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Amana Washer Drum Dropped?- Here’re the 7 Quick Fixes!

Amana Washer Drum Dropped
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The Amana washer you recently purchased or have been operating for a while might need some necessary repairs.

With time, all machines get worn out and require up-to-date maintenance.

The best way to avoid regular mishaps and repairs is to perform regular maintenance.

Along with regular checks if the Amana washer drum dropped it could be an issue of misuse.

There are guidelines on the capacity of loads along with the placement of the machine and possibly loose links.

These factors contribute to the well-running of the Amana washer.

Getting your washing machine to perform optimally is dependent on all hardware working in unison.

If parts are not connected properly or guidelines are not followed, there will be problems.

Let’s check out some possible causes of a dropped Amana washer drum.

Amana Washer Drum Dropped? – Causes


Washing machines have load capacities in place to avoid overloading.

The maximum load guidelines cover dry loads – before the clothes get wet.

If you exceed the limit most washing machines cannot work optimally.

This could be the reason that the Amana washer drum dropped and cannot wash any longer.

It could also cause the machine to continue washing but struggle to do so.

Using the machine to wash blankets that soak up lots of water causes the machine to exceed its capacity too.

 Broken Spinner

If the Amana washer drum dropped it could be problems with a broken spinner.

If indeed the machine you use is a front-loader, a broken spinner makes it almost impossible for the drum to spin.

It could also be a problem with the bolt suspending the tub and the spinner.

Front loader washing machines are a tad more delicate when it comes to loading capacities.

The spinner and bolts could easily break due to overloads that happened barely twice in succession.

Broken spinners and bolts require experts to replace them.

Ensure that you seek professionals to help source and replace these parts.

Shock Absorbers

Particularly easier to spot on front-loading machines are the shocks that keep the machine drum suspended.

These shock absorbers take a long to become loose.

It means after long periods of usage, specifically years down the line, shocks can be rendered useless.

If this is the problem, the drum will undoubtedly hang lower than it should.

Amateurs might be able to fix the problem with some tightening here and there.

But it might lead to other parts getting loose so it is better to seek professional assistance.


All appliances that shake and agitate need to be stabilized to some degree.

Seeing as the Amana washer drum dropped there is a likelihood that it shakes too much while washing.

This occurs when the machine is in a spin cycle.

The force needed to spin and rinse clothes is tremendous.

If the adjustable bottoms are not keeping the machine in place, it will spin out of control.

This usually causes the drum to bounce back and forth.

With such irregular movements, the drum possibly dropped from being unstable.

Shoddy Repairs

This is a common problem when technicians are called in for a quick job.

The drum might have dropped due to loose connections after a technician fixed other issues.

If the capacity limit is never exceeded and the machine sits properly in one place, there could be loose nuts and bolts from previous jobs.

This is harder to determine especially if you don’t know what the technician fixed.

It is also somewhat complicated and requires the same tech to fix it or at least another professional.


Perhaps you moved recently or had the machine delivered not too long ago.

Moving the machine requires adhering to carrying and hauling rules.

These guidelines are printed clearly on most packages.

The machine should be hauled with the appropriate side up and without too much shaking.

If for some reason it fell or was carried upside down at some point, it could be why the drum dropped.

This can be particularly infuriating if the washing machine is brand new and still under warranty.

Not knowing why the drum suddenly dropped can leave you on distress calls with suppliers.

Broken Bearings

Aside from moving issues and weak shock absorbers, there could also be problems with the bearings.

These help with the movement of any spinning objects which in this case would be the drum.

Broken bearings are particularly harder to spot and the cause of this problem is even harder to identify.

A broken bearing will have a distinct sound if the drum still attempts to agitate and spin.

These bearings might break and in turn cause problems with the belt too.

Further damage to the drum and spinners will occur if the problem is left unfixed.

Amana Washer Drum Dropped? – Fixes

Stick to Limits

When loading the washing machine with clothes remember to limit the weight to the suggested capacities.

These load limits ensure that the machine works optimally and no damage occurs to springs or shocks.

Focus on limiting weight based on dry clothes.

If the clothes thrown into the washer already meet the suggested limit, the wet weight will exceed the load limit.

Keep blankets and other heavy materials to a minimum. These take on lots of water and can easily exceed the machine’s capacity.

Broken Spinner

Have a technician examine the spinner and replace it if necessary.

Without a fully-functioning spinner, the drum should not agitate let alone spin.

Do not force the drum to work either manually or by resetting the machine.

This will inevitably cause further damage to the drum and other mechanical parts of the Amana washer.

Ensure that you seek professional assistance to source the spinner too.

It is important to avoid buying cheap parts as this leads to unnecessary future repairs.

Replace Shocks

This is easier said than done and would require opening up the machine to do so.

A front-loader requires removing the top and sides carefully, then finding the shocks and examining them.

To replace them, find the right tools to avoid taking longer to remove the old ones.

Also, seek help from accredited technicians.

If possible, use electricians and techs from the suppliers who sold you the unit.

It helps maintain warranty stipulations if any while keeping repair costs low.


Use pallets if necessary to stabilize the washing machine.

If the Amana washer drum dropped, it might be shaking a bit too hard.

The stabilizers that come as default parts on such appliances might not be working.

Find an affordable pallet to ensure the machine is stable as it sits before it begins agitating.

This can be tested by shaking the machine slightly before it takes in water or clothes.

If there is still some movement, the shaking will get worse once the machine is in a spin cycle.

Professional repairs

Utilize professionals for all repair jobs to avoid unnecessary repeat cases.

If someone simply needs to repair the control panel there should be a supervisor as they do so.

This helps the owner know exactly what was touched and adjusted.

If other internal parts were moved it will offer insight into the next problem such as a dropped drum.

Additionally, you should always use a recommended technician.

If warranties are in place, it is easy to void them if you seek unscrupulous technicians.

Professional Movers

When relocating or having the unit delivered for the first time, use professional movers.

This is important to avoid such problems in the future.

It might seem expensive to have professionals drop off the machine, but it costs more to repair it.

Also, most vendors will deliver free of charge after a purchase is made.

If planning to relocate, source a moving company to help haul the unit.

It is safer than planting it in the back of your pickup for the neighborhood boys to help move.

Replace Bearings

These, along with shocks and spinners should be sourced from credible online vendors.

The best place to purchase them would be suggested on forums listing Amana washer owners.

You can also find the best OEM products at the store where the purchase of the machine took place.

This is a better bet due to warranties and possible returns.

Stick to OEM products to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs moving forward.

After the Amana washer drum dropped, this should be an opportunity to check for other problems.

Have the technician examine other bolts or nuts if possible.

There could be damage done to other hardware due to a dropped drum.

Related Questions

How do know if washing machine drum is broken?

If you hear loud banging noises coming from your washer, it means that your washing machine drum is broken.

The drum isn’t lock in center and the drum will hit the side of washer.

Laundry, you put in washer to wash may also be coming out of the washer with tears.

This means that washer drum is broken or damaged.

How much should drum move in washer?

A drum should have some movement inside a washer if is working properly.

In case of a top load washer, the drum should be pushed from side to side easily.

In front load washer, the drum should move side to side if pushes gently.

If you push up on the drum behind the door of the washer, the drum will not move up and down.

But there is more movement if you push up the drum at the back of the machine.

Bottom Line

It is not easy to maintain a fully-functioning washer throughout its lifespan, but it is possible to prolong it.

If maintenance is carried out regularly there should be no need to replace nuts and bolts.

With that being the case usage is of utmost importance.

Ensure that loads do not exceed the suggested limit.

Keep in mind the capacity or load limit refers to the wet loads – meaning dry loads should not meet this limit.




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