10 Best Korean Noodle Pots for Ramen

Best Korean Noodle Pot for Ramen
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Though Korea’s national food is kimchi, Korean noodle is equally popular if not more among the streets of the country and also around the globe.

The usually spicy dish comes with diverse flavors.

The burst of flavor felt while eating the noodle is from the cooking and serving technique.

The noodle is served at the same Korean noodle pot it is cooked in.

If you are trying to master your noodle-cooking skills, an appropriate pot is necessary.

Continue reading to find some of the best Korean noodle pots available.

So, what should you look for in the best Korean noodle pots for ramen?

To get the authentic Korean feeling, the best Korean noodle ramen pot should be able to cook all the varieties of ramens.

These usually have a traditional yellow outlook, made of aluminum and very lightweight.

You can always consume ramens directly from the best Korean noodle pots.

If you are in hurry, then here is our top pick for you:

Ahier Ramen Pot

Comparison Table For Best Korean Noodle Pots for Ramen

History of Korean Ramen

In 1963, after the Korean War was ended, people were hardly able to get enough food to eat.

In these times Ramen was first introduced to the country during these difficult times.

During the 1960s, the majority of people in the country could not afford three meals a day.

People used to cook Sujebi (which means hand-torn noodles soup) that is made using flour.

Nearly all Koreans only had two meals a day on average.

Ramen played an essential role for Korea in fulfilling food scarcities.

After that it has made a mark in the culinary culture and became the representative food.

Ramen invents from the Chinese noodle’s ramen.

After that, Japan developed instant noodles and Korea used their technology.

This is how Korean ramen was born.

Ramen was sold at 10 won or a penny when it was first introduced.

But the price has increased from seven or eight hundred won on average in the half a century.

Ramen has now become a staple food for Koreans.

Ramen is low-cost and easy to cook food.

The variations in taste and flavor are the root cause, why instant noodles are called a revolutionary food of the 20th century.

Where Do Koreans Enjoy Ramen?

Ramen is an essential grocery item for Koreans.

Koreans frequently cook ramen at home.

When they set the table for a meal, they every time put kimchi out of the fridge.

It is the best combination for a meal.

It is always beneficial to cook your own noodles by adding other ingredients or putting in fermented Kimchi.

Many Koreans skip breakfast and go to the work.

They want to eat something since they should bear hunger until lunch time.

So, they have ramen very quickly and come back to work.

They also consume ramen while working overtime to get some extra energy for the work.

Japanese Ramen vs. Korean Ramen

Many Koreans enjoy the flavor of the unique Japanese ramen.

But did you know whats the difference between Japanese Ramen vs. Korean Ramen?

The biggest difference is Soup.

The majority of Koreans prefer the spicy and clean flavor.

They use chili pepper, pepper flake, and kimchi for making red and spicy soup.

On the other hand, the majority of people in Japan make soup with soy sauce and miso paste.

Japanese foods don’t have strong flavor because they normally cook foods with bamboo sprouts and mung bean sprouts.

Korean ramen is made with fried noodle but Japanese ramen is made with raw noodle which is uncooked and fresh.

If you compare Korean and Japanese ramen, Korean ramen is greasier and stringy than Japanese ramen.

What to Look For Before Buying the Best Korean Noodle Pot For Ramen?

Lean and weightless form

If you cook noodles frequently then you need to get a pot which will take up as little of your time as possible.

A thin built pot would easily heat up and boil the water and the noodle.

Unlike the traditional pots, you should seek a modern lightweight pot that will make your cooking energy efficient.

Conventional heavy pots were used to waste heat.

Another way these pots can save your time is by providing multifunction.

You cook and serve food using the same pot while showing your creative cooking skills!

Chemical safety and health

Cookwares are mostly made up of aluminum which is harmful to human health.

The food cooked may also give a slightly metallic taste.

You should thus avoid spices which will create an acidic reaction with the aluminum containers.

However, most of the varieties of Korean noodles, especially the Shin Ramyun give off no acidic reaction.

Be extra careful while cooking these delicious noodles as the handles of the pots get piping hot.

The Constituent Material of the pot used

The most popular Korean pots are ideally light-weighted with high thermal conductivity.

Thus, the best material of these pots is aluminum.

Though the material is not induction compatible, it is used by most manufacturers worldwide.

Since the exterior is susceptible to wearing out, extra care should be taken to ensure that the coating doesn’t wear out.

For that, a soft sponge should be used for cleaning.

Best Korean Noodle Pot for Ramen

We have presented some of the finest Korean pot for ramens available in the market below:

Ahier Ramen Pot

Ahier Ramen Pot, Korean Ramen Cooking Pot With Lid Spoon and Chopsticks (1pair), Korean Ramen Noodle Pot Fast Heating For Kitchen Cookware

This Ahier Ramen Pot is one of the chart-topping multifunctional noodle pots that comes with a lid spoon, a pair of chopsticks, and other free components as well.

The shining pot is bound to catch your attention.

Apart from its beauty, the pot is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy that makes it capable of fast heating.

The pot is flexibly functional in both indoor and outdoor activities from dinner parties to hiking.

The flexibility comes from its direct heating and easy to clean capability.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid traveler or a housewife, as it is perfect for all.

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  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Can be heated directly
  • Stackable and durable
  • Rust-free and comes with a lot of complementary gadgets


  • Not ideal for induction stove usage

Topwit Electric Hot Pot, Mini Ramen Cooker

Topwit Electric Hot Pot, Mini Ramen Cooker, 1.6L Noodles Pot, Multifunctional Electric Cooker for Pasta, Shabu-Shabu, Oatmeal, Soup and Egg with Over-Heating Protection, Boil Dry Protection, Black

Unlike the traditional pots, this Topwit Electric Hot pot is a multifunctional electric pot used for cooking ramen and similar items.

This modern pot protects from over-heating and dry boiling.

The highly energetic black pot provides you with a dual power setting so that you can adjust according to your needs.

If you simply detest cold food like me then you must get this pot at once as it will become your favorite travel companion to the office.

Its portability helps you to carry it during vacations.

The overall look and feel of the pot are so cute that it can be the perfect gift to a friend!

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  • Portable
  • Helps prevent food contamination
  • Comes with a range of power
  • Automatic in-built shutting down system


  • Needs to be constantly monitored as it heats up very fast


Ramen pot, fast Korean noodle cooker, 3 minute boiler for soup pasta egg, easy light cookware with lid

This SERENITA Ramen Pot is one of the quickest noodle cookers as the pot is able to boil soup within 3 minutes.

This prompt service is delivered by the shimmery pot is because it is very light that comes with a lid.

This feathery pot comes in both golden and silver colors as the aluminum material changes color from silver to gold, giving a vintage look.

It can be used to cook noodles, pasta, soup or eggs.

Waiting for the food to cool down while your stomach rumbles is always a helpless citation.

Worry not as you can instantly devour from the food as it cools down very fast!

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of SERENITA Ramen Pot


  • Portable. Comes with an insulated carry bag
  • Easy cooking and steaming
  • Easy to handle
  • Non-corrosive and easy to clean


  • Incompatible with induction tops

Korean Noodle Pot

This Korean Noodle Pot is the near-perfect example of a typical traditional hot pot.

Since the pot is very small being only 6.3”, it is perfect for cooking instant noodles.

The affordable pot reserves the taste of the noodles as its quicks very quickly.

The knob provided comes with a screw that can be easily attached and if you find it inconvenient, then you can also get one without a knob.

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of Korean Noodle Pot


  • Can be used in a gas burner
  • Multipurpose, traditional hot pot
  • Fast heating
  • Feathery weight


  • Only one instant noodle can be cooked at a time

  Generic Korea Premium Noodle Pot

If you are an aesthetic person who loves to cook in elegance then your search has definitely stopped.

This Generic Korea Premium Noodle Pot black stainless pot is perfect for cooking ramen.

It is made up of aluminum alloy and acts as a beautiful serving dish.

You can serve piping hot stew or soup, or a soupy noodle, any variety can be cooked and presented.

The attached lid in the exterior helps to contain both heat and moisture so you may easily take these for picnics and outdoor parties.

The heat dispersion is also very evenly distributed, avoiding any chance of accidental burns.

Even if you are no expert in cooking, this black beauty has got your back!

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  • Has all the benefits of a traditional hot pot
  • Handle provides strong support
  • Easily heats up
  • Non-toxic and rust free


  • Careful handwashing needed


Eutuxia Ramen Noodle Pot Large, Korean Traditional Aluminum Instant Ramyun Hot Pot

The Eutuxia Ramen pot is perfect for a diverse kind of Korean ramen starting from the Shin, Samyang, instant curry, kimchi jjigae, soup, and stew.

The 7.9” pot comes with a handy 10 disposable chopsticks, saving you the hassle of finding chopsticks for eating.

The sheer structure is adored by people who are always on the run as this saves a lot of time.

The exclusive quality of the aluminum alloy warrants safe usage despite facilitating heating under the direct flame or even over ceramic stoves.

Are you a person who loves to add excitement even in the simplest of the things in life, including cooking?

Then you can consider getting this classic, versatile pot!

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of Eutuxia Ramen Noodle Pot


  • Double handle design, ensuring comfort
  • Rapid cooker
  • Cooks a variety of dishes
  • Long-lasting


  • Must be hand washed with caution

HAMISS Korean Noodle Pot Hot Shin Ramyun Aluminum

Are you spending a monotonous life at the dormitory?

If you want to escape the loop of eating boring ramen then continue reading!

This HAMISS unique pot is made of 3 key materials-aluminum, ceramic paired with 1 pair of natural bamboo chopsticks to give you that authentic Korean feel.

The supreme quality aluminum alloy will help you use direct heat with ease and will also protect you from burning yourself.

You no longer need to show your martial arts skills while handling hot kitchenwares. The comfort and practicality of the pot will someday definitely make you a ramen cooking expert!

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of  HAMISS Korean Noodle Pot


  • Safe to use
  • Suitable ergonomic
  • Very less time-consuming
  • Perfect, useful gift


  • Cannot be washed using coarse sponges

Plain91 Korea Ramen Noodles Pot Full SET

This Plain91 Korea Ramen Noodles Pot Full SET entire set is one of the best deals out in the market as it meets all your basic requirements.

It’s as if the entire set is gearing you up to cook one of the most basic yet scrumptious dishes in the world!

The set consists of a yellow pot, scrubbing pad, finger protector, pot mat, spoon, and chopsticks.

Along with the complimentary goodies, the classic pot heats up in the blink of an eye, thus listening to your hunger cramps instantly.

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of Plain91 Korea Ramen Noodles Pot Full SET


  • Quick and easy heating
  • Comes with complimentary cooking gadgets
  • Delicate and easy to move
  • Perfect for one packet ramen cooking


  • Fragile and not suitable for a long heating period

Yunnyp Korean Ramen Instant Noodle Pot

If your snack cravings are always at their peak and you consume instant noodles like a maniac, then you may have just hit a jackpot reading until now.

This Yunnyp premium quality yellow aluminum pot is best for instant ramen and you can easily heat it with direct flame.

You are bound to get awestruck by the graceful design as it is handcrafted with well-executed lines and features.

Moreover, the double handle added to the design gives you a more comfortable approach.

Most importantly, since it is safe to cook in this pot as it does not make any chemical reaction with the food, it guarantees your health and safety.

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of Yunnyp Korean Ramen Instant Noodle Pot


  • Does not rust
  • Cleaning ease
  • Handmade design
  • Resistant to direct heat


  • Ceramic coating

 DYXOO Korean Food Ramen Noodle Pot

This DYXOO Korean Food Ramen Noodle pot will help you cook a variety of Korean favorites from ramen to stew.

If you are an organized person and likes your surroundings to be manageable then you will love this pot as it is very comfortable to use.

Attached to the pot is a single heatproof handle, preventing any burns.

Also, the 6.3 cookware is very weightless that can be handled with ease.

The goldish aluminum alloy will make your cleaning sessions easier.

Are you a person who likes to go around on adventures during the weekend?

Then take this pot along with you as the spacious pot will help you cook enough to serve once.

Are you a bachelor or a bachelorette? Do you like living alone?

Then this is the single best pot that would help to cook you the perfect quantity!

Click Here For Latest Price And Review Of DYXOO Korean Food Ramen Noodle Pot


  • Good and high thermal conductivity
  • Heatproof handle
  • Cleaning convenience
  • Perfect for outdoor use


  • Heats very quickly and may cause accidents if not cautious


Bonus Tips for Making Ramen Even Tastier

1. If the noodles and broth are perfect, toppings are not much necessary. So, focus on getting your broth full of flavor and rich, and take your time doing it.

2. A lot of bones or vegetables should go into the stockpot. You can get a good flavor and a thick broth with lots of ingredients and time to extract all the flavors.

3. Ramen noodles should not be cooked in salted water.

4.Never season the broth.

5. Cook the noodles appropriately as Undercooked noodles become floury and tough and overcooked noodles will get soggy and pasty. So, cook the noodles optimum.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best Korean Noodle pots for making Ramen.

You wont go wrong with choosing any aforementioned Korean Noodle pot for making your next delicious Ramen.

The next time you get dazzled by seeing the golden Korean noodle pots in a super shop, just remember this particular article to burst out of the bubble!


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