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Amana Washer Lid Lock Light Flashing?

Amana Washer Lid Lock Light Flashing
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Household gadgets provides ease in performing house chores.

Washers, being one of the most common household gadgets, has numerous components with various functions.

However, it is necessary that safety components must not be overlooked along with these appliances.

With respect to safety components, one of the major components is lid lock in washing machines.

The function of a lid lock is to lock the lid in particular cycles.

In other words, when the washing machine is in specific cycles, the lock keeps the lid from opening.

The specific cycles include the load sensing cycle and the spin cycle.

Amana washing machines are quite popular in safety terms.

However, sometimes the issue may exist due to negligence of person, or random errors.

The Amana washer lid lock light flashing is an issue that needs to be tackled.

The Amana washer lid lock flash due to various reasons such as if lid is not closed, lid button is locked, faulty control board.

It also happens due to lock motor not powered or lock stroker misalignments etc.

Let’s dive into details.

Causes of Amana Washer Lid Lock Light Flashing

The different causes of Amana washer lid lock light flashing are explained as follows:

Lid not Closed

One of the possible causes that lid may not closed properly.

It is essential to properly close the lid for safety of person.

If the washer is opened and a hand reaches inside, the spin cycle could hurt the person.

Other reasons may include that the lid may get closed due to the interference with lock striker.

Also, maybe there would be something that causes obstacles in closing of lid.

For example, with time, a piece of lint or detergent may built up and thus stopping lid from getting closed.

Due to these issues, the lid lock continuously flashing which cause problems in smooth functioning of washing machine and needs a definite solution.

Locked lid button

The lid lock light flashing also occurs when lid lock button gets locked.

This may happen when lid is not put down before getting locked, thus cause flashing.

For efficient working of machine, the lid button must not be locked in wrong position.

The lid lock in any other position in spite of desired one may stop the working of washing machine.

In case of lid itself gets locked, the washer will not work properly i.e it will not drain, wash, and spin.

Hence disrupts the normal functionality of washing machine and keeps the lid lock light to flash continuously.

Lock Motor not powered

In case of lock motor not powered, the lid lock light continues to flash.

If motor cannot be powered on, then lid lock may not act properly, and the signal of flashlight indicates that there is some problem in washing machine.

The motor is responsible to transmit power so that washing machines can run to high speeds as required in case of spin cycle.

However, if it does not supply the power, the lid lock will fail to do its task.

It will not turn on the machine and hence result in time and cost expenses.

Faulty control Board

The lid lock light flashes also occur if the equipment failure occurs.

For example, there are quite chances that control board may not function properly thus cause lid lock light to flash uninterruptedly.

In case of faulty control board, it is unable to detect if the lid is locked properly or not.

Due to absence of the detection of the lid lock, it causes fluctuations in normal functions of working machine.

It fails to detect the functionality of lid lock and hence unable to guess if lid lock is working correctly as light flashes in either case.

Lock striker misalignment

One of the possible causes of lid lock light flashing is associated with lock striker.

The lock striker function is to press down on the lid switch.

It needs to be in aligned and certain position.

Due to misalignment, it causes interference with lid lock.

Due to this, lid lock light starts to flash indicating a serious issue in working of washing machine.

It disrupts the normal functions of washing machine in addition to increased time.

Miscellaneous Issue

In inspection of lid lock light flashing, in addition to all above mentioned factors, it is quite possible that lid lock light flashes in case of any other failure in washing machine.

As washing machine have various components that are interconnected, it is necessary to check if all components are working normally.

With lid lock, if any associated part starts trouble, it may result in flashing of the light.

Furthermore, any of the component failure may result in lid lock light flashing.

Fixes for Amana lid lock light flashing

To fix the issues of lid lock light flashing, following steps can be useful.


The very first step is to tackle unnecessary light flash is to restart the washing machine.

There are opportunities that lid lock light flashes without any specific reason.

Firstly, do external inspection and initiate it with restart of appliances.

For restart, unplug the main switch and give rest the washing machine for at least five minutes.

Make sure that all wires are connected properly at right place.

Then after few minutes, switch on the washer.

The machine must work smoothly, and the issue of lid lock light flashing must be resolved if this is an issue.

However, if the lid lock light continues to flash, then one must look in for other reasons.

Lid closure

Before starting the working cycle of washing machine, it is necessary to make sure that lid is fully closed in right position.

As improper closure of lid lock, the injuries to human can occur.

Use Start/Pause button to unlock the lid and make the proper lock to lid.

This will eliminate the issue of lid lock light flashing.

One can manually do this.

However, in case of lid lock light continues to flash, the help from service technicians need to be taken as they better tackle with this issue.

Rightly lock the lid

In case of lid gets locked in wrong position, then one need to push the Start button for few seconds till a person sees that lid lock button is off.

After it is at off position, one can put the lid down, and then push the start button again.

This will lock the lid into the place.

If a person is able to get the lid down and locked, but the issue still exists.

Then in this case, the technicians help is a promising idea to save time.

Interference check

The next step is to check lid lock interference with load striker.

The lock striker is a piece on the lid that is fitted inside the lid lock.

It is necessary to make sure that lid lock and lock striker are aligned and secure.

One can inspect this factor effectively.

Check thoroughly and make sure that both are in complete aligned position.

It is essential that both are secured firmly so they can become loose from years of vibration as well as from slamming the washer lid shut.

Cleaning of lid lock

The next step is to make sure that lid lock and lock striker are clean.

As it is also explained above that detergent or lint may block the path and thus cause the lid lock light to flash.

Cleaning in different areas of washing machine is necessary for smooth functioning of washing machine.

In case of spills found in lid lock, a soft and damp cloth or a sponge must be utilized to clean these debris.

Make sure that all dirt and other spills are removed completely.

The cleaning allows for efficient working of washing machine.

Wire Harness Connections

It is an essential step to make sure that all connections are working properly.

One must make sure that wire harness connections from switch to main control assembly are secured firmly.

There are chances that these may become loose due to which lid lock light continues to flash.

It is quite possible these wire harness connections may get damaged.

In this case, it needs to be replaced.

After replacement, make sure that all connections are secured tightly and there must not be any loose connection.

Hence, it will eliminate the issue.

Control Board/ Motor Check

The next step is to make sure that power and connection members are working correctly or not.

It is possible that there may be a fault in motor or control board.

Firstly, tightly secured all wire connections for proper supply of signals from start to end.

If there are not loose connections, and still lid lock light flashes, then there are chances that control board or motor function abnormally.

In cause of this issue, special help must be taken from technician to figure out if there are minor issues and adjustments can be made.

However, in worst case, replacement of these parts is needed.




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