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Unimac Washer Error Codes: What They Mean? And How To Fix Them?

Unimac Washer Error Codes
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The Unimac washer you have in custody boasts a unique blend of features for all things laundry.

It is meant to make life easier, and that makes it a tad more unique and intricate.

However, with this up-to-date technology come a few things worth noting.

The error readings are meant to warn you of issues that need immediate attention.

While doing laundry you might witness Unimac washer error codes concerning different issues.

These error codes are related to water levels, door issues, electrical problems, and other matters that hinder proper washing.

Peruse the list of error codes and their meanings and fixes below before calling for help.

These will save you plenty of resources moving forward.

Unimac Error Codes – Unique Era of Washers – Meaning and Fixes

These error codes are meant to ease the process of finding faults and fixing them.

Many of these Unimac washer error codes relate to issues with simple resolutions.

If any further assistance, repairs, or parts replacements are necessary, seek professionals.

It is better to spend money on labor than create further problems with amateur approaches.



The door might be ajar or not fully closed.

This happens when there is a problem with the latch or the owner never slammed it shut.

It could also be a problem of excess loads, which occurs when trying to wash blankets and other bedding.


Simply check to see if the door is fully closed and if not shut it completely.

Also, there could be a problem with the latch, which in turn requires repair or replacement.

Unplugging the machine should fix the error code.

But if this code reappears, the door and its locking mechanism likely need checking.


Meaning –

If your Unimac washer door unlocks during a washer cycle, this error code will appear.

It is likely a problem due to overloading clothes or an unstable machine.

Also, the owner might not have fully latched it.

Fixes –

Check the door first then proceed to unplug the machine.

Once it sits for a couple of minutes, plug it back into the power source.

This should clear the code and allow you to continue with the laundry.


Meaning –

This error code implies that there is water left in the drum after a wash cycle has been completed.

It means the washer has not fully drained the dirty water.

Fixes –

All washers boast a drain hose for the removal of dirty water.

Check this along with the dirt trap for lint and other foreign objects.

If anything is found, clear it completely and replace parts.

Once you’ve cleaned out dirt, unplug the washer and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Once you plug it back into the power source, it will clear the error code.


Meaning –

During a rinse or wash program, water should reach a certain fill level.

This Unimac error code appears when this level has not been attained.

Ordinarily, the code appears after thirty minutes of a cycle without water reaching optimum levels.

Fixes –

Check the taps bringing in water and remove any dirt or other trappings therein.

Also, check hot and cold water pipes for any kinks or twists.

Remove any of these hindrances and then unplug the machine.

Connect it back to the power source after fifteen seconds to remove the error codes.


Meaning –  

Water levels have not reached optimal levels and the sensor detects this.

The unit will bring up this error code after five minutes of starting up a cycle, yet water still is not enough.

Fixes –

Check the hot and cold water turns and ensure they are indeed on.

These faucets or taps have screens to prevent dirt and foreign objects from entering the drum.

Clean these entirely and examine the hoses for kinks or twists.

Disconnect the washer from its power source for about fifteen seconds to clear this error code.

Er. OF

Meaning –

If the machine has filled to optimal levels and begins to overflow, error code er.OF appears.

This also means the machine will possibly try to expend water if the door is shut and latched or locked.

There could be certain objects trapped inside the trap or pump.

Fixes –

Clean out the traps holding foreign objects and dirt in the pump.

This should take care of the error code along with operational issues.

Of course, if the code reappears, simply unplug and reconnect it after a few seconds.

If that doesn’t solve the Unimac washer error codes appearing, consult an expert locally.


Meaning –

The control unit or CCU has found an issue detecting water fill levels.

It means the sensors or other components related to water levels, sensing, or filling need troubleshooting.

Fixes – When this occurs, it might help to unplug and reconnect the machine.

If the error codes repeat, shut the unit down and call for help immediately.

Incidentally, not sourcing the right or professional help might cause further damage to the washer with continued use.


Meaning –

The main control board is sensing a problem with unlocking the door.

It might be due to several issues including electrical problems or mechanical ones.

These mechanical issues might be linked to the hinge itself or the lock mechanism.

Fixes –

A quick and simple fix is to unplug the machine and allow the door to unlock.

This stands true for almost all front loaders.

If the error code reappears and/or the door doesn’t unlock, call customer service for immediate help.


Meaning –

It implies that your washing machine door is not locked.

This might be a simple case of oversight on your part, meaning the door is indeed ajar.

It could be that it is not fully locked hence the error code appears.

Fixes –

Open and shut the door fully and try to restart the washing cycle.

Proceed to open and shut the door, and disconnect the unit from the power source too.

After restarting the machine the error code should disappear.

If it reappears call customer service for immediate fixes.


Meaning –

If your machine did not reach the optimal spinning speeds or levels, this error code is likely to appear.

This lack of adequate speed could be due to excess suds (soap), an unstable washing machine, or indeed excess water in the tub.

If the washer has extra water left in the drum, the er. ub error code might appear.

It means water drained slower than usual or the washing load exceeded recommended amounts.

Fixes –

Use decent amounts of soap to avoid excess suds that cannot be removed during a cycle.

Also, ensure your machine sits firmly to avoid instability issues, and only fill the machine with recommended loads.

It means if the capacity is 7, 10, or 14 KGS, do not exceed this amount.


Meaning –

If there was a power interruption the washer might have kicked into delayed start operation.

The delayed start operating mode will thus be canceled.

Fixes –

 Press the cancel/ Power key to cancel this mode and remove the error code.

If it continues, by all means, seek help and advice from customer service.


Meaning –

After you begin a washing cycle this code might be displayed due to too much soap.

It indicates that there are excess suds.

This means the soap in use could be non-high-efficiency soap.

It usually creates more suds or lathering than normal which is harder for the machine to eliminate in a normal wash.

Additionally, the laundry capacity might be more than recommended.

Fixes –

Ensure that you are using the manufacturer’s recommended soaps and soap quantities.

This will help optimize the machine’s washing capabilities.

If the loads are too large or too low, the error code might appear too.

Too low loads mean the soap used will be extra – and if too large, the machine cannot handle such loads.

Keep all capacities within recommended quantities.


Meaning –

This error code appears due to excess soap or suds once the machine completes its programmed cycle.

Once the machine completes the cycle and there are suds left in the drum, it needs to run a longer cycle.

Fixes –

Without having to reprogram the machine for another cycle, this code indicates that one is in play.

The washer will run an extra cycle to remove excess suds and drain all the remaining water.

Bottom Line

The Unimac washer error codes are in place to heighten the laundry experience, not give the owner grief.

If the unit is well-maintained, there will be less necessity for complicated repairs and replacing of parts.

Also, these error codes are meant to give insight into troubleshooting the machine urgently.

It means you avoid having to fix problems in the future that might cost more than necessary.

Many issues concerning the washer not starting, not agitating, or not finishing cycles are related to mechanical issues.

Thus, be sure to check hoses, load sizes, inlets, and outlets as well as washer doors to avoid causing more error codes.

The Unimac washer error codes listed herein are easy fixes and should not require the replacement of parts unless they are not dealt with.





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