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How to Reset LG Microwave?-Step By Step Guide

How to reset LG microwave
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LG microwaves are staples for many kitchens as they are very convenient and efficient.

However, they may encounter problems like any other devices.

Resetting your microwave helps to resolve many issues from unresponsive display to error codes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will get to know the LG Microwave reset process in detail.

Why Reset Your LG Microwave?

Before diving into step-by-step details of resetting LG microwave, lets understand why you might need to do resetting.

Following are some of reasons :

1.Power outage

Sudden power outage or surges can pause or disturb microwave functions.

By resetting your microwave, it can get back to the working condition.

So, if your microwave wont start or showing any error after power outage, try resetting it.

2.Control Panel Malfunctions

Sometimes the control panel of microwave give no response or popping up error codes.

It may behave unusual.

If you reset the microwave in this case, it may get back to normal.

3.Software Updates

Some LG microwaves models need software updates.

If you reset your oven, it helps to activate these updates.

So simple resetting can improve its performance.

4.General Troubleshooting

If you’re facing any unexplained issues with your LG microwave, you can reset it which is important step.

Now that you know the reasons for resetting your LG microwave.

Lets get to know how to do it properly.

How to Reset LG Microwave?: Steps By Step Process

For resetting an LG microwave you need to follow these straightforward steps.

We’ve broken it down into clear instructions to make the resetting process as simple as possible.

Step 1: Safety First

Before resetting any electrical appliance, safety comes in first place.

Make sure your LG microwave is unplugged. If not Unplug your microwave.

It should be disconnected from the main power source.

Step 2: Wait

After unplugging your LG microwave, you have to wait for at least 5 minutes.

It allows the internal components of the microwave to discharge.

They reset themselves.

Step 3: Plugging In Back

Once the waiting time has completed, plug in the microwave back into the power source.

Make sure the power cord is connected properly.

Step 4: Setting up the Clock

You need to set the clock on microwave, once microwave turn on.

Follow below instructions to set the clock accurately.

Method 1

Make sure microwave is plugged in and clear the timer by pressing the STOP/CLEAR button on display.

Press the clock button on microwave and enter the time by using the number buttons.

Now press the START/ENTER button to save time that you entered.

Method 2

You can also set the time in another way. Follow the below steps:

Plug in your LG microwave and open the door.

Now you need to press the plus button to switch between 12- and 24-hour modes.

Press the enter for clock mode.

You can use the plus and minus buttons to change the hour.

Again, Press the enter. Repeat for setting in minutes.

Step 5: Test the Microwave

After finishing the reset process, you have to test the microwave.

To test tour microwave, heat a small bowl of water or use any other function.

This step will ensure you that the reset was done successful.

The microwave is working properly.

Additional Tips To Follow

  1. Refer the User Manual

If you are not sure about the reset process or facing any issue, you need to go through the user manual of LG microwave.

It has mentioned all right instructions and troubleshooting tips to solve the issue.

  1. Customer Support

If you are still facing issue even after resetting the microwave, contact LG customer support.

They will guide you to solve that specific issue.

  1. Prevention

You should follow manufacturer’s guidelines for right usage, cleaning and maintenance.

It helps to minimize the need for frequent reset.

It also helps to enhance the performance of your microwave.

Regularly cleaning and maintenance is essential.

You should avoid overloading your microwave with heavy objects.

It helps to prevent recurring issues and enhances its lifespan.

How to Unlock LG Microwave?

Unlocking your LG microwave is very easy.

Here’s a simple guide to do it in right way:

1. Press and Hold the START Button

  • First you need to locate the START/ENTER button on your microwave’s control panel.
  • Press and hold this button for about four seconds.
  • It will deactivate the child lock function on microwave.

2. Press and Hold the STOP Button

  • Now locate the STOP/CLEAR button on the control panel of microwave. You can find it nearby only.
  • Press and hold this button for about three seconds. It helps to ensure that the child lock is off.

3. Close the Microwave Door

  • Close the microwave door precisely. It is a sign that you’re ready to complete the unlocking process.

4. Press the STOP Button

  • Locate the STOP/CANCEL button on the microwave display.
  • Press till it shows the “LOC” displayed on the microwave’s screen.

This indicates that the child lock has been successfully deactivated.

Lg Microwave Not heating Food But Runs?

If your LG microwave is not heating food but runs, it can be annoying.

It may happen due to many reasons such as faulty magnetron, malfunctioning diode, problem with the door switch.

There are also other reasons like wrong settings, accidentally activating the timer function without starting the microwave, selecting the wrong sensor cooking settings.

Following are some solutions to solve this issue:

1.Test and replace the diode can solve this problem.

2.If your microwave doesn’t heat but runs the food due to a faulty door switch, replace the door swich to get back your microwave in working condition.

3.If the problem is due to wrong setting, you need to make sure that you’ve set right power level and cooking time for your dish.

4. If the timer function is activated accidently without starting the microwave, simply turn it off and run the microwave as required.

5. If there is problem with sensor cooking setting, review and adjust the sensor cooking settings that matches to type of food you are heating.

Final Thoughts

Resetting your LG microwave is very simple, easy but effective way to resolve common problems.

It also ensures you that it functions efficiently.

Whether you’ve faced problems due to power fluctuations or control panel malfunctions, aforementioned steps outlined in this guide will help you to get your microwave back to the work.

Remember, always safety comes first while performing any reset or maintenance.

While many problems and errors on microwave can be resolved with a simple reset, but more complex problems may require professional help.


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