How to Make Knorr Pasta Sides Without Milk?: 11 Milk Substitutes for Delicious Pasta Every Time!

How to Make Knorr Pasta Sides Without Milk
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Knorr Pasta Sides are easy to make and delicious to taste, and as far as instant pasta goes, they’ve got some of the quickest, creamiest options.

But what happens if you run out of milk? Or if you’re looking to go dairy-free?

There’s no reason to worry, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your meal without it.

So, to answer your question, yes! You can make Knorr pasta sides without milk.

You can use buttermilk, sour cream, plain yogurt, heavy whipping cream, Cream cheese, evaporated milk, chicken broth as substitute for milk in Knorr pasta sides recipe.

If you are vegan and looking for vegan options, you can use rice milk, soy milk, oat milk and almond milk as a milk replacement in Knorr Pasta sides.

Continue reading for 11 milk substitutes in detail for creamy and delicious pasta every time.

Knorr Pasta Sides Alfredo Nutrition

Serving Size- 2/3 cup (64g)

 11 Milk Substitutes for Making Knorr Pasta Sides

Knorr Pasta Sides - Alfredo Broccoli Pack of 6


If you’ve ever thought that buttermilk was just milk and water… it’s not, but it’s okay.

We’ve thought that too.

Buttermilk is the leftover liquid from churning butter.

It has a thick consistency with a slight tanginess to its flavor, and it’s an incredible milk substitute.

Because of its tanginess, not only will it offer you an alternative to milk, but it might make your dish more flavorful and scrumptious.

And it’s thicker than milk, so your pasta will come out creamier than ever!

Buttermilk lasts longer in the fridge compared to other dairy products.

So, your milk might run out or go bad, but you can leave it in your buttermilk stress-free and use it as an alternative time and again.

To make, you can simply follow the exact instructions for making regular Knorr Pasta Sides and add in buttermilk instead of your regular milk.

Store buttermilk without worries, buy Hoosier Hill Buttermilk Powder, and never worry about it going bad.

Or, try Anthony’s Premium Buttermilk Powder, which is gluten, and hormone-free.

This powder is also perfect for salad dressings, pancake mixes, or any recipe that calls for buttermilk.

Sour Cream

Yes, you read that right—sour cream!

Sour Cream can also be an incredible alternative to milk, and it functions in much of the same way as buttermilk so that you can consider this a substitute for both milk and buttermilk.

Your pasta will be creamy, and pack a punch with the slight zest.

You can add in a generous amount, and it can become a substitute for both milk and parmesan.

There’s no going wrong with this.

Plain Yogurt

Chobani Greek Yogurt Low Fat Plain, 5.3 Ounce -- 12 per case.

While Sour cream might sound too delicious an offer to pass on, you might still want to, especially if you’re watching your weight or if you want to practice eating healthier.

Instead of Sour cream, and of course, try some plain yogurt with your pasta instead of milk.

Suppose you find yourself scouring your fridge, wondering how you can make your Knorr Pasta sides with next to nothing to substitute for milk; grab some plain yogurt.

Your pasta will come out flavorful (although perhaps not as much as it would with sour cream) and creamy.

Plus, it’s a much healthier option anyway!

All you have to do is make sure that it is plain or Greek yogurt. A flavored one will not do the job!

Heavy Whipping Cream

Nothing on your fridge? Wondering what you can substitute for milk in your pasta?

That unused packet of heavy whipping cream – yes, which will do the job.

If you’re using powdered whipping cream, beat your cream as you would usually, and then slide in as you would your milk.

The cream will give you a thicker texture for the cheese sauce, and it will be delicious!

However, note that regular cream will not be as flavorful as buttermilk or sour cream and will be significantly higher in calories.

If you want that extra punch of flavors, you can add in spices to taste or have it as it is; it’s going to be good either way!

Cream Cheese

Yes, we’re back to the good stuff!

Cream Cheese will give you that rich, creamy texture you’re yearning for.

There are no drawbacks to this.

Many recipes already use cream cheese in the making of the pasta sauce, so if you’ve got some in hand, go for it!

Evaporated or Condensed Milk

Nestl Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz (Pack of 02)

The evaporated or condensed milk comes in little cans, and if creaminess is what you want in your pasta, pour some evaporated milk instead of regular milk, and the texture will be to die for!

Evaporated milk makes for a lovely cheese sauce, and the taste will be an absolute delight.

Chicken Broth

Orrington Farms Chicken Flavored Broth Base & Seasoning, 12-Ounce (Pack of 6)

Nothing with milk in hand? No problem.

You can use a lovely homemade chicken broth. Yes, you can do that.

Granted, your texture will not be as creamy as you might have hoped, but what it lacks in creaminess, it makes up for in flavor.

Using chicken broth will make your pasta a savory delight!

But one setback is that if you don’t already have chicken broth leftover or in stock, you might have to cook it from scratch, which will be more time-consuming than the fast and easy pasta sides you were hoping for.

For premade or store-bought chicken broth options, check out Swanson Chicken Broth with its perfect seasoning home-cooked flavor!

It is made from actual chickens. It brings rich and distinctive flavor to your everyday cuisines without the added fat.

You can also try Orrington Farms Chicken Flavored Broth Base & Seasoning. It is made from 100% Natural Ingredients. It is gluten free without MSG added.

Rice Milk

Suppose you’re looking for vegan options, or you have lactose intolerance.

In that case, you can make your Knorr Pasta sides essentially the same way as is instructed in the packaging but supplementing dairy-free milk for regular milk.

Rice Milk is great as a dairy substitute and is closest to the taste of regular cow milk.

You can easily use rice milk in your pasta sides without hesitation.

Soy milk

If you are looking for another vegan option for substituting milk in Knorr Pasta Sides, then Soy milk is a great alternative.

Soy milk can be a very healthy alternative to dairy.

It contains nearly as much protein as regular milk but contains significantly less fat.

It has a neutral taste meaning that you can cook almost anything with it, so if you have some at hand, replace that for milk and make yourself a nice bowl of pasta.

But note that soy milk is extremely thin inconsistency, so your pasta will probably not turn out as creamy.

Oat Milk

You can use oat milk as an alternative to milk in making Knorr Pasta sides.

Oat Milk, like soy, is essentially flavorless.

But it is thick and creamy and froths well.

While you don’t need your pasta to froth, its thick consistency makes it one of the best dairy alternatives you can get.

For vegan option you can try out Judee’s Oat Milk Powder which is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

 Almond Milk

Silk Shelf-Stable milk, Unsweetened, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, 1 Quart, Almond, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 6), 192.0 Fl Oz

If you don’t have milk, then don’t worry.

You can still enjoy your Knorr pasta sides with Almond milk.

As almond milk made of nuts, almond milk is fatty enough to easily substitute for cow’s milk.

So, yes, you can use almond milk as a replacement for milk in Knorr Pasta Sides recipe.

For vegan milk options, you can try Silk Shelf-Stable Milk, unsweetened, dairy-free, and vegan. It is lactose-free and casein-free also.

This milk does not contain added sugar, soy, gluten, eggs, or MSG.

How Do You Thicken Knorr Pasta Sides?

If your Knorr pasta sides is becoming watery, you need to follow necessary steps while making this recipe.

You need to stir constantly to get creamy texture, so that it won’t become watery.

If you are not achieving desired consistency, try using about a 1/4 cup of water less than what is called for.

Another way to thicken Knorr pasta is to add a scoop of powdered milk or you can add parmesan cheese instead to get perfect consistency.

You can also use water used for the mashed potatoes which helps to thicken the consistency of Knorr Pasta sides.

Related Questions

Do Knorr pasta sides expire?

Knorr pasta sides has 16 months shelf life. The shelf life may enhance if stored properly in cool, dry storage.

What are the ingredients in Knorr pasta Sides?

If you look at the Knorr Pasta Sides with Chicken flavor Fettuccine Pasta, it contains Pasta made of wheat, Maltodextrin, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Cornstarch, Chicken Powder, salt, Onion Powder, Chicken Fat, Carrots, Potassium Chloride, Yeast Extract, Parsley, Chicken Broth, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate, Garlic Powder, Spices, Whey, Nonfat Dry Milk and natural flavors.

Knorr uses Paprika and Turmeric giving it nice color.

If you looking for vitamins and minerals it contains Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid.

Is Knorr Pasta Sides Stroganoff gluten-free?

No, Knorr Pasta Sides Stroganoff Fettuccine flavor is not gluten-free.

Does Knorr Pasta sides have MSG?

Yes, Knorr pasta sides fully loaded with flavor enhancers which contains MSG.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve run out of milk, or if you want to go dairy-free, we’ve got your back.

There are many varieties of options (some tastier and healthier!) for you to try.

Every time you run out of something; you can try something new.

So why not try them all?


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