Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Ajar Light Stays On? 6 Main Reasons And 7 Solutions!

Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Ajar Light Stays on
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At least once in our life, each of us tried to close the refrigerator door enough to witness the light turning off.

But now, the scenario is sort of the opposite.

You have closed the door, but your Whirlpool refrigerator door ajar light stays on.

Why is this happening?

The simplest answer is if your refrigerator door or freezer drawers are accidentally loose for about 2 to 5 minutes while cooling is switched on, its Door Ajar Alarm function raises an alert.

It will ring every two minutes again.

However, there might be multiple reasons for this.

We have discussed all the possible reasons, including the one mentioned above in this article. We hope it will help you out.

Reasons Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Ajar Light Stays On

Your Door Might be Actually Ajar

As we mentioned earlier, the usual cause of your Whirlpool refrigerator door ajar light staying on is not properly shutting the door.

The ajar door icon will emerge on the screen when the doors are not touching the lock sensor.

Ensure any containers, racks, or grocery items are not blocking the doors from shutting properly.

There may also be something wrong with the door.

Imbalanced Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is not balanced front to rear plus side wards to enable the door sensor to make the effective connection, this situation might arise.

The door may also not meet the switch when the surface underneath the refrigerator is not flat.

Door Shutting Cam

Another possibility might be that the doors’ bottom hinges feature a door shutting cam. It elevates the door by 1/4 inches whenever the door is opened, making it easier to close.

Once it is worn out and cannot work, the doors might not close properly, causing harm to the gasket.

Keep an eye on the doors to observe whether it lifts whenever the doors are opened.

Bad Sensor or Switch

There is another reason that can cause your Whirlpool refrigerator door ajar light to stay on.

The switch or the sensor might have gone bad.

Because clearly, it is considered that the door is not closed properly even though the doors are closed.

Try to check by manually switching off the door switch.

If the door ajar light still stays on, then this might just be the case.

Temperature Sensor

If your fridge thinks it is at a higher temperature than it should be, then the alarm or the door ajar light might stay on.

It makes the temperature sensors believe that the door is not closed properly, causing the higher temperature.

So, it makes the door ajar light stay on.

Power Failure

If there is a power failure, your fridge might also think about what we have mentioned in our last point.

However, your fridge might just set off the power failure alarm instead of keeping the door ajar light on.

Check properly which one it is.

Solutions for Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Ajar Light Stays On

Shut the Doors Properly

First of all, check if the doors and drawers are open or not.

If any of these are open, close the drawers properly and then close the doors to solve the problem.

If the beeping persists, push any switch on the control board to mute it, plus, if required, delete the “Door Ajar” alert.

Ensure Flat Surface

Make sure the floor beneath your refrigerator is flat.

Also, ensure your refrigerator is balanced sideways and front to back.

If it is already on uneven ground, move it to an even surface.

Replace Door Shutting Cams

If it relates to the door shutting cam issue, close the doors and rely on the magnet gasket to keep it in order.

To keep the doors from slipping, place something across the base and the surface.

Detach the bracket that holds the hinge and pin combination, paying attention to the sequence in which the pieces are removed.

Replace the cams with new ones. You might be going to need two cams.

You can find our favorite door shutting cam here.

Remove Switchboard

If your Whirlpool refrigerator door ajar light stays on, the issue might be in the switchboard, and you might need to remove it.

It is not an easy job and is quite tricky to remove it without harming the wall.

You might want to consult an expert.

Lower the Temperature

When the door ajar lights stay on due to high temperature, you know that the light or the alarm will turn off automatically when the temperature goes back to normal.

So, in this case, you can simply lower the temperature.

But if your refrigerator is incapable of cooling effectively or does not grow colder, then the cooling device has to be fixed or repaired.

If it becomes cooler, but the control board is not reading the temperature accurately, it has to be serviced or replaced.

Check the condenser coils before vacuuming them.

You should also check the fan of your refrigerator.

If the fan is burnt, that can cause a high temperature as well.

In that case, remove and replace it.

What to Do When You are Cleaning

If you are cleaning your refrigerator while keeping the door wide open, go to the control panel, push any key.

The alarm or the light will be momentarily disabled, although the Door Open sign of the dispenser control panel will remain visible.

Contact Customer Service

Call Whirlpool customer service when your user guide and the fixes mentioned above do not provide the solutions you require.

For registering your device, view the user’s handbook, book service, or obtain components, while browsing the Customer Care site.

Final Words

While refrigerator systems typically show fewer problems, check whether the warranty covers it before removing any refrigerator parts for maintenance.

Assuming it is fully covered by warranty, make sure you do not breach it with a DIY patchwork.

If you think solving the issue is out of your league, do not be overconfident.

Just contact customer service.


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