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Can You Freeze Ganache? Everything You Need to Know.

can you freeze Ganache
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I know you are here because you made a big batch of Ganache for your cake and still there is some leftover?

Now you are finding the way to store it.

But do you really you freeze Ganache?

Then let’s get to know everything here about freezing and storing Ganache.

What is Ganache?

You might read a word Ganache in cookbooks or dessert menus.

But what is Ganache exactly mean?

Let me explain.

Actually, the Ganache word is originated from French. Ganache is a dark chocolate topping or decoration which is used for a lot of purposes.

It is used for glaze, icing, sauce, and filling of cake or pastries.

The Ganache is traditionally made from the smooth blend of chocolate and cream.

Firm Ganache is used for truffle and bonbon filling. Pouring Ganache is used for pastries and cakes.

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How to Improve the Keeping Properties of Ganache?

You can extend the shelf life of Ganache with some easy tricks.

When you open a cream container, it gets contaminated with airborne bacterial and fungal spores.

Boiling the cream helps to eliminate microbes and fugal spores.

So, boiling the cream thrice helps to kill these bacteria and fungal spores. It also evaporated the water and remove water content.

It helps to increase the life of Ganache.

You can also add Glucose liquid or invert sugar for enhancing the shelf life of Ganache. You have to add 50g syrup to per kilo Ganache.

Keep the exact proportion every time. If you add more, it affects the consistency of Ganache.

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How to Store Ganache?

how to store Ganache

For the extended life of Ganache, you need to store it properly.

Let’s get to know how to store it.

Place a plastic wrap piece on the surface of Ganache. It helps to prevent developing sugar crust or film on Ganache.

Classic Ganache stays good for 2 days at room temperature.

If Ganache is refrigerated, it will stay good up to a couple of weeks.

If you want to store it for more than a couple of weeks, you need to freeze it.

It stays good condition for up to 3 months if it freezes properly.

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How Long Can You Keep Ganache For?

The life of Ganache is also depending upon factors like how it is made, how it is being stored, the ingredients used, etc.

So, the life of Ganache is varying.

But broadly speaking, Ganache stored in the refrigerator is stays as good as the date on cream used to make it.

It also depends upon the type of chocolate and cream used for making it. The cleanliness, preparation method, and hygienic condition also determining factors for shelf life.

If you used a high proportion of cocoa solids and high-fat content of the cream, the shelf life extended.

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Can You Freeze Ganache?

Yes, of course! You can freeze Ganache.

If you made a big batch of Ganache. If it is still left after use, you can freeze it for later consumption.

1.If you made a firm Ganache, you can simply wrap it with plastic wrap and freeze it.

You can also use a freezer bag to store and keep it in an airtight container.

Keep it far away from strong-smelling foods in the freezer.

This helps to prevent the freezer burn and getting the smell of other food to the Ganache.

2.If a leftover Ganache with a soft consistency, pour it in freezer-safe container and keep it in the freezer. Lay a plastic wrap over the Ganache for better storage.

Tight sealing helps to prevent from other freezer odours to the Ganache.

3.If you are concerning about the freezer burn and discoloration of your favorite Ganache, make sure it won’t come with a contact with air and moisture which is the cause freezer burn.

You can freeze Ganache up to 3 months.

4.When you want to use the Ganache, you will need to thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

It will still hard, so you will need to keep in a warm place.

After a couple of hours, it will become spreadable and ready to use.

How to Reheat Ganache?

When you freeze Ganache, you will need to reheat. You can reheat Ganache simply 3 ways.

Double boiler method

If you want most of the control on the end consistency of Ganache, use a double boiler.

Pour an inch of water in a bowl. Stir it consistently till it will melt fully.

Let the Ganache melt like melting chocolate.

Take out from the heat. Allow little lumps to be melt.

Use Microwave

Patience is the essential factor while reheating Ganache in the Microwave.

You need to set the timer with a 10-30 seconds interval. Fold the Ganache with each interval.

It helps to distribute heat evenly.

When you notice only a few lumps left, stop the heating.

Because the remaining heat will melt the leftover lumps.

Can You Refreeze Ganache?

I wouldn’t recommend refreezing Ganache which is already frozen and thawed.

Any food which includes dairy products, should not be refrozen.
Ganache has chocolate and cream are the primary ingredients. So, I don’t recommend to refreeze.

When you use already frozen and thawed Ganache, try to use it whole.

Don’t leave any Ganache for later purposes.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know, you can freeze Ganache. It stays good for longer if stored properly.

It stays good for 2 days at room temperature. If you stored in the refrigerator, stays good for a couple of weeks.

If you want to store more than a couple of weeks, keep in the freezer. The shelf life in the freezer is up to 3 months.

Whenever you will bake a cake, just poured over the already made Ganache on your favorite cake and enjoy!


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