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Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass – In-Depth Guide

Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass
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People have several reasons for bypassing default settings and other presets on appliances.

Of more importance is the reason they are in place, to begin with.

If a washing machine has a lid lock it is there for a reason.

Whatever the reason for bypassing it one needs to be careful.

For the Amana washer lid lock bypass, it is important to use appropriate tools and wiring, along with professional guidance.

While it is possible to bypass the lid lock, there should be reasonable cause to do so.

Anytime an individual bypasses such mechanisms there will be room for disaster.

It might seem like a simple and harmless procedure, but things can go downhill quickly.

Can I Use My Washer Without the Lid?

It is possible to use a washing machine without the lid with the right adjustments to wiring and such.

It is crucial, however, to remember that these provisions are in place for good reasons.

The lid protects against injury to persons close by as the machine agitates.

Any children or adults loitering or hanging around the washer can be harmed from stuff falling out of the machine.

Additionally, if the lock isn’t closed but the machine is running, the lid itself could injure someone as the machine is in a spin cycle.

How Do I Bypass the Lid Lock on My Amana Washer?


Unplug the machine from the electricity supply, to begin with.

This is the most important step you will take in this process.

Once the plugs are completely off the wall and the machine has been idle for a few minutes, locate the lid lock.

This switch should be directly underneath the right side of the machine.

It is easy to locate and should be easy to open and remove too.

Extend Wires

Once you find the lid-lock wiring, chances are they will be short.

These wires were never meant to stick out of the drum.

This step requires you to extend these wires with some new ones so they stick outside the drum.

The wires should include red, white, and blue and you should extend them with an AC switch.

Connect the red and blue wires to one lead on the AC switch, and the red wire to the second lead.

Do not purchase a switch with more than two leads as it gets more intricate then.

Fire it up

Turn on the machine and watch the lights move toward spin mode.

These are the lights directly to the left of the spin dial where settings are applied.

Once the machine reaches spin mode you can hit the switch.

This lets the machine know that indeed the lid is locked and the machine is safe to operate.

Change Settings

If the machine doesn’t pick up the cycle once the switch is clicked, simply turn off the machine and pick a different cycle.

Selecting rinse usually does the trick.

Turn the machine to the rinse cycle and once the water has reached optimal levels, click the switch to the on position and the machine should continue washing undeterred.

These procedures are risky both for the machine and the operator.

They should be carried out carefully and should be justified moves.


Identifying sensors at the back might be useful if the machine doesn’t pick up a bypassed lid lock.

If the Amana washer lid lock bypass didn’t work then it might be an issue of computers being unhappy.

Identifying the sensors is not an easy chore and definitely, one that needs professional advice.

It goes back to ensuring that this requirement to bypass the lid lock is indeed a necessity.

Amana Washer Lid Lock Replacement

A better approach to using the machine safely without bypassing default settings is to replace the lock.

This lid lock can be purchased over the internet or at credible hardware stores near you.

Here’s how to replace an Amana washer lid lock.

Turn it off

Turn off the Amana washer before proceeding with any procedure involving wiring.

This step is important to avoid shocks and possible damage to well-functioning parts of the Amana washer.

Before opening or unscrewing any parts, ensure that you have a Phillips screwdriver, a quarter-inch nut driver, and a five-sixteenth-inch nut driver.

These tools will have you in and out of the Amana washer in no time.

Remove Panels

Using the quarter-inch nut driver, remove the two nuts toward the ends of the rear panel.

These are at the top right and left corners of the rear of the machine.

Upon removing these nuts, you can safely remove the console forward to reveal some wiring.

The wires at the top of the unit will be the grounding wire which is green and yellow and the remaining wires.

Remove Wires

Remove the wires using the five-sixteenth nut driver and pull out the switch soon after.

This is an easy process to complete in a few minutes.

If you have the new switch, you can easily replace it with the old one.

The new switch should make a clicking sound once securely in place.

If there is no sound, it hasn’t found its home properly.

Once these wires and the switch are in place, reattach all other parts like the console and screw them firmly in place.

The Amana washer and replacements should be successful.

Be sure that the grounding wire was put back in its place to avoid short-circuiting and shocks.

Amana Washer Lid Lock Keeps Clicking? – Fixes


Sometimes and more often than not appliances need resetting and washing machines are no different.

When the Amana washer lid lock keeps clicking one simply needs to unplug it to reset.

Regular use of the washing machine settings sometimes goes haywire.

The machine might be reading an unclosed lid while you’ve been slamming it shut.

This simple procedure helps get the machine to start afresh.

It also prevents you from having to engage in an Amana washer lid lock bypass or other such procedures.

Control board

If the control board is short-circuited there will be miscommunication between lid locks and control panels.

Finding out if indeed the control board has issues begins with a thorough check of the wiring.

Using a multimeter, check to see if the current is flowing to the lid lock.

Find out if it is optimal or if there is misfiring.

Expert technicians can determine this in a few minutes and help with the lid lock clicking problem.

It is important to seek professional help when dealing with electrical components and especially control boards.

Broken Lock

With time and excessive use, a lid lock will become damaged.

This occurs particularly more often with top-loaders.

Slamming the top shut usually involves unnecessary weight and force.

The lid lock could be damaged and thus keeps clicking because it senses nothing.

At this point, there might be a temporary fix.

Check out the steps above to perform an Amana washer lid lock bypass and maintain safety.

These steps are guaranteed to easily point you in the right direction.

If certain procedures don’t work, refresh and start again.

With electricity at play, it is well-advised that owners of Amana washers seek professional help.

How to Reset Lid Lock on Amana Washer?


Remove the machine from any power source and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

This allows any power flowing through the machine to be released.

Once the machine has been idle for about five minutes, you can plug it back into the power source.

Plugging it back in allows the machine to reset and restart with new settings.

This should work regarding the lid switch and getting it to work properly again.


The water hoses need to be supplying water into the machine or the lock detects something else.

Incidentally, the machine will enter pump-out settings and need resetting.

If the hoses were not supplying adequate water they need to be adjusted.

It means checking the water supply and hoses for the quantity of water supplied.

After this procedure, the sensors should pick up an adequate water supply and the lid lock will reset.

Run it

Sometimes lid locks get stuck and refuse to open the machine.

This can be infuriating if clothes are done washing and you need to wash more or take them out for drying.

The lid lock can be reset with a short rinse cycle.

If the lid lock won’t release, run a cycle for thirty minutes and wait for it to open thereafter.

If it still needs resetting, follow step one above to resolve the problem.

Once it is opened, however, you might need to consider the procedures to bypass the lid lock listed above.

Advantages Of Bypassing Amana Washer Lid Lock

Following are the advantages of bypassing the Amana washer lid lock-

Bypassing the Amana washer lid lock allows the opening of the lid at any time even during the washing cycle.

It also helps gets back control when the lid lock sensor is broken and give a false report to the washer.

If the washer lock becomes faulty, it helps to open up the washer lid.

Bottom Line

Your Amana washer is a modern washing machine with easy-to-use procedures that can become complicated.

These complications are however easy to fix.

Once the lid lock has been determined to have problems there are several solutions including resetting the lock.

However, the Amana washer lid lock bypass procedures work well too.




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