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Amana Washer Fills But Won’t Wash?- Loaded Yet Unresponsive!

amana washer fills but won't wash
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Washing machines take the load off washing quite literally so.

The better part of the 21st Century has seen better and more efficient machines in the market.

This includes top-loaders, direct drive washing machines, and the more common front-loaders.

If your Amana washer fills but won’t wash, there is a likelihood that belts, sensors, or motors have an issue.

Other factors to be considered could be the amount of cold water entering the machine.

These all contribute to the machine knowing when to pick up the spin cycle.

Be sure to check the machine’s warranty in case parts need replacing.

Amana Washer Fills But Won’t Wash? – Causes

If your Amana Washer fills but wont wash, chances are the machine needs some simple adjusting and the spin cycle begins.

However, account for the below possible causes and their resolutions below.

Lid Switch

Your Amana washing machine is likely to boast a lid switch or a safety lock.

The purpose of these switches is to prevent stuff from coming out of the machine before it is locked up tightly.

The lid switch might be faulty or simply hasn’t sensed the machine is loaded, and the door is closed.

Most machines won’t fill with water anyway unless the washing machine door is closed shut.

If the door is closed and the machine has filled adequately, the lid switch might need replacing.


If the Amana washer fills but won’t wash, there might be a problem with the belts.

Chances are the spin cycle and washing cycle is operating properly.

It thus means the settings are okay but the belt is loose or broken and won’t operate the motor.

This is an easy part of the machine to check and might not require consulting a technician.

Unscrewing the sides should reveal the drum, motor, and belt.

However, all other replacements and repairs require an expert’s hand.

Agitator Solenoids

When the machine fills it should begin a spin cycle, not just agitating.

When the machine refuses to begin a spin cycle, the solenoid might be broken.

It means even with controls working perfectly and adequate water levels it is unlikely the washer will respond.

A professional electrician should be sought to verify that this is indeed the problem.

Solenoids are a bit harder to diagnose than a lid switch or safety lock.

If a solenoid burnt out, there is a likelihood that other parts of the washer also short-circuited.


If the machine fills up with water but doesn’t proceed to spin cycles it might be an issue with the timer.

This can only be determined after ensuring that the lid is closed shut and water valves are working properly.

Also, if the time is faulty it requires expert advice on whether to replace or repair it.

It also might be a bigger issue requiring you to replace the entire unit and not just the timer.

These procedures need to be well-advised by a professional and not guesswork.


Some washers will not proceed with wash and spin cycles if the load is too light.

Even with a washing machine filled with water and soap, the load needs to be at optimal levels.

When washing light material like sheer curtains, the machine will sense a full load of water and adequate soap but less than normal load levels.

It means it is sensing a different type of washing cycle, perhaps similar to a quick wash or basic rinse.

In this case, the water and soap are appropriate for another type of wash, not the settings you have applied.


With all machines that spin and cycle there are motors at play.

The motor could be faulty hence the Amana washer fills but won’t wash, much to your dismay.

This problem may not be as easy to diagnose.

If belts, sensors, and the control board are working, then the motor might malfunction.

It requires a test that should be carried out professionally.

Seek the help of a local technician and electrician or risk damaging other parts of the washer.

Control Board

Your washer has a new-age control board that senses operate, and diagnoses all problems.

If the control board begins malfunctioning sensors might not work properly.

Diagnosing the control board begins with monitoring other parts of the washer.

Chances are the Amana washer fills but won’t wash and have other malfunctions too.

With the help of an expert, you will be able to tell if the thermal fuse is blown out too and if there are other electrical issues.

Amana Washer Fills but Won’t Wash? – Solutions

Diagnostic Mode

Switch the machine to diagnostic mode to check for control board problems.

If the control board has an issue, the washing machine will not enter diagnostic mode.

The control board sends signals to all electrical components inside your machine.

There could be issues sensing water levels and other parts of the machine yet it still sends basic signals.

Knowing if the control board has problems can save you loads of cash moving forward.

It could mean a difference between simply buying a new control board or a new washer.

Replace Belts

After checking for control board problems the next step would be the belt.

This runs the motor and should begin spinning as soon as the machine fills.

If the Amana washer fills but won’t wash, the belt might need to be replaced.

If it is indeed broken, seek a new one online at accredited stores.

One can be purchased at a local hardware store but these tend to be generic.

Owners of said machines should seek the help of a professional even after diagnosing the problem to buy OEM products.

Generic products will take you back to square one, and unnecessary repairs.

Lid Switch Replacement

Testing the lid switch as mentioned above should tell you if signals are reaching the main control board or not.

When the switch is tapped manually, there should be a click and the machine should continue to cycle modes.

This switch needs to be replaced if there is no clicking sound when you press it.

The lid switch also operates and switches between spin cycles.

It is likely to be the problem when the washer fills but won’t wash.

These switches are easy to source online or at credible local electrical stores.

Motor Replacement

When all switches seem to be functioning optimally, the motor might be faulty.

This requires professional advice after diagnosis.

Some motors can be repaired while in some instances you need a new one.

A motor is a tad more intricate to source, requiring OEM suppliers only and not generic parts suppliers.

If the Amana washer fills but won’t wash you might not require a new washing machine.

Do not rush to buy parts. Seek proper advice from professionals.


Unplug the unit from the power source and let it sit for several minutes.

Allow the machine to sit for not less than ten minutes.

This lets the unit reset and the control board is likely to pick up signals again.

As with all electrical systems housing a motherboard, electricity getting shut off helps it begin afresh.

There could have been misread signals or miscommunication before.

Removing power from the unit solves this.

After unplugging the unit, do not repeat the procedure unnecessarily.

If it doesn’t work on the first try, only a second attempt should be made.

New Control Board

With all switches working and the motor functioning as well, the control board needs to be replaced.

This can be sourced online on credible websites with the help of an expert.

The replacement exercise should never be attempted with a handy guide found on the internet.

Seek a professional’s help or risk damaging the washing machine completely.

Aside from your motor, the control board is the heart of the washing machine.

Without proper installation, you will short-circuit the entire motherboard.


Replace the timer if indeed all the above-mentioned parts are working properly.

Going into diagnostic mode might reveal timer issues but a technician can reveal the same if sought quickly.

The timer can be purchased from credible web resources and the manufacturers’ stores too.

Incidentally, there is a chance that the unit still holds a warranty.

Any parts that become faulty through no fault of yours can and will be replaced, after evaluation.

Before running to the store, ensure that you validate warranties.

Failure to do so could mean voiding the warranty if you decide to work on the issue personally.

Bottom Line

Washing machines should make life easier and they do, if used properly.

With time, certain parts can become problematic due to misuse, overuse, or indeed lack of proper maintenance procedures.

If the Amana washer fills but won’t wash, worry not!

The best approach is to seek a professional to diagnose the problem.

You might have overlooked a small problem or it could be something that needs more expertise than you can handle.




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