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Amana Washer Diagnostic Mode – The Complete Guide

Amana Washer Diagnostic Mode
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Checking the front loader you own for possible problems or simple maintenance is crucial.

The washing machine in your possession is a modern-day form of equipment with several electronic components.

With time all electrical appliances develop issues.

Setting the Amana washer diagnostic mode is an easy process and should be running in a few minutes.

This mode allows you to resolve daily operation issues while checking for possible future problems.

Getting the washer into this mode requires a few key steps, although you might find the machine in this mode inadvertently too.

Follow the key steps below to fine-tune your Amana washer and have it in tip-top operating condition.

When You Should Put Amana Washer in Diagnostic Mode?

Anytime the washer develops operational issues, it might be easier to put it into diagnostic mode for quick resolutions.

Having a tech diagnose problems should happen only when repairs or further clarification are necessary.

If the machine develops problems with the control panel, for example, consider setting it to diagnostic mode.

Sometimes the machine does not respond to settings input by the owner concerning washing or spinning cycles.

This can be particularly infuriating when a machine is only a few years or weeks old.

Set the machine to diagnostic mode to solve the problems and find solutions.

Additionally, this is part of the master reset process.

Along with shutting the machine off for some time, the diagnostic mode allows it to reset to factory settings.

Some procedures will help the machine return to factory settings and allow you to start afresh.

If your Amana washer doesn’t fill for example or fills yet doesn’t begin a cycle or doesn’t finalize an operation as it should, refrain from entering a wash cycle.

Follow the steps below to enter an Amana washer diagnostic mode and get to the root of the problem.

It is easier than you think and might save you lots of resources moving forward, including money.

How to Put Amana Washer in Diagnostic Mode?

The Amana washer diagnostic mode process is a tad intricate and requires specific steps to avoid frustration.

It means following the steps precisely to avoid repeating them afresh or indeed causing additional challenges.

Dialing in

This washer has a dial with different settings for normal wash, rinsing and spinning, hand wash, and casual wash too.

The key is to turn the dial clockwise a few times to enter diagnostic mode.

If the steps aren’t followed precisely, the results will be nothing like diagnostic mode.

Begin by turning the dial all the way around, clockwise, to the upright position; at the NORMAL setting.

1.Turn the dial to the left once to the DEEP WATER WASH setting.

Turn it ONE CLICK to the right and back to the NORMAL setting.

2. Proceed to the right again this time ONE CLICK to the CASUAL WASH setting and again right to HAND WASH SETTING.

These steps should be carried out one at a time with a slight pause

3. Move the dial again this time back to CASUAL SETTING (LEFT) and back again to HAND WASH (RIGHT).


After the above-mentioned steps, the lights should begin flashing rapidly.

Turn the dial all the way down to the start position.

The spin light should come on and the machine is now ready for diagnostic mode.

At this point, press the START button to put the Amana washer into diagnostic mode.

The lid-locked light, along with the spin cycle and the cycle complete light should remain steadily on.

The machine should continue running for a couple of minutes and this step should be carried out with no clothes in the washer.

Cycle Complete

After a few minutes of running the machine in diagnostic mode, three lights will go off.

The CYCLE COMPLETE and WASH lights remain on.

This signifies that the machine is nearing the completion of the diagnostic mode.

It will also sound exactly like it would if on a regular wash cycle.

The rinse, wash and cycle complete lights remain on until diagnostic mode is over.

The lid-locked light should remain constantly on too, or there might be another problem requiring more than simple diagnostics run.

Once the machine completes the diagnostics run, the cycle complete light stays on while the rinse and wash lights go off as they should.


To reset a front loader Amana washer and have it in diagnostic mode requires easy steps.

Unplug the machine from the power source and allow it to sit idle for a couple of minutes.

It is advised that you let it sit longer to allow power to leave the unit.

This in turn resets your Amana front loader allowing you to set the machine afresh.

Other ways of resetting this brand of washing machine involve the cycle button.

Simply press the cycle button and hold it for approximately 20 seconds.

This should remove all currently running settings and allow you to use the machine as if new.

How Do I Test My Amana washer in Diagnostic Mode?

After tuning into the Amana washer diagnostic mode, there are ways to test the unit accordingly.

1.After completing the steps above and entering diagnostics mode, with lights flashing, turn the knob three times.

This should be in the clockwise direction.

2. The above step puts you in manual diagnostic mode. Here, you can click on different settings on the dial to test different parts of the washing machine.

3. Pressing the start button lets you test the lid lock. If it’s clicking it means it is working.

4. Clicking the start button again lets you test the cold water valve and another click on this button tests the hot water valve.

5. Spinning the dial around lets you test various settings.

As you spin it around, different lights will be highlighted.

Turning the dial back to the LID LOCK and three clicks to the left allows you to test the agitator.

6. Once the machine enters this agitator test, you can lift it slightly to see if the agitator is moving.

Confirm that it’s agitating and it means the belt and motor are working perfectly.

Amana Washer Won’t Go into Diagnostic Mode? – Solutions

The simplest way to remember diagnostic mode is – Left, right, right, right, left right.

If this hasn’t worked for you, try the following.


Turn the machine off and unplug it from the power source.

Let it sit for a few minutes and try the steps above again.

Some models allow you to reset the machine simply with the start button.

Simply press this button for a few seconds to reset and begin cycles afresh.

If this doesn’t work, it might be a problem with the control board.

Some owners attempt to plug the unit into another outlet.

It could be that the power source you are feeding from has less electricity flow or worse yet; there are fluctuations in electricity flow.

Control Board

Control board issues require performing diagnostics with a trained professional.

The control board might have issues sending signals for wash and spin cycles, as well as diagnostic procedures.

If this is the issue, press and hold the start button for approximately five seconds.

This is long enough to remove or cancel any pending cycles.

Running Cycles

Try inputting instructions for a new spin or drain cycle.

If this doesn’t work, check if the lid lock is operating properly.

This process of elimination is enough to let you know if power was an issue, or if the control board is failing.

If the lid lock has issues it is better to fix this problem before replacing control boards.


It might be better to try forums for Amana washer appliances and speak to an actual technician.

Finding the exact problem might not always be easy if one simply keeps pressing the buttons.

A technician will sort it out physically too.

Most problems with the machine not entering diagnostic mode will revolve around the control panel or control board.

These are not tough to diagnose or fix but repairs require professional technicians.

Running the machine in self-testing mode allows it to reset and clears errors on the machine if any.

The self-test mode and diagnostic mode are somewhat different in that diagnostic mode and codes help you decipher what is wrong.

Running the washer in diagnostic mode can help resolve several issues, many of which can also be fixed with no professional help.

Knowing how to turn the machine on self-test mode is even better.

It allows the unit to self-diagnose and possibly fix a few issues.

Bottom Line

If the machine won’t enter diagnostic mode and self-testing isn’t helping much either, it is time for help.

Running the machine repeatedly in these two different modes may be unproductive.

It could also lead to more problems than the unit had initially.

In a nutshell, it is better to perform regular maintenance than to wait till problems present themselves.




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