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Where Do You Put the Detergent in Amana Washer?

Where Do You Put the Detergent in Amana Washer
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ttentergeenttergAmana is one of the popular brands of a washing machines.

Amana washer comes up with a variety of features that deliver impressive performance.

Do you want to know where to put the detergent in the Amana washer?

You always need to add laundry products to the correct dispensers of the washer.

So, there is a designated compartment or dispenser on top and front load Amana washer.

You have to add detergent to that dispenser/compartment.

If you are using pods, always place them in the tub or basket of your Amana washer.

Don’t place them in detergent dispensers. 

Let’s dive into detail.

 Which Detergent is Better for Amana Washer?- Powder, Liquid, or Pod Detergent?

Now you may want to know which is better to use in your Amana Washer- liquid, powdered detergent, or Pod detergent?

Well, it really depends on the items being washed in your washer.

It also depends upon the water conditions in the home.

Powdered detergent

Powdered detergent usually removes stains like mud or clay better than liquids.

They are also more helpful in tying up elements such as iron or manganese in the water supply, which can lead to rust stains.

Liquid detergent

Liquid detergents are effective for cleaning greasy, oily stains better than powders.

They are more convenient for pre-treating than using powder detergent.

It also dissolves more easily in cooler water conditions than powder detergent.

You can try this liquid detergent for best results.


The Pods are also known as Single Dose Laundry Packets.

Pods are an easy and quick-to-use detergent.

They are a low-sudsing HE detergent that provides great cleaning.

It can prevent detergent overdose / oversudsing.

Always put them in the tub or basket of your washer.

Never place pods in detergent dispensers.

If you are looking for pods for your Amana washer, get this Tide pods which works amazing for Amana washer.

Choosing The Right Detergent

It is recommended to use only High-Efficiency detergents in our Amana washer.

The detergent package should be marked “HE” or “High Efficiency.”

The low-water washing produces excessive sudsing with a non-HE detergent.

The use of non-HE detergent may lead to longer cycle times and reduced rinsing performance.

It may also result in component malfunction and the build-up of mold or mildew over a period of time.

HE detergents are low-sudsing and quick-dispersing which results in the right amount of suds for the best performance of your washer.

They catch the soil of your clothes in suspension, so it is not redeposited onto your clean clothes.

Not all detergents labeled as High Efficiency are the same in the formulation and their ability to reduce suds.

E.g natural or homemade HE detergents may result in a high level of suds.

Where Do You Put the Detergent in the Amana washer?

There is a designated dispenser where you can put detergent in your Amana washer.

Go through and follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions to determine the amount of detergent to use.

It is important to use the right amount of detergent in your washer, as using too much can cause excess suds and soap residue to be left on your clothes while using too little detergent end up with inadequate cleaning.

Use only HE High Efficiency detergents in high efficiency Amana washers.

Do not fill past the detergent Max-fill lines on the dispenser.

Many detergents, including concentrated detergents, should be filled below the Max-fill lines, following the detergent manufacturer’s directions.

You can put powdered or liquid color-safe bleach in the detergent dispenser.

Some front load Amana washers have an indicator light to show the status of the Load & Go Dispenser.

It flashes Detergent Level Low with light yellow, if there is enough detergent in the Load & Go cartridge for only a few more cycles.

It flashes Empty with light red, if there is no detergent in the Load & Go cartridge.

This will be lit only when the washer is on with the dispenser drawer closed and the cartridge in place.

If the cartridge gets removed and the drawer is closed, Load & Go won’t light.

How to Use Single Load Dispenser Drawer in Amana Front Load Washer?

The single load dispenser drawer allows you the convenience of adding HE detergent, liquid chlorine bleach, and liquid fabric softener to the wash load at the right time.

High Efficiency (HE) Detergent Compartment

This compartment holds liquid or powdered HE detergent for your main wash cycle and dispenses detergent automatically in the cycle.

You have to put a measured amount of HE detergent into the detergent compartment.

If you are using powdered detergent, lift the selector to the high position.

If you are using liquid detergent, push down the selector to the low position.

Do not overfill as adding too much detergent may cause detergent to be dispensed into the washer too early.

Do not add single-dose laundry packets, color-safe bleach, or scented crystals to dispensers as they won’t dispense precisely.

Liquid Fabric Softener Compartment

This compartment of your Amana washer holds the liquid fabric softener.

It automatically dispenses liquid fabric softener at the ideal time in the cycle.

Liquid Chlorine Bleach Compartment

This compartment automatically dilutes and dispenses liquid chlorine bleach at the right time during the first rinse after the wash cycle.

It can’t dilute powdered bleach.

Tips to Use Powdered Detergent in Amana Washer

1.Never use more than the recommended amount of detergent as it may increase the rate at which detergent and soil residue accumulate inside your washer, which may result in unwanted odor.

2. Use warm and hot wash water settings sometimes because they handle a better job of controlling the rate of soil and detergent accumulation.

3. Always leave the lid of the washing machine open between uses.

It helps dry out the washer and prevent the buildup of odor-causing residue.

4. The Washer Maintenance Procedure should be performed, at a minimum, once per month or every 30 wash cycles, whichever is sooner.

It helps to control the rate at which soils and detergent may accumulate in your washer over a period of time.

How to Use Pods in Amana Washer?

1. Always Follow all Manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging.

2.Before loading the clothes, place pod packets in the drum or basket of all washers.

Don’t put pods in corner dispensers or drawer dispensers.

If packets are placed in the washer dispenser, they may not dissolve or may clog and cause an overflow.

3. You should use the right amount of pod for effective cleaning.

Use only 1 packet of a pod for most loads.

4. Do not tear or open packets as they are designed to dissolve in water.

5. Handle packets with dry hands as any moisture will lead to the packets to start dissolving.

6. Seal the pod bag or box completely after use.

How To Add the Fabric Softener to The Amana Washer?

After you have washed your clothes with soaps and detergents, the softener acts on them during the rinse cycle.

If you have an older top-loading Amana washer, you may need to put fabric softener right before the last wash manually.

Make sure you are placing the right clothes supplies in the right dispensers.

Check detergent when putting it in the washer dispenser, and follow the guidelines.

Don’t fill beyond the dispenser’s Max markings.

While following the softener company’s policies, most detergents, especially strong detergents should be used even below the Max marks.

A fabric softener should be added to the washer liquid dispenser.

For the Amana front load washer, you should put your fabric softener and suitable detergent into the main wash container.

You should add directly into the bucket on Amana top load washers.

For Amana Washer With Liquid Fabric Softener dispenser

If you are using an Amana washer with a Liquid fabric softener, fill the dispenser no higher than the fill line.

If you add more fabric softener than recommended, it will dispense early in the machine and could cause stains.

For Amana Washer Without Liquid Fabric Softener dispenser

If you are using an Amana washer without a liquid fabric softener dispenser, add the fabric softener in the final rinse only.

You need to add fabric softener that has been diluted with ½ to 1 cup (125 to 250 mL) of warm water.

You can also use an automatic liquid dispensing ball for effective cleaning.

Tips to Use Fabric Softener In Amana Washer

If fabric softener stains your clothes, it often resembles grease or oil stains.

Follow these tips to avoid this type of staining:

1.Measure fabric softener to avoid staining on clothes.

2. Dilute fabric softener properly and add to the rinse portion of a cycle only.

Adding fabric softener to the wash water will result in staining.

3. Do not let drip fabric softener on clothes.

4. When washing smaller loads, make sure you are using the correct amount of fabric softener right for the load size.

Using too much fabric softener on smaller loads will lead to discoloration on clothing.

Related Questions

What can I do if my clothes are not getting cleaned in Amana Washer?

Make sure that you are using the right amount of detergent.

Check that you are using enough water.

Don’t overload your washer.

Make sure there are no holes in your clothing.

If you are using bleach make sure that you are using enough bleach.

Call a repairman to take a look at your machine if needed.

What if water is left in the dispenser at the end of the cycle?

If two tablespoons of water are left in the chlorine bleach or fabric softener dispenser at the end of the cycle, you need not worry.

This is quite normal.

Why are laundry products dispensing too early in my Amana washer?

If you are using the laundry products like fabric softener or liquid chlorine bleach, don’t fill past the Max-fill lines on the dispenser.

Overfilling can result in the early dispensing of liquid chlorine bleach and fabric softener.




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