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Why is My Oster Blender Blade Stuck? Here’s Fix!

oster blender blade stuck
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Oster bills itself as a leading name in the kitchen appliance segment, and manufactures and sells a wide range of products such as ovens, toasters, blenders, and much more.

Speaking of which, the company’s blenders such as the Oster 6706 blender are world renowned for their superior performance, and rich set of features.

Oster blenders are fitted with super sharp and robust blade assemblies that allow you to mix, purée, chop, grind or emulsify even the toughest ingredients with ease.

However, one of the major issues with Oster blenders is the blade getting stuck at some point during the blending process.

So, if you’re experiencing Oster blender blade stuck issues, there’s no need to break a sweat just yet!  Read on for the lowdown on the causes, solutions on how to fix Oster blender blade stuck problems.

Why does My Oster Blender Blade Get Stuck?

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There are myriad reasons why your Oster blender blade may get stuck, but good news is that there is also a plethora of ways to fix and prevent the issue.

First and most common reason why your Oster blender blade may be getting stuck is due to food stuck in the blade assembly.

When making items such as smoothies, it’s highly important that you add the ingredients such as frozen fruits in the right order, along with the ice to prevent blender blades from getting stuck.

If you’re blending a bunch of ingredients, and a base liquid such as water, yogurt or milk, you should add the base liquid first, and then the other solid ingredients.

Even though you may have the most powerful blender from the Oster lineup, you should avoid blending frozen foods.

But there’s no doubt that this range of blenders can grind hard ice with ease, owing to its industry leading, powerful 1400-watt motor.

The less strain you put on the motor, the longer the service life of the Oster blender. Cavitation is another issue with blenders, and is caused by a big air bubble above the blender assembly.

Your blender blade may often get stuck when making creamy foods such as hummus or nut butters or when blending round food objects such as apples.

Oster grinder blades are built tough, but do need to be lubricated periodically to ensure they to spin without any hiccups, and to unjam the blades when stuck.

If your Oster blender blades fail to move after a wild-blended drinks party, the blade assembly is probably saturated with syrupy goo or sticky liquids.

And it’s worth mentioning that your Oster blender blade may be getting stuck because you’ve assembled it incorrectly to begin with by not following the instructions in the owner’s manual.

How Do You Fix a Stuck Oster Blender Blade?

If your Oster blender blade is stuck due to the aforementioned reasons or any other reason, we’ve got a fix for you.

1.Let’s start with the assembly – your Oster blender purchase does include a detailed owner’s guide.

If you’ve misplaced it, you can head to the manufacturer official website, and download a digital copy.

Some Oster blenders come with a permanently attached blade assembly, so you won’t have to put anything together.

But in the event the blender blade gets stuck during operation, you can turn the control knob to “Off”, remove the jar from the base, and free the blade of any obstruction.

Then wait roughly between 30 – 35 minutes to cool, and press the reset fuse button located at the bottom of the Oster blender.

2. If the blade of your Oster blender is not spinning, and you notice that the blade assembly is clogged, there are a few ways to unclog it.

To clean the blender assembly, you will need soap and hot water. With the blender turned off, and the power plug unplugged, unclog any heavy dirt you notice in the blade assembly.

Now turn the blender on, fill the jar with hot water, and add two drops of liquid soap. Secure the jar with the lid, and the start the blender on low, and then increase to high speed for roughly 20 seconds.

Turn the machine off, rinse the jar thoroughly with fresh water under your sink, and then dry.

3. When adding the liquid, make sure it covers the blades, which equates to about a cup of liquid. Adding liquid in this quantity will help move the other ingredients around the jar smoothly.

You can then add the slightly larger ingredients such as hulled strawberries and ice cubes over the smaller ingredients, and the base liquid.

4. With regards to frozen foods, they can be hard on your Oster blender blade assembly, hence can cause damage.

Putting frozen items in the blender can result in lumpy blended results, as well as cause damage to the sharp blades.

Best way to blend frozen foods is to either leave them out in the fridge to thaw, or put them an airtight bag, and thaw the items in a bowl of water before putting them in your blender jar.

5. Next, put in the smaller ingredients, and if you have large chunks of meat, consider chopping them up first, preferably on a meat cutting board to prevent food contamination across your countertop.

6. For blending hard fruits such as apples, you should chop them exactly in half, before placing them in the jar of the blender.

Further, only fill the blender jar to half height with hard foods to prevent overload on the blade assembly.

If you grind solid foods often, then it’s best to use an Oster blender model that comes with an extra-large blade such as the Oster Master Series.

This blender model from Oster offers an impressive 800-watts of peak power, and is factory equipped with an extra-large 3-inch, 6-point stainless steel blade.

7. You can add liquids to the bottom of the jar help spin the blades smoothly, but sometimes adding too much liquid may not do your recipe justice.

For this, you can use a good ol’ blender tamper to move the ingredients around while the blender is moving.

8. Lubricating your Oster blender blades offers better longevity, and prevents the grinder blades from getting stuck. But you can’t use any type of lubrication like WD-40, but must apply a food grade lubricant.

9. Syrupy goo collected in the blender blade assembly may restrict the blades from spinning, especially when the gunk is collected in the housing.

It’s a good practice to wash your blender thoroughly after each use, with hot soapy water, and then set to dry, so it’s clean, and ready for next use.

When Should I Replace My Oster Blender Blades?

There is no specific time to replace Oster blender blades, as it all depends on how often you use the blender, and the type of ingredients you’re blending.

However, the blades of your Oster blender are bound to get dull over time, hence will need to be sharpened to replenish their cutting power.

You can sharpen your Oster blender blades in the comfort of your home with a sharpening stone, soap, hot water, and most importantly a pair of protective cut-resistant gloves.

How to Replace Oster Blender Blades?Oster Ice Blade, Black - 4961-011

Before revealing how to replace Oster blender blades, it’s highly recommended that you seek professional help if you don’t know to perform the task right.

Causing damage to the blade assembly while trying to replace it yourself could very well void the manufacturer warranty, which is often times 10 years or so.

To replace the blades of your Oster blender, you will need a new blade assembly, so refer to your owner’s manual for the blade that’s compatible with your Oster blender model.

Turn off the blender, and detach the blender blade assembly located at the bottom of the jar. The blade assembly is typically secured with screws, so it’s just a matter of unscrewing them with the appropriate screw driver.

Be sure to work carefully, and use a pair of pliers if needed to pull out the screws after you loosen them with a screwdriver to avoid damaging the blender blade assembly or motor.

After you’ve removed the damaged Oster blender blades, replace them with the new blade assembly, and spin the blades to ensure they spin freely before tightening the screws.

Final Thoughts

If your Oster blender blade stuck, now you know how to fix it.

There are myriad reasons due to which you are facing this issue. But there are lot of different ways to fix it.

Take care of assembly before going to blend your food in the blender.

Also Make sure you are blending right type and right amount of food.

Lubricating the blade prevent its from clogging or getting stuck.  Clean the blender and its blade thoroughly after each use.

This practice enhances the overall shelf life of your Oster blender.




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