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Best Bread Maker For Small 1 Pound Loaves? (Complete Guide)

Best breadmaker for small one pound loaves
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Bread is a staple in almost all civilizations across the globe. Nothing beats the goodness of home-made fresh bread.

And a small bread maker is the way to enjoy freshly made bread on a daily basis or whenever you like.

So, if you are looking for the best small bread maker, you are in the right place.

Our list of tried and tested the best bread maker for small one pound loaves will allow you to make fluffy and tasty bread at home because the quality of the bread will largely depend on the quality of the bread maker you buy.

Small Bread maker Buying Guide:

The taste, delicacy and quality of bread depend a lot on the technique, which is only possible with the right bread maker. Therefore, you must consider these factors before investing in a bread maker.

How Does A Bread Maker Work?

A bread maker is a compact, electric oven that saves money and allows for baking bread easily with built-in kneading paddles.

All you have to do is to put the ingredients in the right amount into the machine pan or tin and decide on the program (given below) you need using the electronic control panel.

The machine will mix the dough, raise it, knead it and prepare the bread in a given time.

To program a bread maker is easy in these steps;

  • Select the type of bread (basic, multigrain, wholewheat, or pizza).
  • Choose the bake mode (bake, bake rapid, dough).
  • Select the loaf size (small, large, medium).
  • Decide on the type of crust.
  • Hit the TIMER button, and the display will show the total time the loaf will take to prepare and cook.
  • Press the START button to start the countdown.

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Why Buy A Bread Maker?

Apart from a tasty home-made bread, a bread maker machine allows to control what goes into the bread that you eat.

Most store-bought breads are full of preservatives and other unhealthy additives while you can make all-natural organic and GMO-free bread at home for you and your family.

Furthermore, many machines let you make a variety of breads and other food items like homemade cookies and pasta.

A small bread maker will let you consume fresh bread without having to worry about the bread getting mold or wasted.

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What Else Can You Use A Bread Machine For?

breadmaker recipes

You can try out different delicious recipes with best small bread maker.

Apart from homemade bread, you can make cookie and pasta dough for making homemade cookies and pasta.

You can also make different types of bread like basic bread, French and food items like cakes and jam (most bread makers have a Jam setting).

The Meatloaf can also make by removing kneading blades and you can also make sauces and soups which are an easy jump to make from the jam.

You can make rice dishes, for example, you can cook rice by adding rice and water with “Bake” or “Cake” setting in about an hour and can also prepare risotto or rice pudding with the Jam setting.

How To Choose The Best Small Bread Maker?

  • Size and weight must be according to your needs and kitchen space
  • Easy to read LCD control panel and timer to notify when to add ingredients
  • Sturdy kneading paddles for durability and to make a variety of products
  • Intuitive controls for customizable product, texture and ease of use like a delayed timer
  • Low noise and fast cool-down
  • Non-stick pan/tin

  The Size and Weight

Bread makers are limited to baking a certain size of loaf; for example, a small bread maker will bake a small loaf of bread.

Therefore, you must invest in a bread maker that fits adequately into your kitchen and according to the needs of your family.

Alarm and Viewing Panel

Viewing panel helps you check the time while the alarm feature reminds you by beeping to add ingredients if you are baking with added ingredients like fruits or nuts.

The Kneading Paddles

Most bread making machines includes one kneading paddle and a replacement one specifically for pasta dough.

However, you can invest in a product that makes various types of bread and cakes or make dough and jams, depending on your preference.

However, they must be sturdy to ensure durable use.

Intuitive/ Specialty Controls

A machine with such controls allows for easy control and customized results like preparing a brown loaf, white loaf, or a whole wheat loaf.

Some machines on the market allow to choose from different textures and schedule the baking with a delayed timer.

 Noise Factor

When bread makers knead the dough, it creates noise. There are machines that work quietly without disturbing people, and especially those with sensitive hearing.

Non-Stick Pan/Tin

To make a small bread maker more efficient, investing in a machine with the non-stick pan is recommended. It will not only allow to remove the dough and other food items easily but also to clean the utensil quickly.

5 Best Bread Makers For Small 1 Pound Loaves

There are many 1 Pound loaf bread machines available in the market, but not all of them are created equally.

However, these are 5 options with excellent features that promise to give you high-quality, delicious, and small homemade loaves.

1.  Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker

 This  Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable mini bread maker comes in white color and will give you 1 pound of bread and cakes.

It has a stylish exterior with a timer that gives you the option of a 13-hour delay and features an LCD operating panel, a carrying handle, and a viewing window.

This machine has the option of different settings for cookie or pasta dough and has a speedy bake cycle, which may be an excellent advantage for you if you prefer doing things quickly.

This bread maker comes with a variety of accessories, including a non-stick kneading blade and a baking pan.

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  • Takes up less space and is excellent for small kitchens
  • It has a variety of available options to help you make different kinds of bread (i.e., gluten-free).
  • User-friendly controls


  • The non-stick layer on the pan gradually wears off, which decreases the quality of the bread
  • Price tag

2. Panasonic: Home Bakery1 Loaf Type)「BrownSD-BMT1000-T (Japan Import)

 This Panasonic Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T  is a brown bread maker from Panasonic weighs around 15 pounds and bakes a variety of bread types, including herb bread, white bread, and whole wheat bread.

It takes approximately 5 hours for a single 1-pound loaf to bake in this machine, which is an average weight of the bread you can make in this machine.

Besides bread making, you can also cook other types of dough in this machine. These include different kinds of cookie dough, etc.

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  • Makes a variety of bread types.
  • Light-weight
  • Makes excellent quality bread


  • The manual and instructions on the machine (i.e., buttons) are in Japanese, which may be inconvenient if you do not know the language
  • Takes time to bake even basic bread

3. Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker, Premium White

 This Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery Maestro  bread maker is automatic and is available in white color. You will be able to make a variety of bread types in this machine.

These include Multigrain, Whole Wheat, and White Bread, etc. You also have the option of baking salt-free and gluten-free bread.

This machine also has a variety of course settings, which include pizza dough, pasta dough, and cake, etc.

In addition to this, this machine provides you the option of having 3 memory settings to control knead, rise, and baking times.

An auto-add dispenser lets you add nuts and other items to your dough, after which the pan can be easily washed and cleaned. To help you cook a variety of recipes, this machine comes with a cookbook containing around 50 recipes.

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  • Bakes fluffy, high-quality bread.
  • It can fit in the smallest kitchen shelves.
  • Allows you to bake custom bread (i.e., salt-free, gluten-free)


  • The machine does not have a quick baking time scale.

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4. Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker with Oven Mitt, Stainless Steel Measuring Cup and Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set Bundle

 This Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker is a small automatic bread maker that makes exactly 1 pound loaves for you and your family to enjoy.

You have the option of 3 different bread settings, which include Basic Bread, French bread, and Quick Bread.

This machine will also allow you to cook cookie dough, jam, and pasta dough. It has a quick baking cycle and bakes bread in 2 hours. It also has a timer, which a 13-hour delay option.

This machine comes with a variety of accessories that are included in its bundle; these include an oven mitt, a stainless-steel measuring spoon set, and a stainless-steel measuring cup.

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  • Bakes good quality bread consistently
  • Saves kitchen space because of the small size
  • It comes with a variety of helpful accessories
  • Non-stick pan offers ease of bread removal and cleaning


  • Bakes small-sized loaves, which are enough for only 2 people

5. Zojirushi BBCC-N15 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Breadmaker with Digital Controls

 This Zojirushi BBCC-N15 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Breadmaker comes with a timer and lights to indicate when the bread has been cooked. The timer has a variety of settings, including a 30-minute indicator.

You can make a variety of bread types and can also bake cookie dough and pasta dough. This machine will also let you bake gluten and salt-free bread.

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  • Lets you bake a variety of bread
  • It has a variety of timer options


  • It does not have a quick baking cycle

So, which bread maker is the best?

Though all these machines have their pros and cons, Zojirushi Home Bakery is the best small bread maker due to the many benefits it brings.

The variety of bread with three bread textures you can make with it, is the primary reason, along with being the best bread maker for one pound loaves.

This mini Bread maker comes with Oven Mitt, Stainless Steel Measuring Cup, and Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon to make your bread making session easy and enjoyable.

The machine bakes high-quality, fluffy bread in less time (basic 1 pound bread in only 2 hours) and features easy to read LCD display, menu settings to prepare basic bread, French, dough, cookie/pasta dough, cake, jam and quick bread.

It also has a non-stick pan for easy cleaning and usage, while 13 hours delay time adds to schedule convenience.

It is quiet and cools down fast. Out of all these machines, Zojirushi bread maker has the best chance of satisfying your homemade bread needs.