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20 Amazing Uses for Distilled Water That You’ll Want To Know

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Water is one of the most vital substances on the earth. There is no exaggeration of saying “Water is Life”.

As we know human body comprises of 70% water, it is the important element for human life to survive. In fact, it is crucial for the existence of life on the earth.

There are different types of water on the basis of origin, treatment, and consistency such as tap water, mineral water, distilled water, spring water and purified water etc.

Here we talk more about distilled water and the different uses for distilled water.

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water goes through the distillation process that has been boiled into vapor and re-condensed into liquid. So, distilled water is purified by boiling and letting it cool then collect it again.

Distillation is one of the effective techniques of water treatment to get rid of impurities. There are no minerals and traces contain in distilled water.

20 Different Uses for Distilled Water

 Drinking Water

As distilled water goes through the distillation process and eliminates the impurities, it is very clean and pure water to drink.

It is natural in form as there are no any chemicals are used in a distillation process. Distilled water is beneficial to detoxify the body and prevents water-borne illness.

Watch out the following video that shows the personal experience about consuming distilled water that will take away your confusion about the distilled water if any.

Medical Field

Distilled water used in the medical field due to its purity. There is distilled water used during medical procedures like first aid, dentistry, wound cleansing.

It is also used for sterilization of medical instruments as it is free from minerals. This is also used for preparing food for patients in hospitals.

For Automobile Sector

Distilled water use in automobile industry

Tap water embraces minerals that are corrosive to metal parts in the engine. So, here distilled water is useful for cleaning the metal components and cooling the engine. It is used in recharging the lead batteries and extend the life of the batteries.


Scientific experiments in laboratories always need accuracy in results. So, the chemical and biological field requires highly purified water.

Distilled water is the best alternative in laboratories as there are no any elements that may affect the experiment.

Steam Irons

Distilled water use in steam iron

Steam irons work longer if they prevent from mineral deposits. The distilled water reliable to use as it prevents mineral build up.

You should mix tap water and distilled water in 1:1 ratio. Because If you use only distilled water, it absorbs carbon dioxide from air quickly and interrupts the right Ph balance. The end result you get is little acidic.


As distilled water is 99.9% pure, it lowers the bacterial growth inside the humidifiers and keeps it long lasting. If you use tap water, it causes mineral deposits in the appliance and scatters it in form of white dust within the room.

Distilled water is generally used in Room dehumidifier, Constant Positive Airway Pressure Humidifier, Piano humidifier.

More Transparent Ice Cubes

Distilled water use for making ice cubes

If you want your ice in more transparent form, use distilled water. As there is an absence of minerals in distilled water, the ice formed is more transparent than ice from tap water.

The distilled water freezes quicker than other types of water. It forms more clear and harder ice cubes than other types of water.

Beauty Industry

Distilled water use in beauty industry

We have been using cosmetic products like shampoos, conditioners, lotions etc. for many years.

Water is an essential element which is a universal solvent used in cosmetic products. Distilled water is free from contamination and safe to use for skin.


Distilled water for cleaning

Tap water contains the salt and minerals. If you have been using tap water to clean out the glass window or TV, you may notice some white traces after wiping.

Distilled water is pure water without salt and minerals. So, it helps a lot in cleaning the stuff without any traces left behind.


Distilled water works amazingly in the canning of fruits and vegetables. It preserves the taste and color. The other type of water leads to cloudiness which distilled water prevents. There is a low degeneration rate while using distilled water for canning.

Neti Pot

Sinus sufferers use neti pots to get relief from sinus. Neti pots have been used since many years to clear nasal paths and reduce the congestion.

Using contaminated tap water in neti pot may cause infection. So, distilled water is safest to dissolve the sinus mixture in neti pots.

Plant Watering

watering plant with distilled water

Plants need minerals which they obtain from the soil. Additional mineral and salt are detrimental for plants.

Tap water contains chemicals which damage the plants.

Distilled water is beneficial for plants as it is free from chemicals and minerals.

Cooking and Baking

It is always the better choice to use distilled water than tap water for baking and cooking the stuff.  Distilled water is pure and free from toxins, great for cooking vegetables, boiling eggs, and baking cookies and cakes.

Coffee and Tea

coffee making with distilled water

Making coffee or tea with distilled water needs a lower amount of ground coffee or tea leaves than tap water. It saves approximately one-third of the cost of these beverages. Resulted coffee or tea may lighter in color but rich in flavor.

Hair Wash

Hard water comprises with a lot of minerals. It may react with the shampoo you use for hair wash. The minerals in water cause dry hair, hair loss, reduce the hair growth, dandruff due to lack of moisture.

Distilled water is safe to use for washing your hair as it is free from toxins, minerals, and bacteria.

Making Soap

Soap is used for removing dirt and clean out the body. The water used to make these soaps should be free from dirt, toxins, and chemicals.

It is not recommended to use tap water at all. Instead of you can use distilled water as uncontrolled variables can be eliminated by using distilled water for soap making.


Distilled water for aquarium

Tap water includes a lot of chemicals, so it is not right for using for the aquarium as it may harm your fishes.

You can use the distilled water as it is in pure form, convenient to use for the aquarium. But don’t fill your aquarium with distilled water just as it is. You have to measure the Ph of water and need to adjust Ph level according to inhabitants of the aquarium.

Pregnancy and Baby Formula

Distilled water for pregnancy and baby formula

If you are pregnant you need to take extra care to protect your unborn child. Distilled water is in pure and no any contamination present in water, it is beneficial for the pregnant woman.

You can also protect your baby from water contamination by using distilled water in baby formula.


If you are a pet parent, you may have a question in mind, which water is best for pets? Surely, distilled water is the best alternative for pets.

Distilled water is a water without any gunk which is a good detoxifier helps to remove any impurities from a pet’s body.


Fasting is the effective way to cleans out the body. If you add Distilled water in your fasting, it helps a lot for cleansing and detoxifying.

So, this is the list of different uses for distilled water. You can use the distilled water for many purposes in day to day life. In fact it is a multipurpose product, excellent to use due to cleanliness and lack of impurities.