What’s a Good Substitute For Mafalda Pasta?: 10 Alternatives Worth Trying!

Best substitute for Mafalda Pasta
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Mafaldine or Mafalda is also known as Reginette, which is Italian for ‘little queens’.

Mafalda pasta is shaped like a ribbon. Mafalda are long, flat, broad noodles that resemble lasagna.

This noodle goes well with heavy cream or tomato sauces.

Malfada is typically accompanied by a Bolognese sauce.

The pasta dish you have on the kitchen counter has Mafalda pasta as an ingredient.

Mafalda pasta might be easy to pronounce, but maybe not that easy to find.

So, it’s better to have some Mafalda pasta substitutes penned down for emergencies, right?

You can use Lasagna, Pappardelle, Fettuccine, Linguine, Tagliatelle as a Mafalda pasta substitute.

Rigatoni, Penne, Bucatini, Strozzapreti, Casarecce also goes well as a replacement for Mafalda pasta.

Read further to know more about Mafalda Pasta substitutes and how to use them.

What is Mafalda Pasta?

Mafalda is supposed to have been named after Princess Mafalda of Savoy in the early twentieth centuries.

Malfaldine and mafalde are other names for it.

The pasta is originally from Naples, Campania.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot find it anywhere else. It’s widely available in Italy.

Mafalda pasta is made up of a flat, broad ribbon noodle that resembles a skinner lasagna.

They range in width from half to 3/4 inches and feature rippling borders on both sides.

This pasta is available in both small and long lengths.

This structure goes well with thick, creamy, and rich sauces.

What Does Mafalda Pasta Look Like?

Anna - Italian Mafaldine Pasta N. 16, (4)- 16 oz. Pkgs.

Mafalda pasta is also known as Reginette or simply Mafalda.

It is a kind of ribbon pasta. It comes in a flat and wide shape.

Generally, it is about 1 cm wide, with wavy edges on both sides.

It is prepared in the similar way as other pasta rigate, like linguine and fettuccine pasta.

Mafalda Pasta Substitutes

Lasagna Noodle

Palmini Low Carb Lasagna | 4g of Carbs | As Seen On Shark Tank | Hearts of Palm Pasta (12 Ounce - Pack of 1)

Lasagna is a flat, broad sheet of pasta.

This Lasagna can relate to a sort of noodle or the traditional lasagna meal, which is created with many layers of lasagna sheets with sauce and other items.

Regular lasagna noodles can be used without being boiled first.

This works effectively once they get excess moisture while cooking; similar to no-boil noodles.

Even though there is no standard number of layers, many types of lasagna have three to four.

If you have a large party, you are welcome to add extra layers.

The bulk of cooks, however, believe that each lasagna should contain at least three layers.


Garofalo No.1-35 Pappardelle Semolina Pasta, 16 oz (Pack of 2)

Egg noodles are typically used to make pappardelle pasta.

Pappardelle are long, flat, and broad ribbons of traditional egg pasta.

The Pappardelle’s vast flat area and rough surface make it an ideal complement to more strong sauces.

This spaghetti should be presented on a plate or in a large bowl.

The broad ribbons are absorbent and firm, making it perfect for dense sauces, and some people eat pappardelle pasta with stews as well as pot roast.

They use the pasta as a starch that sops up their favorable sauce.


Al Dente Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

Fettuccine is frequently regarded as one of the original forms of pasta, with the long noodles laid out and hand-cut.

To prepare the dough, combine flour and eggs, and keep adding a little water as needed.

In Italian, fettuccine means “little ribbons,” and that’s exactly what the pasta appears as.

Fettuccine is identical to another type of pasta called tagliatelle, except it is narrower.

The Fettuccine is flatter, fatter, and broader than linguine because it is made with eggs.


Linguine is delicious pasta that is similar to spaghetti but broader.

This linguine is much smaller and lighter than fettuccine, thus it’s frequently prepared in an even lighter sauce than you would prepare fettuccine in.

Linguine noodles with a light sauce are the best approach if you are attempting to eat healthily.

The Linguine is a narrower version of fettuccine.

It’s incredibly flexible and may be used alternately with spaghetti, especially when paired with sauces like herbed clam variation.


Tagliatelle is frequently used in “spaghetti and meatballs” by Italians since it matches well with thick sauces.

It is also simpler to dish and maneuver once on the table.

Tagliatelle are produced from egg pasta dough, although they are a little smaller in width compared to most substitutes.

The Tagliatelle are handmade egg pasta that are popular in Italian cuisine.

It gets its name from the “cut” created on the puff pastry after it has been scraped with a rolling pin and wrapped up on itself.


Rigatoni, which derives from the word “rigato,” which means “ridged,” are short, broad tubes of pasta with bumps on the surface but smoother on the inside.

The Rigatoni is ideal for thicker, chunkier sauces because its ridges and broad core assist to absorb the sauce properly.

This also aids with the retention of meats and big veggies.

Rigatoni goes well in baked pasta recipes because it can handle cheese nicely.

Rigatoni is typically linked with southern Italian meals.

This Rigatoni is traditionally prepared from durum wheat semolina, but companies also offer it in a range of grains such as whole wheat, buckwheat, and others.


Penne, because of its structure, is a nice pasta to pair with fairly rich creamy or tomato-based sauces.

It’s also delicious in spaghetti bakes. Penne is made by cutting it on the bias, or diagonally, creating it a pointed form.

When it comes to tube pasta, it’s simple to overcook.

It’s better than rotini since it’s in a tube, which allows it to soak up sauce in your completed meal.

Pasta, when consumed in moderation, may be a component of a balanced diet.

Whole-grain pasta may be a better option for many people since it has less calories and carbohydrates but more fiber and minerals.


Bucatini is a type of Italian pasta constructed of long, thin tubes of durum wheat flour.

It is commonly used in meals that are akin to those that require spaghetti.

Since this pasta is hollow, it is dispensed rather than rolled using a machine.

Bucatini is a long tubular noodle, similar to hollow spaghetti that goes well with a thick and delicious tomato sauce.

This dish is reminiscent of Italy, along with other classics such as, meatballs stuffed with mozzarella, and a bruschetta starter.


Strozzapreti’s name literally translates to “Priest Stranglers.”

Yes, the name is dark because the story behind it is dark as well.

During the Middle Ages, this pasta was meant to choke priests to death right in front of people during meals.

Most of Central Italy has slight variants on this typically hand-rolled pasta.

It is, nevertheless, quite prevalent in the South.


Casarecce is a typical Sicilian small pasta that is loosely wrapped lengthwise and slightly twisted.

Their twisted form is ideal for storing sauces, whether simple pesto or thick sauces prepared with eggplant, cream, and basil.

Casarecce pasta is ideal for using with pesto since the sauce coats every part of the noodle, making it the most delectable pasta imaginable.

How to Substitute Mafalda Pasta?

To substitute any ingredient, you need to look for other ingredients in the same category that have similar qualities.

Mafalda pasta is flat and broad, often 1 centimeter wide, with wavy borders on both sides.

It’s made in the same way as other ribbon-based pastas like linguine and fettuccine.

So, you can swap it with other pastas that are shaped or designed as Mafalda.

It should also go nicely with creamy and thick sauces.

Bonus Recipe: Homemade Fresh Mafalda Pasta

Things You’ll Need:


400g ‘00’ flour

4 large eggs


Pasta machine

Make and knead the dough for pasta

For making Mafalda pasta you need to make dough for pasta.

On a wooden board or clean work surface make a mound with flour. Then make a crater-like shape in the center.

Take a fork and crack the eggs with a fork in the center of the flour and combine flour and egg.

Slowly add more flour from the edges of the crater till you get a thick mixture.

If you feel the mixture sticky, make a dough with your hand. Make a nice dough and start kneading it.

For kneading, drag the dough forward using palm while holding steadily with the other hand.

Then pull the stretched dough back, turn it around and begin once again.

Accordingly, knead the dough with a smooth and firm consistency.

10 to 20 minutes of kneading of dough is recommended as it makes nice elastic dough.

Rest the dough and roll it properly

Now wrap the dough properly in a tea towel. Rest it for 20-30 of minutes at room temperature.

For making Mafalda pasta, you’ll need a very thin pasta sheet.

We recommend using a pasta machine for achieving very thin consistency.

Cut the ball of dough in half and set one piece aside.

Sprinkle little flour on the remaining dough and flatten it using palm.

Set the pasta machine at the widest setting and feed the pasta through the machine. Repeat this process thrice.

Change the setting to narrower and again feed the pasta.

Repeat this process and adjust the setting till you achieve a long and thin pasta sheet.

Make sure you are not making pasta sheets too thin for Mafalda.

Cut the pasta

Switch the attachment on the pasta machine to the Mafalda cutter.

Make a slice of pasta sheet in even-sized pieces, nearly 10 inches long.

For making pasta strands, feed the pieces at one go through Mafalda attachment.

Separate the strands and lay them on a flat surface for 10 minutes making it dry thoroughly.

 Cook the pasta

Take a large pot with salted water to boil the pasta.

Cook the Mafalda strands in the water for 3 minutes.

Drain the pasta and transfer the pasta strands to the sauce you preferred and coat it gently with sauce. Serve it hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Sauces to Serve with Your Fresh Mafalda Pasta?

As Mafalda pasta is a versatile variety of pasta, it paired well with all kinds of sauces.

It can be paired from bold meaty ragus to vegetarian pestos.

Mafalda pasta can goes well with beef shin ragu, pesto alla Genovese, Tuscan cavolo neropesto etc for authentic Italian taste.

You can also enjoy with simple tomato sauce or Bolognese sauce.

Where to Buy Mafalda Pasta?

Mafalda pasta is rarely you’ll find in grocery stores. But you can find it in some specialty shops.

You can easily get them in online stores. You can buy it online at

Compare the prices and choose it as per your requirement.

Final Words

So, these are the best substitute for Mafalda pasta.

We hope all your worries about not finding Mafalda pasta for a recipe is vanquished now.

Pick any of the Mafalda pasta substitutes from above and start preparing the delicious meal you have your eyes on.




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