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Speed Queen Washer Transmission Problems And Its Solutions

Speed Queen Washer Transmission Problems
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Even with a motor in full functioning mode, your speed queen washer might not agitate.

If it does indeed fill with water and the motor moves the tranny there could still be no movement.

These modern appliances boast intricate and sophisticated mechanisms.

When speed queen washer transmission problems arise, there will likely be problems with the gears.

This is not an outright cause of the transmission problems.

Other issues could be related to the transmission itself and other worn-out parts or defective components.

Consider having a professional examine the speed queen washer to avoid unwarranted repairs and unnecessary replacements.

Speed Queen Washer Transmission Problems


The pulley might be torquing the tranny in the right direction but it does not move all the way.

This means gears are jamming and not turning the transmission as needed.

This is a major problem that needs professional diagnosing and fixing.

It means the gears are not linking or lining up as they should.

It also might create lots of loud or screeching noises which are a surefire sign of wearing out of gears.


Belts need to be tight for the transmission to move smoothly.

If belts snap, are out of place, or are worn out the transmission will slip.

Either way, this might cause damage to the transmission, or with time, it won’t spin the machine at all.

The faulty belt could cause the transmission to fall out of gear or miss gears entirely.

Drive Block

This turns the transmission which in turn causes the agitator to move accordingly.

If the block has issues, the transmission will shake back and forth but not much action will be felt from the agitator.

This is not necessarily a transmission problem but the block causes the transmission to malfunction.

Dead Tranny

A dead transmission is an obvious transmission problem that needs immediate attention.

Either way, the machine won’t agitate or complete any cycles without a working tranny.

This can happen due to wear and tear after years of usage.

The tranny and its gears get worn out, making it impossible for the drum to spin.

Agitating One Way

If the agitator on your speed queen only heads in one direction there could be a problem with the transmission.

The agitator is meant to spin in both directions on the top end while spinning in only one direction at the bottom end.

If this isn’t the case the transmission and gearbox have become faulty.

They will require proper removal and replacement to avoid further damage.


There might be a chance that the transmission is acting up because it is faulty.

This could be due to no fault of yours.

The defective transmission might be a result of replacements gone wrong, perhaps the wrong parts or other user issues.

A defective transmission will make loud noises and might begin to wear out the gears.

Chances are you’ve noticed it has issues based on noises and incomplete washes.

Oil Leaks

A defective tranny causes oil leaks, which are evident on the floor and sometimes inside the drum.

These leaks are due to a transmission seal breaking and thus oil finds its way to the floor.

There are incidents of oil entering the tub too, which is harder to diagnose and also fix.

Seals are not as easy to replace and might require proper handling by professional technicians.


The most obvious transmission problem and one requiring immediate fixing is a locked tranny.

This happens primarily due to a lack of oil.

If the washer was leaking oil and nothing was done to fix it, the gears lock.

It means the transmission won’t move at all and the agitator won’t agitate.

Speed Queen Washer Transmission Problems – Fixes


Tighten belts or replace the belt to avoid faulty trannies and worse yet, to avoid breaking.

These belts turn the agitator and coupling, which in turn completes the transmission movements.

All belts and pulleys need to be checked for wear and tear.

If any such defects are found they should be fixed immediately.


Buy gaskets and sealants to avoid oil leaks from the transmission.

Purchase sealants from credible online stores or stick to a local and familiar store.

These seals and gaskets will prevent oil leaks moving forward.

They undoubtedly keep the transmission functioning properly for longer and without any more complications.

Replace Drive Block

Remember, if this block is damaged or defective, worn out, or completely dead the tranny moves back and forth.

It means the agitator won’t perform its duties either.

The drive block thus needs to be replaced or repaired.

Again, these are functions that need professional technicians to address the problem.

Replace the gearbox

If the agitator only spins in one direction it could be a tranny issue as mentioned above.

This transmission problem can be addressed with gearbox replacement.

When a gearbox needs to be replaced all panels and several electrical parts need to be opened up and removed.

There is a need for professional technicians to be sought.

Replace bearings and Belts

Once these are worn out, there will be increasing smells emitted from the washer.

These smells signify an impending need to replace the belts.

Procuring the right belts is important to avoid future damage to the motor and transmission.

The bearings and belts can be sourced from credible online stores with the advice of a professional technician.

Replace the Transmission

If the machine does not complete its cycles, it is time to replace the transmission.

A quick spin is necessary for the washing machine to complete a cycle.

This is the only way to completely wring the clothes.

When the cycles are not completed fully or the machine spins slowly, the transmission could need replacing.

This is an intricate affair requiring expertise from credible technicians.

Lube it up

Oil your transmission to avoid it locking up and damaging more parts.

The unit requires oil in multiple places, including the tranny and motor.

This oil can easily be purchased online and with the help of a technician you can oil it up properly.

Using the right oil can keep the transmission working properly.

Replace the Machine

If a transmission is faulty you might need to replace the entire unit.

While this should not be the main approach, a dead or defective transmission could signify aging.

Replacing a transmission can be costly and if other parts are also defective it might be better to source a new one.

Bottom Line

A failed transmission could be a sign of misuse of the washer or overuse.

It might not mean the end of the transmission’s lifespan but it can be costly.

Be sure to keep the machine well-oiled throughout usage to avoid such faults in the future.

All repairs and replacements should be handled professionally.







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