How Many Watts Does a Whirlpool Refrigerator Use?

How Many Watts Does a Whirlpool Refrigerator Use
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How many watts does a whirlpool refrigerator use?

Have you ever wondered about this?

If you use whirlpool refrigerators, then you should be more than sure about how helpful the refrigerator has been in your everyday life.

The short answer is- Whirlpool refrigerators use 350 to 780 watts of energy, depending on their sizes.

You get to store your everyday food, drinks, and other necessities so that they do not start to rot.

What’s more, even the whirlpool refrigerator’s performance is far more efficient than most other refrigerators.

As long as your refrigerator doesn’t experience a power outage, it will never turn off by itself or show any malware in its mechanism.

So, if you are curious about the question we mentioned above, it is high time you found the answer to it.

How to Determine Refrigerator Wattage?

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If you are going to be calculating the watts of any fridge in general, it is an easy process.

The equipment issued for calculating wattage is:

The steps which can be used to find the wattage of a refrigerator are given below:

1. Connect the voltmeter to a wire in the refrigerator in a parallel setting and record the voltage reading.

2. The reading will keep fluctuating, so take one of an average of a few of the fluctuation results.

3. Connect the ammeter to the same wire in a series setting to the circuit.

Unlike the voltage reading, the ammeter will give a fixed result. Record that result.

4. You can find the product of voltage and amperes using a calculator.

This product is the wattage of the refrigerator that you need to see.

In addition, the voltage and current amperes are also given in the sticker or manual of the refrigerator.

You can use that to multiply the numbers and find the watts that your refrigerator uses.

Note that while you take measurements or even use the measures from the given values, they might slightly differ from when someone else does it.

This is attributed to human errors and errors in reading the significant figures.

In the long run, if you calculate the electricity bill using the wattage, these slight errors will not affect your final result.

How Many Watts is a Typical Refrigerator?

The amount of wattage that a refrigerator has depends on the amount of electricity it uses, the size, and the amount of time it has been in usage.

Of course, many other variables determine the increase and decrease of watts in a refrigerator, but they aren’t as significant.

Typically, a newer model of smaller refrigerators or freezer units about 25 cubic feet tends to have a wattage result of 130-200 watts.

This is a rounded-off figure, and as mentioned above, if you are going to calculate the wattage from scratch, the result will differ due to various human errors.

Other than smaller units, a more conventional refrigerator will have different values of wattage throughout the day.

For instance, it could have a starting wattage of around 800-1200 watts per day.

However, the running wattage will differ to 150 watts per day.

As the motor gets older or the weather changes, the wattage will change.

The main variables that determine the wattage that is supplied to the refrigerator are:

  1. Motor speed
  2. Weather
  3. Circuit resistance
  4. Energy is lost as waste through sound or heat.
  5. Energy in LED lights if they are there.

How Many Watts Does a Whirlpool Refrigerator Use?

Watts is the unit that is used to determine the amount of energy that is inside of the refrigerator in question.

The amount of current that flows inside the refrigerator’s motor within a selected voltage determines the number of watts the fridge uses.

If you are using a typically cheap small whirlpool refrigerator, it will have a watt reading of 1000 watts.

If the weather is colder, the wires will have an increased resistance which means that the voltage inside the wires will increase while the current decreases.

This will cause the wattage to drop slightly.

The opposite will happen when the weather is hot, and the wattage will approach the more natural reading that it usually shows.

However, even if the generator has its wattage, not all the energy is used to run the refrigerator.

Some of it is lost in keeping the heat outside, noise production, and other processes.

For instance, if the watts produced in the motor are around 1000, only 300-500 watts are supplied to the refrigerator.

Fun fact- unless it is one of the small freezer units, no refrigerator can work adequately on only 800 watts.

A more usable wattage would be around 1000 watts.

At that wattage, the refrigerator would be barely able to work.

If you intend it to work better at its maximum potential, the energy provided to the refrigerator must be well around 1000-1200 watts, even if you are willing to include the extra wasted energy.

Most whirlpool branded refrigerators tend to have a motor wattage reading on average of 1200 watts.

This makes whirlpool refrigerators a great choice that does not show many problems with the coolness inside since the motors’ energy provided inside the fridge is more than consistent.

How Many Watts Does a Whirlpool Refrigerator Use Per Day?

Many factors could cause the energy supplied to the refrigerator to change.

The energy provided to the refrigerator is from the motor inside it.

While the energy supplied to the motor changes frequently, the energy supplied to the refrigerator must be as consistent as possible.

For instance, if the reading of the motor wattage is 1200 watts, every watt provided to run the refrigerator may differ from the supplied amount.

A massive chunk of this energy is lost as sound and heat in the motors.

In addition, if your refrigerator has some smart features or LED indicators, some more energy produced will be distributed to keep these processes running.

Therefore, the standard watt requirement for a whirlpool refrigerator is usually around 800-1000 watts depending on the make, model, size, and motor quality.

If it is one of the smaller units, this reading will be far less between 300-600 watts.

How Many Watts Does a Whirlpool Refrigerator Use as a Starting Wattage?

A typical refrigerator for a small family tends to have an average of 750 watts of starting wattage.

Whirlpool refrigerators have a far more efficient motor.

Therefore, the starting energy supplied by the motor is in a minimum range of 725-750 watts.

Stronger ones have been reported to have a starting wattage of about 380 watts.

While that is a mere number, the wattage does tend to differ between different models.

Suppose the generator used in the refrigerator is one with 2000 watts.

In that case, the starting energy will be around 1500 watts depending on the amount of energy wasted while being supplied by the motor.

Another factor that determines the starting wattage usage by the refrigerator is the load of items inside.

If there is a high load inside the refrigerator, then the starting wattage will be higher.

In addition, the resistance of the wires and the current supplied will also determine the wattage the refrigerator is used to start up with.

Another essential thing to note is that if your fridge happens to be one with double doors, the wattage supplied will be more than the regular refrigerators.

This is because it will need more energy to be provided inside for it to run correctly.

In addition, many come together with extra power units that are turned on during power outages.

It is in such refrigerators that the 2000-watt motors are built-in.

What is the Best Energy-Efficient Whirlpool Refrigerator?

One of the best whirlpool fridges is the Whirlpool WRF560SEYM 19.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French door.

Albeit being slightly expensive, if you have a large family, this could be the perfect refrigerator to have in your home.

It has a refurbished stainless-steel exterior which ensures durability and a long-lasting refrigerator system.

Whirlpool French door refrigerator comes with a smaller footprint, that makes it perfect for compact kitchens.

Its temperature-controlled drawer can store wide stuffs such as party platters, sheet cakes etc. It also allows you to manually manage the temperature.

This ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator is CEE Tier 2 rated that uses less energy each year than a 50-watt light bulb.


  • Up to date internal lighting
  • Double door, so more storage
  • It comes with a freezer
  • Great and modern aesthetic
  • It saves a lot of energy


  • Slightly expensive
  • The door lock system is not that secure

Final Thoughts

Finding out how many watts your refrigerator might be using is important to verify the amount of money you are paying for your electricity bills.

But don’t overdo it and end up ruining your equipment or worse, your refrigerator.


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