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What is the Speed Queen Dryer Error Code Er ro?

Speed Queen Dryer Error code Er ro
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Washing machines are one of the useful home appliances that is utilized largely in almost every home.

Speed Queen Dryers are one of the most reliable product in market.

Speed queen dryers perform their duty to perfection in correspondence to each and every load for the life of the machine.

It helps to eliminate excessive drying in addition to being cost effective equipment.

Despite of numerous advantages, there are potential chances of some error.

Sometimes it contains an error code which may be due to human negligence or systematic issue.

One of the speed queen dryer error code is Er ro which represents the locked rotor error.

There are various reasons for this error such as faulty control board, issue with drive belt, drive roller, or idler pulley. 

It is also possible that something got struck in rotating motor and cause hurdle due to which it becomes difficult to sense the rotation.

Speed Queen Dryer Error code Er ro – Meaning

Er ro is an error displayed on the digital screen of Speed Queen dryer which indicates that there is an issue in rotor.

It is referred as “Locked rotor error”.

The error indicates that the motor is not sensed as rotating when it should be.

It also tells that the dryer’s motor overload protector has cycled.

If the locked error continues to display, then this issue cause disruption in normal functionality of dryer.

Due to this, one cannot distinguish whether dryer is working perfectly or not.

Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the causes and possible solutions to avoid this error.

Speed Queen Dryer Error code Er ro – Causes

The possible sources of Er ro are discussed below:

Hidden Obstacles

There are strong chances that something may stuck in which in turn causes obstruction in rotation.

It is quite possible that something got struck in rotating motor and cause hurdle due to which it becomes difficult to sense the rotation.

The various components are interconnected therefore great care must be taken to ensure the smooth working.

With the involvement of different components, different factors must be taken into account in order to work the motor smoothly.

In case of any obstacle in the path of motor, the error continues to appear, hence it becomes necessary to remove the obstruction in order to proceed the work.

Faulty Control Board

The locked rotor error also occurs if the equipment failure occurs.

For example, there are quite chances that control board may not function properly thus failed to sense the rotation of motor.

In case of faulty control board, it is unable to detect if the dryer is working properly or not.

Due to absence of the detection of the rotor, it causes fluctuations in normal functions of working machine.

It fails to detect the rotation of motor and hence unable to guess if dryer is working correctly.

The wire harness connections must be considered in order to eliminate this error.

Drive Belt

Another potential reason that cause this error is the drive belt.

A very long, thin belt called the drive belt wraps around the dryer drum, a tension pulley, and finally the drive motor pulley.

This belt helps the motor to turn and rotate, therefore helps to perform effectively.

Due to the regular use, the belt may eventually fracture.

With the tearing of belt drive, the locked rotor error may arises.

Since drive belt is broken, it is unable to sense the rotation of motor, and so the performance of dryer.

The drive belt working must be considered in case of existence of error Er ro.

Drum Roller

One of the possible causes of this issue is the drum roller.

Drum rollers are one of the major components associated with dryer.

The majority of dryers feature two drum rollers on the back of the drum, and some dryers also have two additional rollers supporting the drum’s front.

For the rollers to function correctly, they must be able to spin freely.

The dryer won’t turn correctly if the drum rollers are worn out.

As a result of this, the locked rotor error arises.

Hence, the role of drum rollers cannot be neglected.

Idler pulley

Another source that may result in Er ro is idler pulley.

Idler pulley is attached with the dryer drum belt.

For efficient working, it should be checked that it spins freely on the shaft.

In case of any issue in idler pulley, there are potential chances that error Er ro arises.

If idler pulley is not spinning freely, it would affect the performance of dryer as it becomes difficult to sense the rotation of motor.

Therefore, the locked rotor error arises which in turn disrupt the normal functionality of dryer.

Solutions to Fix Speed Queen Dryer Error code Er ro

Different solutions to fix error Er ro are discussed as follows:


The very first step is to tackle error Er ro is to restart the dryer of washing machine.

There are opportunities that the error appears without any specific reason.

Firstly, do external inspection and initiate it with restart of appliances.

For restart, unplug the main switch and give rest the dryer for at least five minutes.

Make sure that all wires are connected properly at right place.

Then after few minutes, switch on the dryer.

The dryer must work smoothly, and the issue of motor must be resolved if this is an issue.

However, if the error Er ro continues to appear, then one must look in for other reasons.


Wire Harness Connections

It is an essential and foremost step to make sure that all connections are working properly.

Check wire harness connection between motor, user control and output board.

One must make sure that wire harness connections among motor switch, user control, and output board are secured firmly.

There are chances that these may become loose due to which the error arises.

It is quite possible these wire harness connections may get damaged.

In this case, it needs to be replaced.

After replacement, make sure that all connections are secured tightly and there must not be any loose connection.

Hence, it will eliminate the issue.

Drive Belt

The next step is to make sure that drive belt is working normally.

For this, one must reach inside the dryer and manually turn the drum to rapidly check if the belt is damaged.

The belt must be inspected thoroughly.

It’s possible that the belt is broken if the drum spins very easily.

Make sure the belt is indeed broken by giving it another look.

In case of broken drive belt, replace a new belt on with the old one to proceed the working of dryer.

Drum Roller

As a next step, the drum rollers must be considered in case of existence of error.

The dryer belt should be taken off, and one should attempt turning the drum by hand to see if the support rollers need to be replaced.

Look for wear on the support rollers if the drum won’t rotate freely.

It is advised to replace all of the rollers simultaneously if one or more of them are worn out as a precautionary measure.

(If the roller shaft is in good shape, it is frequently recyclable. Before putting the new rollers in, thoroughly clean the shaft.)

Replace idler pulley

The next step is to make sure the idler pulley is spinning freely on the shaft and inspect it for the dryer drum belt.

For smooth functionality, all the components of equipment must be inspected thoroughly.

It is advised to replace both the idler pulley and the drum drive belt if the idler pulley is jammed, worn out, or damaged.

Once gets replaced, the locked rotor error disappears.

By following these solutions, the Speed Queen Washer error Er ro must be resolved.






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