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Troubleshooting the GE Double Oven F97 Error: A Comprehensive Guide

GE Double Oven F97 Error
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Imagine you are about to prepare a delicious meal for special event.

Your kitchen is bustling with various activities and you are depending upon your trusty GE oven to cook delightful dishes for event.

But suddenly GE oven acting up and showing F97 error code!

You may wonder that what is this mysterious code mean and how to resolve this issue?

If you are facing this issue, fret not. You’re not alone!

You have come to the right place to solve your problem.

The F97 error code on a GE double oven indicates that the lower oven cooling fan is not running up to speed as it should be.

In this detailed guide, we will solve mystery behind the GE double oven F97 error code, identifies causes and steps to resolve it.

Decoding GE Double Oven F97 Error

If your GE Double oven popping up the F97 error code it means the lower oven cooling fan isn’t running up to speed.

You may wonder why this code occurs?

Well, there is a fan inside your fixed for crucial purpose.

It prevents the oven from overheating. It also makes sure that the cooking process is safe and efficient.

This fan has sensors to monitor its speed.

If the fan is slow down, it means the oven goes into protection mode.

So, oven shows the dreaded F97 error on its digital display.

Now, let’s delve into the steps into detail to resolve this issue.

Solutions For GE Double Oven F97 Error -Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Replace the Lower Oven Cooling Fan

If your GE oven is showing the F97 error code and you identify that that the cooling fan is the culprit then you need to replace lower cooling fan which is the most effective solution. You can go through below step-by-step guide to solve this issue.

  1. Safety First

You should consider safety in first place while doing this process.

Unplug your GE oven or switch off the power from the circuit breaker.

This step is inevitable.

  1. Access the Fan

Now you need to open the oven door to locate the fan.

The oven fan is typically fixed behind a cover at the rear of the oven.

The Oven fan’s position may differ depending on your oven model.

  1. Remove the Cover

Take out the cover carefully to access the fan and its connections.

This is the only place where you’ll likely find the root of the F97 error.

  1. Replace the Fan:

For replacing the fan, you’ll need to unscrew it from its housing.

Make sure you have a new fan that matches the specifications of your oven model and perfectly fit to oven.

Once you find the right replacement of fan, fix it firmly in place.

Step 2: Run the Oven in Self-Cleaning Mode

The F97 error may occurs due to a temporary issue with the fan.

So, running oven in self cleaning mode may help to get rid of error.

You can remove any debris or obstructions that could affect the oven fan’s performance by running the oven in self-cleaning mode helps

You can do it by following way:

  1. Set Oven to Self-Clean

Follow GE oven manufacturer’s instructions to self clean your oven.

To self-clean oven, generally you need to select a high temperature and locking the oven door.

You can find below our Instructions guide to self-clean GE oven.

  1. Wait

Let your GE oven to run in self-cleaning mode for at least 15-30 minutes.

The strong heat and cleaning process can sometimes solve minor hindrances or fan issues.

  1. Check for the Error

Now you need to check if the error vanished or still persists.

If it’s removed, your oven will work back to normal.

If not, you need to proceed the next steps.

Step 3: Inspect the Fan Plug

In some cases, the problem is very simple like loose or improperly connected fan plug.

If you noticed this, you can solve it following ways:

  1. Safety Precautions

Make sure that the oven is disconnected from the power source safely before going to do any inspection or repairs.

  1. Access the Fan

You need to open the oven door and remove the cover.

Now you can get access of the fan and its plug.

  1. Inspect the Plug

Carefully inspect the plug and make sure it is connected properly.

If it’s loose or improperly connected, reconnect it securely and make sure it is properly connected.

Step 4: Reconnect the Harness Wires

If the GE Double Oven F97 error code lasts even after inspecting the plug, it may be issue with wires.

For this, you’ll need to check and possibly reconnect the harness wires.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Safety First:

Before dive into the process, make sure the oven is properly disconnected from the power source.

  1. Locate the Harness Wires

Now you need to locate the harness wires.

They are generally connected to the oven fan.

  1. Reconnect the Wires

Disconnect and then reconnect these wires properly and make sure connection is secure.

Step 5: Putting Everything Back Together

Once you’ve finished the required repairs, you have to reassemble the oven:

  1. Reassemble:

For reassembling oven, you have to reattach the fan, cover, and any other parts of oven you have removed during the repair process.

  1. Turn on Power

Lastly, plug in your oven or turn the circuit breaker again to “ON” position to reconnect the power supply to oven.

  1. Test

Turn on your GE oven and check if the F97 error has gone.

If error has gone well, your oven is good to use.

Above steps are very simple and suitable for most DIY enthusiasts.

The whole process generally takes around 30 minutes, and you can have your oven back to the work without much hassle.

GE Self-Cleaning Oven Instructions

Before a Self-Oven Clean Cycle

Before going to begin Self oven clean cycle, you should keep in mind few things.

Vent your kitchen with open window or use a ventilation fan or hood during first self-clean cycle.

Take out the racks, broiler pan, broiler grid, all cookware, probe, aluminium foil from oven.

You can self-clean oven racks, but they will darken, lose their luster or become difficult to slide.

Soil on front frame of oven and outer of gasket on door should be cleaned by hand properly.

Clean these areas using hot water, soap-filled or plastic, scouring pads or cleansers like Soft Scrub.

Don’t clean the gasket.

The fiberglass material of the oven door gasket cannot resist abrasion.

It is essential to stay intact the gasket.

If it is worn, you need to replace it.

Wipe up any heavy spillovers on the bottom of the oven.

Ensure that the oven light bulb cover is secured in place and the oven light is off. 

IMPORTANT: The health of some birds is very sensitive to the fumes expel during the self-cleaning cycle of any range.

So, if you have birds, move birds to another well-ventilated room.

How to Set the GE Oven for Cleaning?/ GE Oven Self Cleaning

For setting up GE Oven for self-cleaning, you need to touch the SELF CLEAN LO/STD pad

once for a 4-hour clean time or twice for a 3-hour clean time.

You should use 3-hour self-clean time if cleaning small, contained spills.

You should select self-clean time of 4 hours or longer for a dirtier oven.

If you want to select a time other than 4 hours or 3 hours, use the number pads and enter the desired clean time.

You can change the cleaning time between 3 hours and 5 hours.

It depends on how dirty your oven is.

Press the START pad.

The oven door locks automatically. Now the display will show remaining the clean time.

Now you can’t open the oven door until the temperature drops below the lock temperature and the LOCKED light goes off.

When the LOCKED light goes off, you can open the oven door.

If you set the clean cycle and forget to close the oven door, the word LOCKED will flash on display and the oven control will signal.

To stop a clean cycle, you need to touch the CLEAR/OFF pad.

If the LOCKED light stops, it indicates the oven has cooled below the locking temperature, you can now open the door.

GE Double Oven Reset

Unplug the GE Double Oven

For unplugging the oven, first you need to check that the oven is plugged in.

If it is pugged, then unplug it.

You should be careful while performing this as the plug is built into the oven and can’t be accessed or removed.

Step 2: Turn the Circuit Breaker ‘Off’ position

Unplug the oven.

For resetting, you should turn off the oven.

Do it by locating the breaker and controlling it in your main electrical panel.

You can find one in your fuse box or circuit breaker box.

Also check the label on the breaker itself showing its purpose.

Step 3: Wait and turn on the Circuit breaker

Now, turn off the Circuit breaker or the switch.

After one minute, turn on circuit breaker again or install the fuse to reset the power to the oven.

It should reset electronic controls on the oven.

Even if the light or clock on oven is working, still you need to try reset for electronic oven control.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an experienced home chef or simply a person who depend on their oven for daily cooking, now you’ve the enough knowledge, you need to solve the F97 error.

This guide saves you time, money, and the stress of a kitchen emergency.

It also ensures that your kitchen adventures continue without a hitch.