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Amana Washer Agitator Loose? – Checks and Repair!

Amana Washer Agitator Loose
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Washers are one of the most common household appliances.

It has various components, each one performing different functions.

In Amana washers, there are various components which are efficiently working and interconnected.

One of the major components of these washers is Agitator.

In top loading case, the Amana washing machine’s wash drum has a spindle in the middle that is known as an agitator.

The smooth working of agitator is necessary in order to get the right cleaning done.

In the Amana washer, the agitator may lose which disrupts the functionality.

The Amana washer agitator loose issue must be addressed for smooth working of washing machine.

However, the point to be considered is that agitator is intended to be somehow loose.

When washing large loads of clothing, the “wobble” enables the agitator to flex along with the fabric, helping to protect the garments.

It is not necessary to tighten the agitator.

But if it is loosened above certain limit, it will create hurdles.

Amana Washer agitator getting very loose due to variuos reasons such as object obstruction. It may happen due to malfunction in lid switch, drive belt, drive block or motor coupling.

Lets get to know in detail.

How Much Should an Agitator Move?- Working of Agitator

In the middle of the washing machine drum, there is a revolving bar called the agitator which has fins or vanes.

When the washer is turned on, the driving shaft that it is attached to rotates.

In top-loading washers, during the wash cycle of the machine, the agitator moves the clothing in water and detergent to clean them.

During the rinse cycle, the agitator also aids in the removal of detergent from the garments by spinning and turning.

Through the spindle, the water is agitated pushing the clothing through it to remove dirt.

Typically, the agitator does roughly 3/4 of a clockwise rotation before turning counterclockwise.

The clothing is moved down the tub and then back up again during this procedure.

In order for the vanes or fins to be able to release dirt and stains, it is intended to move fabrics around and against the agitator.

Specially created agitators clean the fabric without wearing it out.

Causes of Amana Washer Agitator Loose

If cleaning is not done properly, it means there is some issue with agitator.

There are various reasons that agitator may become loose. These are explained as follows:

Object obstruction

Firstly, one should inspect the machine either it is clean or not.

So, open the machine and inspect for clothes or any other item that may stuck at base of agitator.

By removing these obstacles, one should restart the process.

The agitator must work normal now.

But in the opposite case, other causes must be observed.

Lid switch

Examine the lid switch, the plastic tab under the washer’s aperture that causes the motor to start when the lid is closed.

Check if the lid switch is damaged or not.

Due to damaged lid switch, the agitator continues to lose.

Directional cogs

The agitator may become loose due to worn out directional cogs.

If the machine has a two-part agitator, it can move the water left or right.

If it occurs and the cogs are damaged, the upper portion of the agitator won’t attach to the lower portion correctly.

Drive block

The drive block joins the agitator and washer transmission.

The transmission shaft will continue to rotate if the drive block is worn out, but the agitator become loose due to which it will either move very little or not at all.

Drive belt

It’s possible that the drive belt, which connects to the drive motor, is worn out, broken, or loose.

Due to this, the agitator is unable to tighten and thus unable to do the task.

Motor Coupling

The motor and washer transmission are joined by the motor coupling.

In order to safeguard both the motor and transmission, the motor coupling will malfunction if the washer is overloaded.

Additionally, normal wear can cause the motor coupling to fail.

Checks and Repair:  Solutions to Fix Amana Washer Agitator Loose

Here are some checks and repairs to fix the issues of Amana washer agitator loose.

Replace directional cogs

Check the directional cogs if they ae creating problems.

For this, activate the washer’s lid.

Take off the agitator’s top cover or the dispenser for fabric softener.

To reach the cogs, remove the agitator cap, top, or base (this varies by model and owner’s manual must be consulted for this case).

Verify that there are no missing directional cogs before checking them for damage.

Replace the cogs or get assistance from an expert if one notice any cracks, corrosion, or other signs of wear.

By fixing these, agitator will work smoothly.

Drive Motor Coupling

Power is transferred from the motor to the transmission in some washer types using a direct drive motor coupling, which frequently consists of three plastic driving tines that fit into either side of a rubber disc.

One or more of the direct drive motor coupling’s parts may be broken or worn out if the washer fills and empties but won’t agitate or spin.

By doing the following steps, one can check if issue is resolved.

Finding the direct drive motor coupling requires removing the washer cabinet.

The drain pump and motor may need to be taken out of the washer, depending on the model.

(For directions, go to the owner’s manual).

Look for any damage to the coupler.

A replacement is required if cracks, rust, or other wear are observed.

Drive belt

Inspect the drive belt for any wear or damaged as it will affect the agitator.

For inspection, following step must be taken.

Find the drive belt by removing the washer cabinet.

Gently push the belt to see whether it’s loose; it should barely budge by approximately a half-inch.

A person will need to tighten the mounting nut to restore the proper tension if the belt moves more than 12 inches.

If it is discovered that the drive belt is firmly in place, take it off by releasing the clamps and pulleys that are keeping it in place.

Check the belt for blemishes. It must be replaced.

On other hand, seek professional assistance in case of cracks, rust, or other signs of wear.

Drive Block or bell

It is quite possible that drive block may fail to work.

The drive block must be inspected for any damage as it is responsible for the connection of the transmission to the agitator.

If it is worn out, it will loosen the agitator as well.

In case of damaged or worn-out drive block, it must be replaced as an only option.

Replace agitator kit

There are opportunities that some parts of agitator may wear out with time.

Due to which, it becomes loose and unable to perform effectively.

In this case, the only option is to replace the agitator kit that may resolve this issue.

There are different parts of agitator in repair kit that can prove beneficial.

So, utilizing repair kits would help to resolve the issue.

Why is My Agitator Coming Off?

Great care is needed when the performance of washer is the center of interest.

Each component needs to be performed its task effectively.

For enhanced performance, issues related to washer must be minimized and specific steps must be taken to ensure the effectiveness of the appliance.

In case of agitator, different considerations must be taken in account as the cleaning depends on this piece of equipment.

Different issues related to agitator loose are explained along with their solutions in above section.

However, there is another issue associated with agitator.

If not properly installed, the agitator could fall off the base.

It would create problem in addition of time wastage.

Nevertheless, it is simply snapped back into position by following the step.

Set the agitator auger’s grooves in alignment with the agitator base.

Until it locks into place, turn in the opposite direction.

If the fabric softener cup that sits atop the washer’s agitator has come off.

To resolve the issue in this scenario, follow this step:  Align the grooves on the cup’s edges with the grooves on the agitator’s top.

To make the cup snap into place, press down forcefully on it.

This issue can be resolved easily as explained above.

However, one can seek technicians help if the issue persists.

How Do I Know If My Agitator is Broken?

The agitator may break while doing the job but how one will know that agitator has been broken.

To determine the agitator functionality, start washing clothes but keep the door remain open when the wash cycle started.

For the lid of the washing machine, find the open-door sensor.

Frequently, it’s a tiny button on the back of the lid that needs to be pressed when the door is shut and released when the door is open.

When the water in the tub has ceased being added, press in on the sensor.

The agitation cycle should begin as a result.

If required, help push the button in by using a screwdriver or a pen.

The agitator should begin to rock back and forth, agitating the laundry in the water.

Make sure the sensor is pressed firmly if the agitator still does not move.

The agitator needs to be repaired if it still doesn’t move when the sensor is depressed.




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