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Frigidaire Dryer Turns On By Itself?- 5 Main Causes and 7 Easy Solutions!

Frigidaire Dryer Turns On By Itself
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Your Frigidaire dryer boasts some pretty new-age specifications and with that comes advanced components.

These components at times experience some mishaps, be it due to electrical issues or aging.

Also, misuse can cause electrical appliances to act up and cause frustration.

If your dryer is acting up, it is likely not something to fret about.

If the Frigidaire dryer turns on by itself, there is the likelihood that the unit experienced a blowout in some components; perhaps there is a stuck key on the main board or miscommunication between components.

Perhaps the dryer is just eager to begin the drying process, or not.

Let’s examine a few reasons the Frigidaire dryer might turn on automatically.

Frigidaire Dryer Turns on by Itself – Causes


There could be short circuits responsible for the dryer turning on automatically.

If your Frigidaire dryer turns on by itself, power surges might be causing miscommunication.

This happens rarely and could be a combination of such surges and faulty components.

If the dryer turns on automatically on several occasions, chances are it is more than power fluctuations.


The main board boasts control keys for several instructions, including starting up and shutting off the dryer.

There could be an issue of a stuck key causing the machine to turn on by itself.

If this is the case, it might require proper diagnosing to fix the issue.

A control key might not be that easy to spot as being the problem.

Also, it could be stuck due to wear and tear of the machine, misuse, or a power surge problem.

Digital components and keys are harder to spot as being stuck.

A professional need to be sought.


Every washer and dryer has a control unit responsible for communicating with numerous components.

This central control unit inevitably gets old and wear and tear causes mishaps.

This unit might be sending the wrong information for several reasons.

Diagnosing the central control unit is not difficult at all and the steps are covered slightly below.

After running diagnostics, a CCU that needs replacing should be sourced from credible suppliers.

Those responsible for installation should be professionals too.


Could it be that your sensors are misbehaving too?

If the dryer has a sensor for loads, it might be faulty.

This and the door latch might be responsible for sending signals to the control unit to start.

If the dryer believes there is a load inside and there is a stuck key too, the chances of the machine restarting are higher.

Door Issues

Some owners report dryers that won’t turn off if the door is ajar.

It might be a similar problem with your unit if the machine turns on automatically.

The door is connected to sensors that align with the control board to start the dryer.

If it keeps turning itself on, there could be misinformation reaching the control unit.

Anything connected to the central control unit will cause mishaps when electrical issues arise.

Short circuits, misuse of a dryer and aging can all be causes of a misbehaving unit.

However, the fixes need not be that complicated.

Some parts can be replaced with basic tools like wrenches and screwdrivers.

Others might require seeking consultation from Frigidaire experts or your locally recommended technician.

Frigidaire Dryer Turns On By Itself – Fixes

Check for Stuck Keys

Open the control panel and check for stuck keys that might be causing the problem.

When a Frigidaire dryer turns on by itself it could be receiving such communication.

It means there is no error rather the dryer is responding to commands, and the commands say to begin a drying cycle.

If the keys are stuck it is an easy fix.

It simply means getting the keys unstuck.

If they’ve become worn out or loose, they may need to be replaced.

Replace CCU

The central control unit handles everything electrical within the dryer.

If the Frigidaire dryer turns on by itself, perhaps the control unit believes it should.

It requires diagnosing the control unit to check for misfiring.

This misfiring causes misinformation to reach the CCU causing it to fire up randomly without any user instructions.

If the CCU needs to be replaced only a professional technician should be left to handle it.

This step, if mismanaged could lead to innumerable more problems moving forward.


If the problem only started recently, you could try resetting the unit.

This might not work always, especially if it is a recurring problem.

If it only began this cycle or is not common, disconnect the dryer.

Let it idle for a few minutes and plug it back in, without pressing any keys.

The machine should not have any ideas of its own now.

If, however, the Frigidaire dryer turns on by itself again there might be other causes to consider.


Replace any sensors linked to doors, latches, and of course loads.

If the machine keeps restarting, it might be reading incorrect signals.

These sensors alert the dryer that indeed there is stuff that needs to be dried.

Either way, your dryer is faulty communication between the control unit, sensors, and other components.

Replace Door Switch

Check the door switch to locate any problems that might be resetting drying cycles.

If there is such a problem, it will cause the dryer to keep restarting, thinking there is a fresh new load and that doors are locked.

Replace the door switch if it’s faulty although a full diagnosis should be carried out first.

Have a technician confirm it is indeed a lack of proper communication between components.

Otherwise, replacing perfectly working components becomes a waste of resources.


Open the unit and find the tech sheet hidden between panels.

Normally, it is at the lower part of the dryer and will offer advice on how to read error codes.

Additionally, this tech sheet will guide you on running diagnostics.

When the machine is put into diagnostics mode, it is easier to find out exactly what’s wrong with it.

This step requires holding the cancel and select keys for about six seconds.

Thereafter, you will be needed to turn the knob counterclockwise, from the bottom setting.

Return the knob to the 2nd position and press options and cancel.

You are now in diagnostics or service operation mode.

Pay Attention

It could be that the machine is behaving as it should.

Perhaps the person, who turns it off, maybe a child, isn’t turning it off as they should.

It could be a guest using the dryer and pressing the wrong keys.

Stuck keys might be a result of persistently pressing the wrong keys too.

Check to see that whoever has been using it lately knows what they are doing.

A dryer seems like an easy appliance to use. However, there are instances when oversight is a problem.

Bottom Line

New-age household appliances make life remarkably easier if used correctly.

A dryer can limit the time between washing, drying, and wearing an outfit to a matter of hours.

This can change in a matter of days if the dryer is out of commission.

So, if your Frigidaire dryer turns on by itself be sure to tackle the problem as mentioned herein.




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