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How to Disconnect Freezer from a Mini Fridge? (Easy Steps)

how to disconnect freezer from a mini fridge
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Mini-fridges come in a lot of varieties. You can find any type of mini-fridge and select one according to your need.

Although they aren’t as powerful as the regular refrigerators, they get the job done of cooling your drinks or food for a while.

If you want to preserve your food for a longer time, you should consider a mini-fridge with a freezer compartment.

However, the freezer and fridge do not have a separate door like the regular fridges.

This decreases the efficiency of the freezer but it still gets its job done.

Can You Disconnect the Freezer from a Mini-fridge?

If you own a mini-fridge with a freezer, and you have decided to increase the storage space but cutting off the freezer.

Well, the answer to the question, if you could cut off the freezer from the mini-fridge, is, yes.

Even though you can disconnect the freezer it is still not preferred to completely disconnect it.

The freezer functions through a pipe running in the back. This pipe contains the cooling gas Freon.

If you try to disconnect the freezer this gas will leak and your mini fridge will not work anymore.

It is preferred that you turn the freezer settings to the lowest (warmest) instead of removing it.

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Can You Defrost Your Freezer Without Turning Off the Fridge?

You should regularly defrost your fridge and clean it.

The unnecessary ice that adds up in the freezer can decrease the storage space and must be removed.

Usually, the fridge is turned off before defrosting so that nothing is damaged and the power isn’t wasted.

If you want to defrost a freezer without turn off the fridge first you need to place clothes below the fridge on all sides so that the water is soaked.

After that shift all the stuff from the freezer into the fridge.

Now use boiling water to speed up the melting, you can also use some spatula to scratch the ice.

Be careful to not damage the freezer walls.

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How to Disconnect the Freezer from Mini-fridge?

As discussed, before it is not recommended to remove or disconnect the freezer from the mini-fridge, as the pipe contains Freon and if the damage it won’t work.

In most cases, the fridge stops working when attempted to disconnect a freezer.

In most mini-fridges freezer provides the cooling to the whole fridge, so disconnecting it makes the fridge useless.

If done properly the freezer can be disconnected.

The process should be carried out with precision and carefully because the gas can get leaked.

Freon cools both the fridge and the freezer, so if there is no Freon the fridge is useless.

You can follow the following steps to disconnect your freezer from the mini-fridge successfully.

1)    Figure out the fridge design

All mini-fridges are designed differently and have different placement of the parts.

You need to figure out your mini-fridge’s design and structure before you continue.

You can google your mini-fridge design and find any blueprint about the structure.

In the manual that comes with the fridge, the structure is also present.

If you cannot find any you can proceed by unscrewing the screws present at the back as it is the most commonplace.

This tray that contains the screws connects with the inside of the fridge.

2)    Locate the Freon pipe

After you have the cover tray removed you need to locate the Freon pipe.

Use a flashlight and try to locate the pipe that is running from the freezer section to the fridge.

You should note down its approximate length but try not to move it.

Also, try to figure out the material of the pipe and that if it is bendable or not.

Do not move the pipe yet because it may cause leakage and can affect your health along with making the fridge useless.

3)    Devise a plan to remove the pipe

You need to come up with a plan on how to move and disconnect the freezer before you do it.

The Freon pipes are usually made with very fragile material. If you try to bend the pipe more than it can cope, the pipe will crack and the gas will leak.

That is why it is important to rethink your moves before you implement them, try to find out how much you can twist or bend the Freon pipe.

You can try to search on internet or just make a guess by looking and feeling the pipe material.

4)    Detach the freezer

Now you can try to remove the freezer screws and gently pull the freezer grill and the Freon pipe away from that section.

The freezer is the only source of cooling in a mini-fridge so you cannot just cut off the freezer completely, it needs to stay inside the mini-fridge for it to work.

Gently pull back the Freon pipe from the freezer section, do not pull it with force.

5)    Stick the pipe to the back

After you have successfully removed the Freon pipe from the freezer section, you need to attach it to the back of the freezer.

The freezer is the only source of cooling, if you cut it off fridge will not get cooled either.

You can use this tape to attach the pipe to the back of the fridge.

Be careful with the Freon pipe, the tape will stop the pipe from falling into the middle of the fridge.

Try to make the pipe as secured as you can, it should not fall after some time. So, use as much tape you think would be enough to hold the Freon pipe from all sides.

After you have completed the taping process, it is now time to join the remaining pieces.

Make sure that no internal part is exposed or obstructing the way of the outside tray.

If everything is done correctly, you can join the tray back in using the screws.

Test the mini-fridge and you will now see that the freezer will not work anymore and no more frost will be present.


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