Oster Blender All Lights Flashing? – 5 Main Reasons and 7 Quick Solutions!

Oster Blender All Lights Flashing
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You decided to make a morning smoothie and suddenly noticed that your blender’s lights were flickering.

Don’t worry!

Your blender is not possessed by any paranormal deity; it’s probably having some technical difficulties.

It is understandable to feel frustrated and wonder why your Oster Blender all lights flashing?

Well, if your blender is trying to blind you with its flashing lights, there are few fixes for it once you diagnose the root of the problem.

Usually, electric appliances face light blinking complications due to overloaded circuits, power surges, loose connection, and, other technical problems.

However, sometimes in unfortunate cases, your appliance might be faulty or require servicing.

Oster Blender All Lights Flashing? – Causes

If you are reading this article then it’s evident that your blender is causing a nuisance. So, let’s look at some reasons why the lights are acting up.

Faulty power button

According to Oster blender, manual flashing lights indicate that your blender is ready to be used.

The power button may get stuck in some cases, and the lights may flicker continuously.

If you have been using your blender for a long time, then it is evident that the blender’s button accumulated dirt in them.

This buildup of dirt and moisture in the air can cause the button to get stuck and prevent it from a smooth operation.

Moreover, it is also possible that your blender had a leaking complication at some point, resulting in a faulty power button.

Overloading of ingredients

Sometimes you may accidentally overload your blender, and as a defense mechanism, the blender will aggressively flash all of its lights and may shut down abruptly.

If you have encountered a situation where your Oster blender lights flashing after you put the ingredients and turn the lid off.

Then it is likely that the overloading of components is causing the light flickering.

It can be annoying to take out half of your ingredients and restart again.

This is one of the most exasperating causes on the list!

Jammed blender blades

You are excited while waiting for your frozen fruits to blend for the smoothie.

However, suddenly your peace is interrupted because the lights of your blender started to flicker and shut down the blending.

Now, if the lights are flashing alternatively, it could mean that your blender’s blade is jammed.

Sometimes, blending frozen fruits or hard ingredients like nuts can cause the blades to get stuck.

Hence, your Oster blender may stop suddenly to save its motor functions.

This can be irritating as you need to pour out all the content out of the jar and free the blades.

Circuit overload and voltage fluctuation

If the reasons mentioned above do not match your situation, it’s time to look into the electrical part.

Your Oster blender may require more electricity than your circuit’s capability.

This is concerning as circuit overload can cause severe damage to your electric appliances.

If you do not look into it can permanently make your blender unusable.

Secondly, voltage fluctuation can also be another reason for flashing lights.

It is normal to have fluctuation now and then; however, if you notice other electric machines having inconsistent power issues, then voltage fluctuation is the culprit.

It is a voltage issue if your blender is turned off, but the lights are still flickering.

Loose connection

Loose wiring connections are one of the common reasons for your electric appliances to flicker.

Your Oster blender’s all lights flashing could cause poor wiring connection.

How can you figure this out?

If your blender’s lights are acting up in one outlet, you can blame it on a loose connection.

Sometimes you may also notice some sparks while plugging the blender; it is also an indicator of a poor connection.

This can be concerning if the problem is persistent because sometimes loose wiring can cause house fires.

Oster Blender All Lights Flashing? – Fixes

Once you figured out the problem it’s time for you to look into the fixes to get rid of the irritating flashing lights.

Old school method- Turning it off and on again

I know you are wondering why this is on the list, but sometimes this method works like magic.

If it works, it’s not stupid, right?

Sometimes the blender’s motor may get locked up, which causes the lights to flicker continuously, which can be solved by simply turning off your blender and restarting it again after a few minutes.

Moreover, the flashing lights can be technical glitches that can be solved by unplugging your machine and waiting for 5-10 minutes before plugging it back in.

It will reset the system and hopefully solve the issue.

 Replace the blades

If your Oster blender is blinking lights, you may find that blade are faulty.

So, you can purchase your Oster blender blades and get them replaced by a technician or you can do it by yourself also.

This approach is more appropriate if you find out that the main culprit of your blender problem is the blades.

Avoid overloading of ingredients

Moreover, you can read about how many ingredients you can put in your blender jar to avoid overloading of ingredients.

Furthermore, try to go through what kind of ingredients you can put in your Oster blender as tough contents can cause damage to the blades.

This is an effective fix if your problem is overloading ingredients and jammed blades.

If you are using an outdated model of Oster Blender, then you should check out this improvised model on amazon Oster Blender Pro 1200.

Check out internet forums

Thousands of other people probably own an Oster blender, and of the perks of living in the 20th century is people discuss their problems on the internet.

You can look into internet forums and go through problems similar to yours; it is guaranteed you will find at least one solution.

Furthermore, you can also post your problem and wait for someone to reply with a solution.

This is one of the laziest but most effective ways to solve your problem.

In addition, YouTube is also helpful in solving minor problems with your Oster blenders.

However, if you think the problem is something more serious, keep reading!

Review the Oster Blender manual

This solution may seem very simple, but it can be crucial to solving the problem.

Usually, in the Oster blender manual, it is mentioned what the flashing lights indicate and how to solve it.

So, if you are facing such issue you can simply go through the manual to find solutions.

Take your blender for servicing

If you are using your blender for a very long time and facing annoying problems like flashing lights, it can be an indicator that your appliance needs servicing.

You can take your blender to the nearest authorized Oster servicing center for repairments and simple checkups.

This solution is beneficial if you face problems like faulty power buttons.

During servicing, the technician may change your control boards to easily solve your problem.

Contact an electrician

If you are facing voltage fluctuation or circuit overload, your best solution is to seek professional help from an electrician.

Do not procrastinate or overlook these electricity problems as they may escalate quickly and cause more significant disasters.

For instance, loose wiring connections from electric appliances caused a lot of house fires and damages.

Hence, it is beneficial to seek help immediately if you notice that the flashing light problem is caused by electrical issues.

Related Questions

Is Oster blender BPA free?

Yes, any piece of Oster blender that touches food is BPA-Free. It includes the sport bottle, drinking lid, and blade assembly.

Why wont my Oster blender crush the ice?

Sometimes you may face issue that not crushing the ice in Oster blender.

So, for the best results when crushing ice, feed 1-3 cubes of ice at one go.

Then add 1 cup of liquid into the blender jar. Use the Pulse or Liquefy function to blend your smoothie.

Where can you find the wattage information on a blender?

There are range of Oster blenders which comes with wattage from 450 watts to 500 watts.

You can find the wattage information on the bottom of your Oster blender base.

Final Thoughts

If you read this far, you figured out why your Oster blender has all lights flashing and have a general idea about how to solve it.

If you face minor problems such as overloading of ingredients, you shouldn’t worry about calling an electrician or taking it for servicing.

However, immediately call your electrician if it’s an electrical issue.

Hopefully, the problem will resolve, and you can blend your morning smoothie without getting blinded by flashing lights!




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