What’s a Good Substitute for Macoun Apples? 9 Alternatives Worth Trying!

Macoun Apple Substitute
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Apple is everyone’s favorite fruit.

Can you imagine finding someone who hates apples?

This juicy fruit is best for snacks. But it can also be used for making other delicious dishes.

One of the best-known apple breeds for preparing dishes is the Macoun Apple.

This once-a-year seasonal apple is the ultimate sensation you can get from an apple.

The problem with this desirable apple breed is that they are available in the fall season.

Sometimes you can get them in early winters.

If you think of storing them, then they will lose their taste.

So, what to do when you Ran Out of Macoun Apples?

Are there any Macoun Apple substitute?

I would say, yes there are other apple breeds you can substitute for Macoun apples such as Jonathan, Jonagold, Pippin, McIntosh, Honeycrisp.

You can use other alternatives like Pink Lady, Mutsu, Winesap, Braeburn apple as a replacement.

Read further to know more about Macoun apple breed and its substitutes.

What Kind of Apple is a Macoun?

Let us describe what the Macoun apples look like.

It is usually small or medium and grows perfectly round.

The skin of this apple has a beautifully random pattern of green and red.

It is like a green canvas covered with rosy red clouds.

The Macoun apple is also aromatic as it is beautiful and tasty.

The white insides/ flesh of this apple is juicy, yet crisp.

That is what it is best known for. The flavor is sweet.

The strong structure of its flesh that can retain itself, makes it perfect for salads, pies, and baking.

The sweet and tart taste makes it perfect for use in sauces.

Unfortunately, this breed is available only in fall and early winter.

Are Macoun Apples Good For Baking?

Macoun apples are best known for their sweet juicy and crisp flesh.

The crisp and strong structure of it can make it retain its shape while baking it. That is why they are very good for baking.

Although the majority love to save them for snacks, they work great for baking too.

You can mix it with pie or other baking items and bake them.

Besides baking, these apples can be used for preparing salad and other similar refreshing snacks.

So yes, the Macoun apples are good for baking.

Substitute for Macoun Apple

Macoun apples are very good for their sweet and juicy taste.

But they are not available around the year.

So, it is obvious that you should go for its substitute when they are not around.

What makes Macoun apples better in the first place is their crisp flesh filled with juice.

So, if we can find another apple breed with similar properties, but available throughout the year/ on other seasons than fall, early winter, we can use them as a substitute.

Following this principle, we can say that the Jonathan apple, the Pippin apple, and the Mclntosh apple are the best Macoun Apple substitute.

But there are more, so let’s have a look at them.

Jonathan Apple

Jonathan apples are the perfect substitute for Macoun apples. It works both ways.

You can use Macoun apple in place of Jonathan apple, and Jonathan apple in place of Macoun apples.

They both taste the same. Macoun apples are sweet with a gentle tart taste.

They have white crisp flesh filled with juice.

Jonathan apple has the same but there is a difference.

The flesh of the Jonathan apple is creamy yellow.

But they have the same crisp structure filled with lots of juice. Both even look the same.

Small-medium size with rosy red and green skin.

All of this combined makes it the perfect substitute for Macoun apple.

Jonagold Apple

Jonathan Apples are hard to find because they are losing their popularity against other apple breeds.

So, if you can’t find any Macoun and Jonathan apples, you can always look for Jonagold apples.

These apples share the same taste and look as the Macoun apple.

They are sweet like honey with a hint of tart. They can be used for frying, baking, and salads.

The best part about Jonagold apples is that you can store them for about ten months.

That means you can stockpile a whole bunch of Jonagold apples and use them whenever you need them throughout the year.

Honeycrisp Apple

Apple Honeycrisp Bag Organic, 3 Pound

Honeycrisp apples are very popular in the USA.

It has its good reason to be that popular. The USA Apple Association plans to make it the fifth most grown apple in the USA soon.

The apple tastes very good. It has a nice balance of taste between sweet and tart. There is a presence of light berry flavor.

All of these combined with the crisp flesh of it makes it perfect for baking, salad, and pies.

This makes it a great substitute for Macoun Apples.

The best part is that these honey crisp apples can be stored for seven months.

Pippin Apple

The pippin apples are one of the oldest apple varieties in the USA.

It is almost perfectly round in shape. The color of pippin apples is somewhere between orange and red.

The taste of the pippin apple is very interesting.

When they are harvested, they taste astringent and tart.

But if you store them, then they will become sweet.

Finally, you will have a similar sweet and tart taste like Macoun apples.

The flesh is crisp and juicy. Not only the taste is good, but the smell is also extremely good as well.

The shape, taste, and aroma make them perfect for baking and they can do well as a substitute for Macoun apple.

Mclntosh Apple

The McIntosh apples are bright red. They look very beautiful.

They could serve as the perfect substitute for Mclntosh apples.

But the issue with these apples is that they vary in their taste.

Usually, those that are harvested early in the season tastes less sweet than those harvested at the end of the season.

Moreover, their sweet taste becomes mellow when you store them.

Otherwise, they possess crisp white and juicy flesh which makes them perfect for baking and using in salad.

So, you can use them like Macoun apples and make delicious apple dishes.

They will serve great as its substitute.

PinkLady/ Cripps Pink Apple

The PinkLady apple, otherwise known as Cripps pink apple, is another good substitute for Macoun apple.

But the problem is that they are very hard to grow.

It takes around two hundred days to grow them from the beginning.

That is why they are hard to find in the market.

Regardless, if you can get your hands on them then they will do.

They have a crisp structured flesh with a sweet-tart taste. It is similar to Macoun apple.

You can bake them, put them in the pie, prepare salad with it.

So, you can go ahead and use them as a substitute for Macoun apples.

Mutsu Apple

The Mutsu Apples can also work great as a substitute for Macoun apples.

But there are some differences in the case of taste and feel.

The Mutsu Apples are great for baking and salad.

Because it can retain its shape due to flesh crispness.

That is the similarity of it with Macoun apples.

The storage life of the Mutsu Apple is three months, greater than Macoun apples.

The only difference between the Macoun apple and the Mutsu apple is that the Mutsu apple has a low tart taste.

So, you will find some difference in taste from real Macoun apple.

Winesap Apple

The Winesap apples are a good substitute for the Macoun apples.

These apples are round in shape and grow in small to medium sizes.

They taste the sweet-tart flavor.

The color of this breed is red blush on a green canvas.

It is the best choice for adults because the taste is somewhat wine-like.

So, if you are preparing anything for the adults with apples, this is a perfect choice.

Besides that, it can serve great as a substitute to Macoun apple.

They grow between September and November.

You can store them for six months. So, you can make use of them as a substitute.

Braeburn Apple

Here is another good substitute for Macoun apples.

These Braeburn apples have the same crisp structure and sweet-tart taste as Macoun apples.

The crisp structure makes it perfect for baking and pie making because it can retain its shape.

You can use it as a substitute for Macoun apple.

They are harvested in late March and April. You can store them for up to four months.

But the taste will become mellow over time. So best not to do that.

We would recommend storing them for one month if you want the sweet-tart taste.

But they will work well as a substitute, so go ahead.

Related Questions

Are Macoun apples good for pies?

Yes, you can make delicious pie with Macoun apples. Macoun apples available during the holiday season.

Their crisp flesh and sweet taste make it ideal for holiday pies.

It also makes an excellent snacking apple and goes well in salads and applesauce.

Will Macoun apples continue to ripen after being picked?

Macoun apples are not actually a keeper. They will begin to breakdown after a week or so. So, it is eaten straight from the tree.


So, these were the best Macoun Apple substitute. Some of them will taste exactly like Macoun apple.

You can make your dish with them.

So don’t worry about trying out different variants of apples.


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