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5 Best Iron for Cotton Clothes(Complete Guide)

Best iron for cotton clothes
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Have you been finding your cotton clothes difficult to iron? Actually, the cotton clothes are tough to iron as they crease easily and removing creases is quite hard-hitting.

So, you should get hold of Best iron for cotton clothes to easily iron your cotton clothing.

You always like to wear crisp and crease-free clothes. But ironing of clothes is the most hated household task, as it is very time-consuming and tedious.

But with right iron, you will get your cotton clothes wrinkle-free without putting a lot of time and efforts in ironing.

So, today I am revealing you the 5 best iron for cotton cloth with comprehensive buying guide.

If you are in hurry, here is my top pick for you.

My No. 1 Choice – Rowenta DW5080 Focus Steam Iron

Why Do Cotton Clothes Need Frequent Ironing?

Why needs frequent ironing to cotton

Most of you ever wondered, why your cotton dress gets wrinkled and needs frequent ironing. Simply, it is because of humidity in the environment.

Cotton is made of an element called Cellulose. It includes Hydrogen which is the vital substance in water.

If you wash your cotton clothes or spent time in a humid place or if you sweat, it wrinkles quickly.

The reason is, Hydrogen interlaced in the cotton get reacted with water. It leads to fabric loses its shape and gets wrinkled.

Heat and water together are the reason for wrinkles. Heat breaks the bond, which retains polymers in place, inside the fibers of the cloth.

Cotton cloth retains its wrinkled shape, until you iron it again. So, this is the main reason that cotton cloth needs frequent ironing.

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Why Should You Iron Cotton Garment at a High Temperature?

Synthetics have a lower glass transition & low temperature for melting, so it needs lesser temperature to iron.

But according to the cotton fiber’s morphology, there is no glass transition point to cotton fiber. It starts to burn straight away.

So you need to use steam or water spray which acts as lubricant to remove the tough wrinkles on cloth.

It also needs high temperature to evaporate the water and to reshape the cloth surface.

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What is the Iron Temperature/ Setting for Cotton Clothes?

While ironing cotton cloth, you need to set the iron at high temperature. Before going to iron cotton fabric, you should lightly dampen the cloth.

If the fabric is dry, use a spray bottle. Use spray option, if your iron has the one.

If your iron featured with a different scale, you should choose it correctly to iron your cloth. Selecting the right setting prevents ruining of the fabric.

So considering the pressure and time of ironing, more than 100 centigrade temperature required to iron cotton clothes.  Usually cotton can resist the temperature up to 220 degrees.

For ironing cotton cloth, you need to choose 204 degree Celsius (400 degree F)

How to Iron Cotton Cloth?

How to iron cotton cloth

Washing of cotton cloth is not much hard, but ironing of cotton is much difficult.

After washing cotton clothes, many creases develops on a fabric which cannot be removed easily. So, you can iron it with the following steps to make it totally wrinkle-free.

  1. Place an ironing board, allowing access to electrical outlet. Plug in the iron on an outlet.
  2. Before going to iron your cotton cloth, check out the label for, whether it is suitable for ironing or not. Usually, most cotton cloths are apt for ironing. But it is better to check out.
  3. If you have a steam iron, fill the iron tank with distilled water as it removes the creases fast. There is no need to sprinkle water. The cotton fabric will capture the moisture by itself.
  4. It is better to iron the cloth from inner side as it prevents fabrics from damaging and keep its finish intact.
  5. If you have dry Iron, sprinkle some drops of water on the cloth. Because moisture helps to remove creases with ease.
  6. Set your iron on cotton setting. Keep the cloth on the ironing board. Iron the wrinkles on cloth, take one section at one time.

Tips for Ironing Cotton Clothes

  1. If you are using cold water to wash cotton clothes, don’t squeeze the cloth after washing. It will lead to more wrinkles on cloth. Just Wash the cotton fabric and allow it to dry.
  2. If you want extra crispness on cloth, spray starch solution before ironing.
  3. If your cloth has earlier stains, there is strong possibility that, stains gets set on them after ironing. So, it is advisable not to iron that specific part. If you want to iron it, place a damp cloth over that area and iron it.

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5 Best Iron for Cotton Clothes

Steam irons are always best option than dry iron for ironing cotton fabric. So, here are our top 5 picks.

Rowenta DW5080 Focus Steam Iron

Rowenta is one of the well-known brands in the line of a steam iron. Their steam irons are most popular in the market out there.

Rowenta DW5080 is steam iron from Rowenta packed with best optimization features and a fair number of positive reviews.

This Rowenta Iron comes with the micro-steam soleplate made with stainless steel. This stainless-steel soleplate is highly polished which glides on your cotton cloth smoothly. It has 400 holes which allows even steam distribution.

The iron is featured with an anti-calcium system which prevents deposits of calcium and impurities. It helps in enhancing the life of the iron.

The steam iron comes with a self-cleaning system that loses the mineral deposits and flushes out it automatically. It enhances the performance of the iron.

The anti-drip feature prevents the leakage when the iron is on low-temperature mode. It has burst of steam function to remove tough wrinkles of your cotton cloth.

This steam iron has auto-shutoff function for safety. If you forgot to shut-off iron, it will automatically turn off in 3 ways. The iron turns off itself, after 30 seconds when tipped over or in horizontal position; after 8 minutes, when left it vertically.

This Rowenta steam iron is very effective for cotton clothes. It removes creases fast and produces crisp on cotton shirts.

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Watch out the following unboxing video of this Rowenta steam iron for closure look to the features.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Heats up fast for quick ironing
  • Large length cord allows ease in ironing


  • Leakage issue

CHI (13101) Steam Iron

If you are looking for a durable option for a steam iron, then CHI (13101) is worth to consider. This high performer iron delivers professional results.

It is constructed with its unique CHI flat iron technology. The heavy-duty soleplate makes it distinct from other steam iron models.

It has Titanium infused ceramic soleplate which is durable as well as scratch resistant. This makes it more durable than other steam irons at this price range.

The steam iron has 300 holes which spread the steam on a larger area to remove wrinkles fast. So, it limits the time for ironing the clothes.

It allows for choosing the fabric type for ironing. When you choose the fabric type, iron will automatically set the temperature accordingly.

For ironing cotton fabric, you can choose your cotton setting without any guesswork in ironing.

You can control the steam output with an adjustable steam lever. For this, you can choose over from no steam to full power with just a slide.

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  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Durable and scratch resistant soleplate
  • Comfortable handle for excellent grip
  • Retractable cord allows ease for storage
  • Light in weight than steam iron with identical features


  • The soleplate gets sticks and stains

T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

As the name depicts, T-fal FV4495 Ultra glide Easy cord is quality steam iron, well-known for its extra-long cord.

It is equipped with 1725 watt for overall powerful performance. The sole plates are constructed with delirium ceramic ensures smooth gliding with great performance. They are scratch resistant for longer use.

It is featured with powerful steam generation to remove creases on thickest fabric easily. So, it also capable to remove tough wrinkles on cotton cloth as it generates steam up to 35 grams.

The micro-holes on soleplates ensure even distribution of steam on large fabric area.

It has an extra-large water tank allows for longer ironing time. It doesn’t need frequent refilling.

This steam iron comes with 3-way auto-shutoff. It automatically turns off after 30 seconds when not in use- When it left unused on tipped over on a side or on soleplate and 8 minutes on a heel.

Its easy cord system prevents the cord from snagging the cloth while ironing.

This is perfect iron for ironing cotton clothes with its 9 settings exclusively for cotton. It heats up fast for cotton setting and removes the tough wrinkles easily. Now, you don’t need to worry about your wrinkled cotton oxford shirt, as it irons cotton fast.

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Watch the following video review of this T-fal steam iron.


  • 12 ft. extra-long cord convenient for hard to reach an electrical outlet
  • Extra-large water tank
  • The easy cord system is better than traditional cord
  • Stable base prevents tip over easily


  • Some users experience, spit of water at any setting level

Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Multi-directional Iron

If you are looking for a cord-less steam iron that delivers the best results for your cotton clothing, here it is.

Panasonic is the dominant brand in the line of cordless steam iron.  The Panasonic NI-WL600 steam iron comes with cordless technology.

This roundish shape iron packed with a lot of advanced features and functions with many positive reviews.

It is equipped with 1500W power renders powerful performance. This iron has curved stainless-steel soleplate with double tip for easy gliding over the cloth.

Now, you don’t need to change the direction to iron the tricky areas of the cloth. It saves your ironing time and effort considerably.

It has easy touch system, allows selecting the desired temperature for ironing. The iron also has a steam/dry option. You can select steam or dry iron setting by just pushing a button.

This iron comes with anti-drip technology which prevents leakages and anti-calc system to avoid blockage of steam vents.

The steam iron featured with vertical steam for direct steam burst on hanging garments with simple push of a button. It has user-friendly auto shut off function for safety.

It comes with 3 settings-High, Low and Dry. A high temperature is quite suitable for cotton fabric. It heats up fast and gets hot enough for ironing cotton.

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  • Cordless
  • Detachable water tank
  • Curved stainless steel soleplate
  • Easy to use with simple controls
  • Easy to carry


  • Water tank with low capacity
  • Not much satisfactory as a steamer

Black-and-Decker D2030 Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron

If you are looking for budget-friendly best iron for cotton, then this Black and Decker D2030 steam iron is the best alternative for you. You can get professional results with this inexpensive steam iron.

The steam iron has stainless steel soleplate which are durable as well as glides smoothly over any type of fabric.

It heats up fast and helps to remove wrinkles with little efforts. Deliver perfect results for 100% cotton shirts.

It comes with digital LCD display to choose the desired temperature, fabric settings, and steam level.

You can use steam burst function with simple press of a button. It can remove the tough wrinkles instantly. This steam iron has vertical ironing and can be used as a steamer.

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  • LCD display for easy control and monitoring
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • One-year limited guarantee


  • Few steam holes
  • Some users have a leakage issue

Final Thoughts

If you have been dealing with piles of cotton cloths for ironing, these are the best irons for cotton clothes worth to consider. They come with best optimization features which makes your cumbersome ironing task easy and quick.

If you have a low budget, go with Black and Decker D2030 or if you want cordless steam iron, Panasonic NI-WL600 is the best option.

So, choose your best iron as per your need and make your ironing job hassle-free.