Maytag Epic Z Dryer F01 Error Code- 6 Causes and 7 Fixes!

Maytag Epic Z Dryer F01 Error Code
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 Maytag washers and dryers and meant to ease the laundry process and make for smoother lifestyles.

When these units pull up error codes, there may or may not be a cause for concern.

Incidentally, the diagnostics systems in a Maytag epic z dryer will let you know when serious problems arise.

And this error code might be one such problem needing immediate solutions.

The Maytag epic z dryer f01 error code signifies something wrong with the central control unit.

When this CCU as it is sometimes referred to, experiences power fluctuations or gets short-circuited, the f01 error appears.

The central control unit is nothing a layman should be attempting to fix.

Seek professional consultation for such electrical issues.

Below are the causes and solutions to the f01 Maytag error code.

Maytag Epic z Dryer F01 Error Code – Causes

Short Circuit

If this happens, the control board might get fried and thus this error code appears.

When a power fluctuation occurs for whatever reason, there could be an internal shot in the central control unit.

The reason for the short could be due to power fluctuating and there not being adequate surge protectors within the home.

Faulty wiring

If the machine gets moved around or was moved around recently, the wiring might be compromised.

This causes miscommunication between the control board and the programmable relay.

In such instances, the board might experience a short circuit or misfiring leading to mixed signals.


Owners claim to have checked lint traps and anything that might have excess dirt too.

This means opening up the traps and checking for any cracks within the drum too.

The cracks can be responsible for extra dirt, lint, or water from the clothes you wish to dry.

Lint has been known to cause sparks, static electricity, and compromise loose wires.

Power Interruption

This is not the same as a power surge or short circuit.

Ideally, a power interruption will send the machine back to default settings.

You will not have the programs you’d set earlier still running.

When power interruptions occur, the power supply could come back with a surge.

This surge forces extra power through your unit, causing the Maytag epic z f01 error code to appear.

Power interruptions are more common in rural areas, which is why most suburban dwellers may not consider them to be the problem.

Communication error

Aside from power issues and possibly short circuits, there is an EEPROM fitted in the Maytag dryer.

This stands for the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only ROM that is fitted in most electronics.

The Maytag epic z dryer has one built into it, and when this cannot communicate well with the control board, f01 might appear.

This is too much of a task to be handled as a DIY job.

It requires seeking consultation and help from professional technicians, preferably accredited Maytag servicemen or women.

False code

Ensure that the code didn’t appear simply because you ran the machine in diagnostics mode.

Also, there could be an issue with the push/start button being faulty.

If the button gets stuck and doesn’t spring back, it could be a simple case of a button being faulty.

It thus would not require replacing or factoring in the control board.

Simply have an electrician have a look at it.

Maytag Epic z Dryer F01 Error Code- Solutions


Unplug your Maytag dryer and allow it to idle for a few minutes.

This should reset the machine to default settings.

Once programs have been cleared, after a few minutes, you can plug the unit back into the power source.

At this juncture, the Maytag epic z dryer f01 error code should have disappeared.

If it does, it means an electrical glitch was the problem.

That glitch could have occurred for several reasons.

However, if the error code doesn’t disappear, try out the solutions below.

Check the Wiring

Check the wiring within the dryer for any loose fittings or damaged wires.

This can be done with a small flashlight if it seems dark in there, or simply by rubbing your hand over any harnesses found therein.

It is a simple DIY task one can accomplish in a matter of minutes.

This should let you in on any wires that were damaged through moving and some that may be compromised through excess dirt or lint.

If the dryer has seen better days, it could be dust that finally caught up with the electrical parts.

So, replace wires accordingly, sourcing original harnesses online if possible.

Replace the CCU

You need to replace the central control unit if it is indeed blown.

This needs to be verified by a professional technician though.

The central control unit can be fixed, and that’s the good news.

However, if several circuits are fried and the board is rendered useless, you will need to replace it.

The central control unit is not a simple piece of equipment.

It means you should source an original part from credible sources on or offline.

Fix the board

Remove the circuit board from the Maytag epic z dryer.

This is easy enough after removing screws and pulling out panels.

Once you access the circuit board, check for any faulty wires that may need soldering.

A soldering gun will be necessary and these are easily sourced on Amazon at fair prices.

Broken wire joints can easily be fixed as DIY tasks, even with limited experience in wiring.

Once the wires are back in place, reverse the process and try your dryer again.

Hopefully, it works and you just saved yourself plenty of money on a new control board.


If the push-to-start button on the dyer is faulty, replace it immediately.

The alternative would be to remove it and press on what’s left instead, using a rod or screwdriver.

This is what many owners resort to, which is not recommended at all.

Replacing the start button is easy and affordable from online resources.

You can also have your local guy (technician) source one from local and legit stores.

Examining and identifying that the start button is the problem can save your loads of cash.

Surge protectors

If the problem is fixed after resetting, be sure to purchase or check already existing surge protectors.

These can be responsible for saving you lots of resources in the future, including time and money.

The Maytag epic z dryer f01 error code may occur even with a surge protector on the wall.

However, the damage that a power surge can cause on a dryer without a protector is irreparable.

Be sure to check the surge protectors in-home too, and replace old ones if possible.

Clean lint

Remove excess dirt and lint from the dryer.

Dust build-up causes damage to any electrical device, particularly dryers.

With an aging dryer, positioned in the same spot or room for years, dust buildup will be immense.

Vacuum out such dust and check for bare or worn wires.

Bottom Line

Checking and cleaning out the internal components of your dryer is important.

The Maytag epic z dryer f01 error code might still occur with proper servicing, but the causes and solutions are likely to be less severe.

Be sure to source OEM parts only to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.