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Best Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure (Complete Guide)

Best kitchen faucet for low water pressure
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Are you facing the issue of low water pressure in your home?  If so, then you need a faucet that works well with the low water pressure and you can clean your utensils without any hassle.

A kitchen sink is a great place where you have convenience in washing utensils, food preparation, and many other culinary tasks. It is just an essential part of your kitchen.

Now a day there are amazing kitchen faucet models available in the market out there. But choosing the best one is a quite difficult job.

So, here I am going to reveal to you, the best kitchen faucet for low water pressure which is the best bang for bucks.

If you are in hurry, then here is our top pick

Blanco 441332 Semi-Pro Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet

How to Calculate the Accurate Water Pressure in Your Home?

Generally, water pressure measured in a bar. 1 meter = 0.1 bar.

If you are not getting enough water supply at your taps, you need to measure the exact water pressure to find a faucet for steady flow.

For, calculating the exact water pressure, you need to measure (height) distance between the bottom of the tank and tap outlet in meters. Measure the distance from tap to top ceiling. Then add to it, the distance between the floor of your loft and bottom of the tank.

If there is an additional floor between your kitchen and the loft, then add the height from that floor to ceiling to the above-mentioned measurement.

The following table will help you to calculate the water pressure.

Distance water pressure

1 meter equals 0.1 bar

2 meter equals 0.2 bar

3 meter equals 0.3 bar

Like this, you can calculate the water pressure depending upon the height which you have.

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What is Low Water Pressure and How to Find Reliable Faucet for It?

What is low water pressure

Generally, a low water pressure system is gravity fed (regular boiler). In this system, a cold water tank located in the loft and hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs. Here water pressure on the first floor is 0.2 bar or less and the water pressure at the ground floor is 0.5 bar or less.

All Kitchen and bathroom faucets are rated by the GPM flow (Gallons Per Minute) at some pressure. The lowest pressure required for the functioning of faucet is measured in ‘bar’.

High-pressure faucets are 1.0 bar and above. Low-pressure water faucets come with 0.3 bar and below. The medium pressure faucet works between 0.3 and 1.0 bar.

If you have a gravity fed system with no pump, you will have very low water pressure and you should buy the tap with high GPM possible with 0.2 bar or even less rating. Here water pressure to the upstairs bathroom will be 0.2 bar or 0.1 bar. If the kitchen located at the ground, the water pressure will be 0.5 bar.

If you buy a faucet with 0.5 bar pressure for low water pressure, it won’t work perfectly, unless you have two-storey building and the kitchen sink on the ground floor.

What Happens If You Fit the Wrong Water Tap?

If you fit a faucet that has relatively high GPM & high-pressure rating and you have less water pressure at the tap, then you will face troubles with your faucet.

Even if the GPM is more, since the pressure rating doesn’t suites your less water pressure conditions, it will not give enough flow to satisfy your needs. You will get very weak hot water flow and in some  cases, you won’t get water supply at all through your tap.

Homes with low water pressure (calculated as mentioned above) need a particular kitchen faucet with high GPM flow (Gallons Per Minute) with low-pressure rating. It allows for continuous a steady water flow. Whereas homes with high-pressure water can get steady flow of water with any kind of kitchen faucet.

If you don’t know about which water system you have, you can take the help of a plumber to know your prevailing water pressure conditions.

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure?

1.Water Pressure

If you are looking for kitchen faucet for low water pressure, the first important thing you need to measure exact water pressure at your home.

For this, you should know which water system is currently working at your home. You may end up with insufficient or no water supply with the wrong faucet selection. High GPM & low pressure is the combination which you need to look for.

2.Durable and long-lasting finish

Choose the finish which is long-lasting and durable. PVD finish is the best option you will have. Faucet without PVD finish will work fine too. But they will show signs of wear and tear sooner than PVD finish faucets.

3.Quality Brand

If you choose the quality brand faucet, you don’t need to replace it soon, as it is durable for long years. If you buy cheap, you may save a few bucks initially at the time of purchase, but you would likely spend more in the long run for repairing and replacement.

4.Appearance and style of your kitchen

Choose the kitchen faucet which complements your style and appearance of your kitchen. Whether you have a classic, traditional or contemporary kitchen, select the faucet that goes with the look.

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Best Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure at home, then you have limited models of faucet that works efficiently. Still, you have amazing choices which work perfectly for a low water pressure system.

Blanco 441332 Semi-Pro, 2.2 GPM, Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet

 Blanco 441332 Semi-Pro Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet comes with modern and beautiful design with great features. This gooseneck faucet featured with eye-catching high arc with elegant design.

Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen interior, it suits any kitchen design. It is constructed of solid brass which ensures longevity.

This faucet has a sleek metallic finish and expedient one-handed usage. The ceramic disc cartridge ensures leak-proof design.

It has a metallic docking system that helps to holds firmly in its position. The faucet and nozzle are easy to maintain.

Generally, commercial-style faucets come in 30” height. But this Blanco faucet comes in 22” height with strong water flow with 2.2 GPM.

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  • Durable
  • Dual spray function
  • Leak-proof design
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Satin nickel finish is not as durable as stainless steel. But with proper maintenance, you can make it long-lasting.

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Kohler K-596-Vs Simplice High-Arch Single-Hole Or Three-Hole, Single Handle, Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

 This Kohler K-596-Vs Simplice High-Arch Single-Hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet comes in classy and universal design with exceptional ergonomics and functionality.

It comes with three functions pull-down head which includes stream, boost and sweep spray technologies. Boost function allows you for increasing the flow rate by 30% which is much helpful in low water pressure.

It has a 16.6 tall high arc spout which swivels at 360 degrees. It aids to perform a variety of sink activities.

Now, you don’t need to face difficulty in controlling water volume and temperature. This Kohler kitchen faucet has integrated ceramic valves that control the water volume and temperature. Its temperature memory allows you to turn off and turn on the faucet at your chosen setting.

It is featured with a DockNetic magnetic docking system that helps to securely lock the spray head into its place.

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  • A 360-degree swiveling spray head
  • Promotion technology
  • Easy cleanup and installation
  • High arc spout


  • No spot proof finish

American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

 American Standard has a very rich history in plumbing development. It offers quality faucet with a sleek design and best optimization features. This American Standard 4175.300.075 pull down kitchen faucet has no exception.

It comes in brass swivel spout which makes it scratch and corrosion resistant due to its natural properties. So your faucet will look brand new even after its long use.

It is equipped with a ceramic disc valve that ensures drip-free performance. This also allows you for smooth handle control in extreme temperatures and hard water conditions.

American Standard also takes care of safety while designing the faucet. It meets the NSF Standard 61/Section 9 and Prop 65 lead requirements set forth by the government. Its memory position valve and handle are Americans with Disability Act (ADA) approved which ensures safety aspect.

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  • Stylish appearance
  • Adjustable spray pattern and pause function
  • Metal lever handle
  • Easy installation


  • The radius of the faucet arm should be tighter, so the water sprays more straight down.

Everflow 17188 Kitchen Faucet with Spray

 If you are looking for a budget-friendly kitchen faucet with a traditional and simple design which suits your traditional decor, then this Everflow 17188 kitchen faucet is the best option for you. It offers symmetric styling and steadfast performance that perfectly suits to any sink.

It is featured with 2 handle design for adjustment of hot and cold water. This 2 handle design is much easy to operate.

It comes in a chrome finish which is durable and easy to clean as well. The faucet is scratch and stain-resistant.

This kitchen faucet has high arc gooseneck swivel design spout which eases the cleaning and filling cookware.

Its aerator flow rate is 2.2GPM at 60 PSI. This faucet needs 3 or 4 holes in mounting configurations. It comes with matching ergonomic side spray with front trigger design that eases activation.

This Everflow faucet is an environmental- friendly faucet and also WaterSense certified.

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  • High-arc gooseneck spout
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean and install


  • The spray could be bigger and wider

Final Verdict

So, these are the best kitchen faucet for low water pressure which ensures good water flow if you have a low water pressure system in your house.

They all are beautifully designed kitchen faucets that look aesthetic in your kitchen. It ensures strong water flow in even in low water pressure.

If the budget is not an issue, then Blanco 441332 Semi-Pro Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet is the most powerful and durable option. If you want a budget-friendly faucet, then Everflow 17188 kitchen faucet is the best option for you.

So, choose the kitchen faucet as per your needs and requirement. I assure you will not regret your choice.