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7 Best Meat Cleaver for Cutting Bone Review (Complete Guide)

Best meat cleaver for cutting bone
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I use my chef’s knife for most of the culinary chores. It helps me a lot and does its job perfectly.

But I don’t want to use it for heavy tasks such as cutting the bones. Because it is so thin to cut through bones and could damage my expensive knife.

So, I was researching for Best meat cleaver for cutting bones which can handle bones with ease.

I have gone through so many brands while researching. I found most meat cleavers come with the warning ‘Do not use for bone’.  Actually, all the meat cleavers are not apt for cutting bones.

After gone through further research, I found top quality meat cleavers specially made for cutting bones which are worth to consider. Here I want to share with you best bone meat cleaver with in-depth guide.

Benefits of Owning a Meat Cleaver for Bone

Benefits of bone meat cleaver

The bone meat cleaver is a versatile appliance as you can use it for other culinary tasks along with chopping meat and bones.

1. Cut bones easily and hassle-free

As name depicts bone meat cleaver is exactly made for cutting bones with ease. It can cut thick meat and bones fast, makes chopping task hassle-free.

The regular knife can’t do this job. They might damage if you try to cut tough bones with them.

By owning a bone meat cleaver, you can get your meat at an economical price too.

2. Slicing and chopping food

The bone meat cleaver is a versatile appliance as you can slice or chop many foods such as onion, carrot, potato, herbs etc. It is advisable to sharpen the blade before every use.

3. Crushing the ingredients

As meat cleaver comes with wider blade, you can use it for crushing the food. You can crush garlic, ginger, onion for your daily culinary preparation.

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Can All Meat Cleavers Cut Through Bone?

No, all meat cleavers are not suitable to cut the bones. As I said above, there are certain meat cleavers in the market which comes with the warning that don’t use to cut bones. So, every meat cleaver is not just right for cutting the bones.

There are cleavers which are specially made for cutting bones along with large cuts of meat. They can handle the hard tasks effectively and effortlessly. These cleavers are heavy and blunt which is an essential factor for cutting the bones.

How to Cut Bones with Cleaver?

Cutting the bones with the bone meat cleaver is very easy and fast. You just need to take a cleaver and cut through the bones with force.

If you are not able to cut the bones like above said, you can use two tools to cut them precisely.

Keep cleaver on top side of the bone where you want to cut it down. Take the second tool like kitchen mallet. Hammer the cleaver with a mallet till it goes through the bone completely. Don’t concern about your cleaver, it is so much heavy and sturdy to handle all these stuff.

What to Look for Before Buying Best Meat Cleaver for Bone?

Best bone meat cleaver

Following are the things you should look for before buying your best meat cleaver for cutting bone.

1.Sturdy and Durable

When searching for a bone meat cleaver, you should look for strong and thick cleaver as you are going to chop something hard things like bones.

It should be constructed with high-quality metal which makes it more durable. It should be strong and sturdy to handle tough bones.

2. Design

Bone meat cleavers come in various sizes. If you are going to use it for chicken, small meat cleaver is suitable.

If you are going to handle bigger animals, you need bigger cleaver which is quite heavier. It should be weighed more than a pound. I really think, heavier is better.

They are sharpened at a different angle as compared to a regular kitchen knife. Actually, they are not much sharp like a regular knife.

3. Price

When buying a bone meat cleaver, price is the essential factor to be considered. It is advisable to buy a cleaver with a mid-price range. It should not be too expensive.

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7 Best Meat Cleaver for Cutting Bones

Dexter-Russel (S5288) – 8″Heavy Duty Cleaver

Dimension and material

Overall length-14 inch

Blade -8 inch

Blade material– high carbon stainless steel

Handle-6 inch

Handle material– rosewood

Weight -2.5 pounds

If you are in the cooking industry for longer, you may be already familiar with Dexter Russel brand for their popular knives and cleavers.

Dexter-Russel (S5288) – 8″Heavy Duty Cleaver is perfectly constructed for heavy tasks like whack the bones. It is featured with a thick spine which can cut the big bones easily.

This Dexter Russel cleaver comes with the giant blade which is 8” long. The blade is made with high carbon steel. It has a hole in the top right corner for easy hanging after use.

The cleaver has a wood handle which is polished with rosewood, allows for a comfortable grip.

If you are looking for a real butcher’s cleaver for home use, then this is the right choice for you. Overall it is a real winner, especially for cutting bones.

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  • Durable blade with stainless steel construction
  • Quality cleaver at affordable range
  • Stylish rosewood handle
  • The blade has a hole to hang for air drying


  • The grip is too large for small hands

 Sato Forged Heavy-Duty 8” Meat Cleaver

Sato Forged Heavy-Duty 8” Meat Cleaver is a Japanese butcher cleaver manufactured in Taiwan.

It has forged stainless steel blade, not as sharp as carbon steel. But goes through the bones easily and will retain the edge for a longer period. It can chop pork ribs, whole lamb leg without any trouble.

It weighs about 1.6 lbs., so you don’t need some extra strength to cut that pork ribs. This cleaver also capable to handle other kitchen tasks too.

The walnut wood handle is comfortable to hold while chopping as it fits in your hand perfectly. So, don’t worry about gripping! You would feel overall balanced and comfortable while chopping.

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  • Good aesthetics
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes with a handle that is comfortable to hold
  • Well balanced cleaver
  • Cheap


  • Heavy

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Utopia Kitchen 7 Inches Stainless Steel Cleaver

This Utopia kitchen 7 inches stainless steel cleaver is a simply designed cleaver with no fancy bells and whistles. This lightweight cleaver is also not heavy in price.

The weight is quite good for chopping chicken and pork. You can also chop large vegetables without any extra efforts.

It is featured with 7-inch long stainless-steel blade and has 3.0mm thickness. This tarnish free and rust resistant blade stays sharp for the longer time even after many uses. Though blades are short, they are perfect to use on small cutting board.

The blades are dishwasher safe technically, but it is recommended for hand washing to maintain the quality of the blade. It has a comfortable grip which provides ease in maneuvering.

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  • Excellent quality in cheap price
  • Light in weight
  • Tarnish-free and rust resistant blades
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Could be sharper

 Wusthof Classic 7-1/2-Inch Heavy Cleaver

Wusthof is one of the well-known brands for manufacturing finest knives and cleavers.

This Wutsthof classic heavy cleaver is a German cleaver specially made for cutting bones. It is also well capable to handle larger cuts of meat easily.

The cleaver is equipped with a high carbon steel blade which can chop tough vegetables. The high carbon steel construction keeps it away from stains and corrosion.

Wusthof’s Precision Edge technology provides 20% sharper blades and twice edge retention. The edges are laser tested, helps for uniform cutting and long-lasting sharp edge.

It has polypropylene handle with comfortable grip. The handle is featured with black 3 rivets for extra strength and durability. It also allows for overall good balance.

It weighs about 1.9 pounds. Balance and weight make chopping easy.

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  • Sturdy build quality
  • Heavy and thick blade construction
  • Soft metal and blunt edge won’t damage the cleaver while cutting bones


  • Expensive

 Zwilling Pro 6″ Meat Cleaver

Zwilling Pro is among the top brands which has been manufacturing knives over 280 years. The Zwilling Pro 6’’ meat cleaver is one of the most user-friendly knives by them. They designed this cleaver with complete safety and security.

It is a high quality and heavy-duty meat cleaver which can chop meat and bones effortlessly. The blades are constructed with high carbon steel that makes it highly durable and corrosion resistant. This ice hardened FRIODUR blade remains sharp for a longer time.

Curved bolster is ideal for more precise cutting. This also assists for more control and less fatigue during chopping task.

Full tang and handle are triple riveted for good balance. It has a hole at corner for easy hanging.

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  • Durable
  • Lightweight and Well-balanced cleaver
  • Curved bolster allows for precision cutting, safety, and comfort


  • Small blade

 Spevorix Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver

Spevorix meat cleaver is multipurpose cleaver as you can use it for chopping bones, large cuts of meat and hard vegetables. This cleaver also chops or shreds the meat and vegetables easily.

The blades have professional Japanese skilled edge which retains the sharpness longer. It is ideal for cutting bones as this is capable of chopping whole chicken fast and hassle-free.

It comes with an ergonomic handle constructed of Pakka wooden. This allows for extra safety while chopping.

There is a hole in corner of a blade, convenient for easy storage.

The device has complied with rules and regulations of FDA, LFGB, and Japan food contact. It ensures the overall safety of the cleaver.

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  • Full tang construction
  • Multipurpose
  • Wooden handle for added safety and comfortable grip
  • Comes with an instruction guide, stone, base, sharpening guide and leveling stone


  • Heavy in weight

Messermeister Four Seasons 7-inch Heavy Meat Cleaver

Messermeister four seasons cleaver is handcrafted with 60 plus experience, in Santa Catarina, Portugal. It is made for heavy duty task just right for commercial as well as home kitchen.

This cleaver is equipped with German stainless carbon alloy blade which is corrosion resistant. It holds its edge retention even after longer use. If you want to reshape, it is easy to reshape its edges.

It’s molded and polypropylene handle provides a good grip to handle the heavy job. This resists the oxidation even in exposure to recurrent moisture.

The balance and heft, work together perfectly for chopping the bones. It can cleave your chicken effortlessly.

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  • Molded, Sanitary Polypropylene Handle for comfortable gripping
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defect
  • NSF approved


  • The blade isn’t sharp but typically the cleaver doesn’t come with high sharpness

How to Sharpen Your Cleaver?

Watch out the following is the video that shows how to sharpen your cleaver thoroughly.

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Wrap Up

So, these are the best meat cleaver for cutting bones which makes your task effortless. By choosing any cleaver from these, you will definitely able to cut through the bones without damaging it.

All the knives are well built and solid. So, you don’t need to worry about durability.

I especially would like to figure out Dexter-Russell (S5288) – 8″ Heavy-Duty Cleaver. It is an inexpensive knife with no fancy bells and whistles as well as safe to use. This is what I was looking for.

I like its quality and durability at this affordable price range. It serves best for my main purpose of bone cutting.

If you want a multipurpose cleaver, Spevorix is the good option. If you have a tight budget, you can go with Utopia or want something stylish then Zwilling is best for you.

I do hope, you also would have got your best ones that suits your need.