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Why Is My Amana Washer Not Draining All The Way?

Amana Washer Not Draining All The Way
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The Amana washer brands of washing machines offer value for money and easy-to-use washers.

These washers get weary with time, and with irregular maintenance schedules, there can be some abnormal washing schedules.

With time, there might be instances of the Amana washer not draining all the way due to misuse or past due maintenance.

These problems can be caused through blockage, irregularly connected pipes, and hoses or aging.

Whatever the reason for the Amana washer not draining all the way might be, there are proven methods of fixing the problem. 

Amana Washer not draining all The Way? – Causes

The Amana washer has sensors and other default settings that make it a joy to use.

If things aren’t working as they should, use safe measures to fix the problem.

Here are proven methods of checking and fixing draining problems on an Amana washer.

Drain Hose

This drain hose could be twisted, broken or on the verge of breaking, or indeed just bent.

The drain hose removes dirty water from the machine after a washing cycle and needs to be cleared of debris to do so.

With time, this hose fills up with lint from clothes as well as dirt or indeed grease.

This can limit the amount of water flowing through the pipe at any given time.

If a drain hose is bent it could limit the amount of water flowing outward.

It might create a backwash too whereby dirty water flows back into the drum.


If the loads you throw in are too large the spin cycle won’t perform its duties optimally.

It means as you apply the same washing cycles and settings, keep in mind the different weights.

These loads have varying water requirements.

Sheer curtains and laces need less water compared to blankets and jackets.

If water remains in the drum afterward, the machine is likely to have experienced difficulties removing all the water.

Large loads are easy to notice based on noises the drum makes and of course difficulty in spinning and washing.

Faulty Sensors

New-age washing machines boast sensors for almost all activities, including draining.

These sensors are capable of telling if water has emptied from the drum or still needs draining.

Eventually, sensors stop working through no fault of theirs.

This happens due to aging and of course wear and tear.

A faulty sensor is hardly noticeable until such issues arise, and few if any washing machines have warning lights to highlight the same.

It takes a professional electrician or tech to diagnose the problem.

Coin Trap

This contraption is present on most washing machines and helps keep debris away from the rest of the machine.

Ideally, it is meant to keep foreign stuff found in the machine away from the pipes.

These include of course coins in pants, jewelry, and such.

If the coin trap is full of rubbish, it could back up into the rest of the machine and pipes will begin picking up foreign objects.

This is another common cause of the Amana washer not draining all the way but there is an easy fix.


Some washing machines boast a water pump belt.

This works hand-in-hand with the pump to drain out the water.

Working like a pulley, the belt aids in running the pump.

If this belt is broken or slowly heading there it will affect the performance of the water pump and cause draining issues.

Belts are easy to source but replacing them and knowing they are indeed the problem is a professional affair.

Seek professional advice from credible technicians near you.

Lid Switch

If this assembly has a problem, the Amana washer not draining all the way is expected.

The lid switch conveys messages to the rest of the machine that the machine is safe to operate.

If this switch senses that the door is indeed still open, it will not drain the drums.

This has to be an issue of a faulty lid switch or someone performing a failing bypass.

Either way, there is a safer alternative to this problem than running a bypass.

Drain Pump

The drain pump might be clogged up and in need of major cleaning.

This is the unit carrying dirty water from the machine to the pipes allocated along the wall for quick release.

If the pump is clogged or blocked, the chances of water ever leaving the washing machine are slim.

This drain pump is also expensive to replace meaning it is a great idea to clean it and have it checked for faults regularly.

If it becomes faulty, the costs could be high and more than just draining issues.

Amana Washer Not Draining All The Way? – Fixes

Let’s dive into some easy DIY fixes concerning the Amana washer not draining all the way.

Clean Hoses

Remove hoses from the wall and other parts of the machine and clean them thoroughly.

These pipes are usually very easy to access.

For example, the drain hose never attaches fully to the exterior drainage pipes.

Simply pull it out and if possible, unscrew it from the washing machine.

Run water through it severally and use a wire hangar if possible to scrape out any grease or stuck material.

Whenever possible, avoid using hot water and instead add soap to the plastic drain hoses.

Hot water makes them weak and even upon reinstalling them, you probably decreased their integrity.

Lid switch

If a multimeter is available, attach it to the wires inside the drum in place of the lid switch.

This procedure is more intricate than it seems and should be tried with professional supervision.

Once you bypass the lid switch, you can better tell if it needs replacement or repairs.

Do not attempt to use a bypassed lid switch and run the machine longer than necessary.

If there are no emergency loads that need washing, avoid the washing machine entirely and replace lid switches instead of bypassing them.

Clean Coin Trap

This feature of certain washing machines is in place for a reason and works if used properly.

Remove any foreign objects found in this trap to allow water to flow freely.

If the trap has grease or excess lint, wash it out with warm not hot water.

Avoid scraping the trap with knives and such.

Use a wire hangar if necessary to pull out stuck coins and other foreign objects.

The coin trap houses plenty of stuff that if returned to the drum could be hazardous or at the very least could damage clothing.

Water Pump Belt

The water pump belt should be replaced if things are not turning, they should.

This belt should be attached to the drain or water pump and work seamlessly like a pulley system.

If the belt is worn out or broken, the Amana washer not draining all the way should not come as a surprise.

Replacing a water pump belt should be left to professionals or you risk damaging or loosening other parts of the washer.

Drain Pump

This needs to be diagnosed properly before replacements or repairs.

It is an intricate piece of equipment on an equally modern type of machine.

The drain pump can be purchased online or at the local accredited supplier.

The store chosen for this purchase should also be a recommendation from a professional and legitimate technician.

Be sure to check the machine’s warranty if such repairs or replacements are covered.

Straighten Pipes

The hoses in question might not be broken but instead, need straightening.

When washing machines are installed, they almost always get backed up against walls.

These units need to be removed once in a while for maintenance work and such issues.

Ensure that hoses are straight for water to flow freely through them.

Also, examine if they are close to breaking and coming apart.

Soon you might have to worry about leakages and not just draining issues.

Drain Valve

This valve allows dirty water to leave the machine while resetting the washer to allow water in on the other end.

This valve allows clean water to enter the machine from the appropriate pipes and remain inside the drum.

If for some reason the valves fail, they won’t open completely or at all when it is time to let water out of the drum.

This valve can be located at the bottom of the washer.

It needs to be checked and cleared for any foreign objects or reset if it is stuck.

Bottom Line

With the Amana washer not draining all the way, there is no cause for concern.

Nothing electrical or of the great cost will cause this to happen.

There are several ways of keeping such instances from occurring through better maintenance procedures.

For starters, keep checking the coin trap and hoses for foreign objects, and better yet, remove such objects before washing.

It is harder to locate such objects in coin traps than it is to remove them from pants and shirts.




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