad and good.

It means GoGo Squeez doesn’t have any of the probiotics which are beneficial to human gut health.

But there are no preservatives listed on the label because the way to make shelf-stable yogurt is through a physical process, not a chemical one.

Related Questions

Is GoGo Squeeze Yogurt Kosher?

Kosher means foods that are prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

Additionally, all ingredients and equipment used in the production of food must be kosher.

If you are wondering whether GoGo Squeez Yogurt is kosher?

The answer is yes, GoGo squeez Yogurt is Kosher.

Are there any preservatives in GoGosqueez Yogurt?

No, there are no preservatives in GoGo squeeze yogurt.

There are no preservatives listed on the label.

Because to make shelf-stable yogurt, it has gone through a physical process, not a chemical one.

Is GoGo Squeeze Yogurt gluten-free?

Yes, GoGo Squeeze Yogurt is gluten-free and Kosher.

Do GoGo Squeez pouches contain BPA-free?

Yes, GoGo Squeez pouches are BPA-free.




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