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How To Hide a Mini Fridge in a Bedroom?: Amazing and Easy Hacks

how to hide a mini fridge in a bedroom
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Min-fridges are relatively a new technology in which changes and innovations are being made constantly.

The biggest advantage of a mini-fridge is its feature of portability.

You do not need to go to the kitchen anymore at night because you feel thirsty, all because of portability and the small size of mini-fridges.

These min- fridges on trips and picnic to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh.

You can even take benefit from them when going on a road trip, they will keep your drinks and snacks cold.

You can also use them to store your medications, and keep the fridge in your room for ease.

If you are planning to keep the mini-fridge in your bedroom but you don’t want it visible to others.

But how to hide a mini-fridge in the bedroom?

So, here I will share with some ideas about hiding mini-fridge in your bedroom that blend with bedroom surrounding and won’t spoil the bedroom interior.

Can I Plug a Mini-fridge in the Bedroom?

The mini-fridge can anywhere plug-in where there is an electrical outlet available.

You can also use USB mini-fridges them in cars by plugging the mini-fridge into the dashboard in the designated USB outlet. You can use the mini-fridge in your room too.

The fridge runs on the standard voltage and consumes very little power.

Mini-fridge can be used for various purposes according to your need, you can use it to store your medication, you can save water in it, you can even place ice in it to be used later.

An ideal place to put your mini-fridge would be on the table shelf next to your bed.

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What Can You Keep in a Bedroom Mini-fridge?

You can use a bedroom mini-fridge for various purposes. You can use it to store food, different types of drinks, and snacks.

If you ordered pizza and some leftover slices are there, you can place them in the mini-fridge. Fruits can be saved to keep them fresh.

Apart from food, some medicines require a cool and dry place. Insulin can be placed in the mini-fridge and can be used instantly as it would be in your room.

In summers you can store ice and cold water, you do not need to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night now.

Where to Put a Mini-fridge in the Bedroom?

Mini-fridges are small in size and are portable. Due to these features, they can be taken and placed almost anywhere.

If you bought a mini-fridge for your room you can place it anywhere with a little free space.

Most people place it next to their beds on the table shelf or cabinet.

You can even place it on your study table so you can eat or drink while studying, this will keep you focused and fresh longer than usual.

If your room has not a lot of furniture, you can place the fridge in the corner with an outlet.

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How to Hide a Mini Fridge in a Bedroom?

Bedside table hidden mini fridge

If you are thinking about getting a mini-fridge for your room, you do not need to worry about the space because of the small size and compactness of mini-fridge.

The problem comes when you want to blend your mini-fridge with the surroundings or hide it from being seen.

For this purpose, you can use a bedside table, this table has a compartment or shelf to hold your mini-fridge.

The shelf hides the mini-fridge from being spotted, and you could still use it comfortably.

The table also protects the mini-fridge from damages that could have occurred otherwise like fall damage.

If you are looking beside the table to hide your mini-fridge, then this is worth considering.

GreenForest End Table 24” Industrial Design Side Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Easy Assembly, Rustic Walnut

GreenForest End Table 24'' Industrial Design Side Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Easy Assembly, Rustic Walnut

This GreenForest End table with its spacious, simple, and strong rectangular top provides an ideal place to fulfill your needs.

The top is supported by the metal frames, these frames are X shaped providing extra strength and durability.

There is also a bottom shelf present for you to place your extra stuff without having to worry about space.

The material used to make this table is scratch-proof as well as resistant to heat.

It is easy to clean and can hold all your magazines, accessories, decorations, cups, etc. very easily.

The table comes in parts that are very easy to join together using screws, if done correctly the table comes together perfectly.

Buy a hidden mini fridge Cabinet

A table might make it hard for your mini-fridge to get spotted, but a cabinet with shelves and doors might completely hide your fridge.

A cabinet can perfectly contain a mini-fridge, it also allows you to place anything next to it if any space is left.

The cabinet provides more protection to a mini-fridge, but you would have to do a little bit of work to make some space for the wires of mini-fridge to come out of the cabinet into the electrical socket.

A cabinet also provides extra protection to the fridge if you have pets, the cabinet’s doors don’t allow the pet to mess with the fridge.

South Shore Small 2-Door Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf, Royal Cherry

South Shore Small 2-Door Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf, Royal Cherry

South shore 2 door cabinet is of a classic design. Its compact design allows you to store without worrying about space.

The body is made up of strong laminated particleboard, the material is nontoxic so it makes the cabinet eco-friendly.

If you talk about the inside of the cabinet, it features an adjustable shelf which allows you to configure the space according to your need.

The doors of the cabinet are designed such that they allow easy access to the inside of the cabinet, keeping the items in place and hidden from the eyes when closed.

Build a Cabinet

If you do not want to buy a cabinet and have materials at home to make your cabinet you can do the following.

The first thing you need to do is to plan the size and dimensions of your cabinet. You can draw on paper and write down the dimensions.

The standard height of the cabinet is 36” and the width varies from 12-60”.

Don’t forget to plan your cabinet door’s width and height accordingly so you can make or get the correct size.

After planning you need to cut the wood and give it the shape of a cabinet.

First, you need to cut the sides, the material’s appearance doesn’t matter at this point only its strength.

After the sides, you need to cut the bottom piece according to the decided width and then finally the top and the shelves.

Now you need to join the pieces, first, join the sides with the base using either glue or screws.

After the sides have been joined you can add in the shelf according to your design and then finally place the top of the cabinet.

After the basic structure has been made, you can install the doors with the help of joints.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know how to hide a mini fridge in your bedroom.

These awesome ideas will help you to hide your mini fridge in your bedroom without disturbing the interior of the bedroom.

It makes mini fridge easily accessible in from your bedroom and makes things handy.

Now it is much easier to access your food stuff and medicines from your bedroom.


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