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Amana Washer Takes Forever to Wash?- Here’re 7 Quick Fixes!

Amana Washer Takes Forever to Wash
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If the washing machine you own takes longer than usual to begin the wash cycle, there are a few things worth considering.

The chances of it being a grand problem are slim to none.

However, the washer should not take long to begin a cycle or to complete one.

If the Amana washer takes forever to wash there could be an issue with the main control board.

Also, other factors like water, perhaps mechanical delays, and malfunctions might be at play.

If the washer worked well before this sudden challenge, it is likely to be a small problem that is equally easy to fix.

How Long Does an Amana Washer Take to Wash?

The Amana washer generally takes less time to wash than other branded washing machines.

Regular washes will go through the spin and wash cycle and be completed within 45 minutes.

However, there are options for a quick wash which is generally approximately 30 minutes long.

The Amana washer ideally works faster than most washing machines, with less complicated settings and it is easier to use.

One can open the lid during a spin cycle, although it will shut off for a while.

This allows you to add softener and stuff to your load.

Amana Washer Takes Forever to Wash? – Causes

If the Amana washer under your custody takes forever to wash or finish a cycle, here are a few causes worth checking into.

Control Board

There could be mixed signals reaching the rest of the machine, or information overload hence signals are not received.

The control board might be misfiring or experiencing short circuitry.

With these instances, the machine will barely get up and running let alone begin a cycle.

Additionally, the control board handles all happenings within the machine, meaning water filling the drum might take forever too.

The control board is not an easy item to neither diagnose nor fix and thus should be left to a professional to handle it.

Opening Lids

The Amana washer takes forever to wash based on settings too.

An Amana washer cancels settings and leaves less room for soaking for example, if the lid is opened.

Upon pressing the start-stop button, opening the lid gives little room to soak the clothes.

It also adjusts the spin cycles so it might seem like a regular wash is taking longer than usual.

Load Sensor

This applies to the number of clothes in the washer and whether they are adequate for a full wash.

The Amana washer is meant to offer full wash and spin cycles for a minimum load weight.

The load is lighter than normal rendering it inefficient for the machine to spin or go into a full cycle.

This is usually easier to identify as being the problem.

Plus, if the machine does begin the spin cycle, with fewer clothes there will be mixed signals sent to the control board regarding weight.

The machine senses different loads at any given time too.

It means if you have a mixture of light and bulkier clothes, the settings might be altered automatically.

This inevitably spells a longer washing cycle.

Water Supply

Some homes have inadvertent or irregular water supplies.

This might not be a regular occurrence but knowing the limitations in your neighborhood supply is important.

The cold water supply system might be out of order.

If the water takes longer or is interrupted when a wash cycle is in order, the Amana will take forever to wash.

Water supply might get interrupted for several reasons, including clogged valves and hoses or simply lower water pressure.


A bad timer creates problems at the beginning and during cycles.

Some owners complain about their Amana washer not finishing its spin cycles.

It means the machine starts well but at some point stops and quickly drains the water.

If the timer has issues, cycles might never get into motion and the machine may never finish its job.

If the machine fills with water yet the timer moves slowly, and washing tasks take forever, the timer needs replacing.

Excess Suds

When machines wash stuff like sheer curtains and other light materials, the soap used can be a hindrance.

The machine is meant to soak clothes fully and then proceed to spin and wash them slowly.

If the soap seems relatively more than is necessary, due to the material in question, the machine will slow down the cycles.

It takes considerably longer to wash clothes when suds are in excess, regardless of how well-functioning the machine might be.

With that being said, when the Amana washer takes forever to wash there are easy and quick resolutions available.

Amana Washer Takes Forever to Wash? – Fixes

Reduce Soap

When the machine is experiencing more soap on clothes than the recommended amount, it might show an error code.

This usually reads ‘sud’. It is also known as ‘Sud Error Code’.

However, the other error is the Amana washer takes forever to wash, because of extra rinsing.

If the suds have become excess, turn off the machine and rinse the clothes manually.

Return the clothes with less soap and complete the wash cycle.

If this seems overwhelming, simply remember to use less soap next time to avoid excess suds.

When washing lighter material clothing like sheer curtains and laces, use little to no soap or the machine will shut off abruptly.

Water Inlet Valves

These take longer to allow water to seep into the machine and should be checked to shorten the cycles.

If the water takes longer to trickle into the machine, cycles take longer to complete.

Also, the machine might stop midway through a cycle.

Always check that valves are functioning well to avoid delays in washing.

These are easy to locate and do not need consultation or help from technicians.

The machine will continue waiting for water to enter through these inlets until prompted to stop.


Replace the timer if indeed it has a problem.

To check and verify that this is indeed the problem, be sure to use a professional technician.

A timer is not an easy part to detect, diagnose or fix.

If the part is ordered or installed incorrectly, other parts of the machine will be affected.

Replace the timer for cycles to be shorter and for them to reach the end.

A timer can be ordered online but owners should be wary of fraudulent suppliers.

Always buy from accredited suppliers.

Cold Water Supply

Very few washing machine owners use hot water from the main house to wash their clothes.

Cold water is run through the pipes and sometimes heated within the machine.

If the cold water supply has problems, the machine will never complete cycles on time.

It is important to ensure a constant flow of water into the machine during cycles.

Some machines will stop entirely and wait for the next wash cycle.

It means restarting a wash cycle that should have been completed already.

Check the cold water supply regularly to avoid prolonged washing cycles.

Check Control Panel

Along with the control board, have a technician check the control panel.

There are several reasons for this.

One reason could be that buttons aren’t doing what they are supposed to do.

This means you might be inputting a shorter cycle but the machine reads something else.

Also, the control board could be misreading what you are inputting, meaning the control panel is okay but the control is fried.

Have a technician check these and replace them if possible.

It might not be time yet to replace the entire unit.

Know your sensors

Allow the sensors to do their jobs, and if they are faulty, replace them.

These sense the amount and type of load and assign appropriate settings.

If the sensors seem to be reading weights incorrectly, it might be time to replace them.

These require professionals to handle them, and anything else that is electrical.

Once the sensors are replaced, the machine will still work with the loads it is given.

Thus, it is important to understand the workings of load sensors to avoid misdiagnosing the problem henceforth.

Check Pipes

Ensure that pipes and hoses have no clogging whatsoever.

Remember the machine works with what it is given.

Make sure nothing is blocking the smooth flow of water and if need be, you can remove hoses entirely.

Clean up the lint and dirt buildup usually accumulated and stored at the bottom.

Most machines boast a small drawer housing dirt and dirty water.

Clean this out to avoid dirt backing up into the pipes and restricting water flow.

Bottom Line

The Amana washing machine is built for speed and normally requires less than an hour to complete a regular wash.

Anything taking longer might be a result of changed settings or a need for further rinsing.

Unless you deliberately chose a longer program, check to see if the above issues aren’t at play.

If indeed you need professional opinions, seek them as soon as possible.

Enjoy shorter spins and longer lifespans with a well-maintained Amana washer.




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