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Circulon Symmetry Vs Momentum Vs Premier Professional

Circulon Symmetry Vs Momentum Vs Premier Professional
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The most crucial thing about cooking food is the cookware you entrust your meals with.

It’s a big challenge to choose the perfect cookware with an overwhelming choice of kitchenware products available in the market.

Circulon is an internationally recognized producer of nonstick pans manufactured using their special patented nonstick system with a hard-anodized coating of aluminum.

Circulon always works passionately towards creating innovative cooking solutions that make them superior than their competitors.

Here we will review their Symmetry series and pitch it vs the Momentum and the Premier Professional collections.

Circulon Symmetry

Circulon Symmetry is an 11-piece collection manufactured with durable heavy-duty anodized aluminum, which hardens it twice more than stainless steel.

It offers an excellent cooking finish and an extraordinary food release. The Total ® Food Release System it is equipped with will give you an excellent release, combined with the stainless three-layer nonstick coating from DuPont.

Its stainless steel handles do not heat quickly and not only promise a comfortable grip but also help you in being confident with handling any sort of food in it.

The tempered glass lids it comes with fit tightly into the surfaces, locking heat perfectly and maintaining the correct moisture inside. The metal body of the set is designed to withstand up to 500°F of oven temperature and function safely inside dishwashers.

Apart from all this, its style and elegant black color offer an appeal that is matchless and sets it apart from any other utensils inside your kitchen.

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Circulon Momentum

 Fusing durability and all-round cooking performance Circulon’s Momentum collections offer superior nonstick technology and the convenience of being dishwasher-safe and it is incredibly easy to clean.

Whether it is flamed or induced, Momentum works efficiently on every cooktop. You can use it anywhere because it is both stove and induction compatible.

Its composition might not be PTFE-free because of the nonstick functionality but it really is PFOA-free and environment-friendly.

The Circulon Momentum series is designed to withstand up to 400°F of temperature and gives you a great deal of leverage inside an oven.

The silicone-core stainless steel handles offer you a firm grip with their double riveted structure for a confident handhold.

The collection has all the necessary kitchenware including pots and pans. Circulon offers a free lifetime guarantee for all its products under the Momentum set which shows the company’s confidence in the quality.

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Circulon Premier Professional

 The Circulon Premier Professional is a 13-piece heavy-gauge anodized; stainless steel-based cookware designed primarily for magnetic induction cooktops.

Circulon Premier incorporates nonstick functionality for a smooth finish and release. You stay assured about its safety when using it because its design does not use heavy metals or PFOAs.

The surface is perched with projections of rings or circles in order to minimize the contact surface between the utensils and the surface as much as possible.

This is an essential design to enhance the longevity of the pans to the maximum extent while also preventing the scraping or tear-up of the steel’s finish.

The handles are made of stainless steel but clad in rubber allowing for a better hand-grip and increased insulation from heat.

They are fixed with twin rivets that help the handle stay in place. The structure is designed to bear up to a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit inside the oven.

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Major Differences

The non-stick coating of the Circulon Symmetry impresses most of the kitchenware users.

Its ability to release the food easily and give a perfect finishing can help you cook anything with ease without worrying about cleaning the mess up afterward, the cooked meal comes right off with utmost ease.

You don’t have to soak or scrub anything. It is designed to have a thick bonded bottom, which gives it a very well balanced weight and allows for heating all along with it from underneath.

Every part is prone to get equal amounts of heat which is a useful utility when cooking food as it doesn’t allow the food to burn or black down like with pans having thin bottoms.

Most of the users who reviewed the Symmetry remarked that all the products have a solid feel and a robust weight distribution even when having very little weight generally.

The most notable thing about it is that all the cookware within the set has a threshold of 500°F in the oven which beats most of its competitors.

Many users, however, have noted that the Symmetry is a little more expensive than its counterparts from competitors are.

Some of them have also complained about the nonstick peel coming off after a few years of usage. The Premier Professional collection is more expensive than the Circulon Symmetry, which offers lesser pieces for almost the same amount of money, but is more expensive than the Symmetry in general.

The Premier is a great choice if you want to add more cooking ware in your kitchen. It has 13 pieces and weighs around 30 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

A great advantage for the Circulon Premier Professional set is the amount of diversity available with the deal. This particular collection also is fairly economical because the competitor companies offer sets that are smaller in size compared to the Premier but lie in the same price range.

Another notable thing is that, according to the customer feedback, the Premier Professional has better and more durable nonstick qualities than the Symmetry and its reliability is more consistent over time.

Momentum, on the other hand, has a far superior technology concerning nonstick ability. It’s easier to clean and is oven safe just like other sets of Circulon are.

But that said, the major disadvantage with the Momentum is that it is not PTFE free whereas both the Symmetry and the Prime Professional have no such issue.

This is not a major issue and has not been found to be toxic for health and the regulatory authorities find it acceptable for conventional kitchen usage.

The main thing is that it is PFOA free but is not free from PTFE, which can cause some concern among the buyers as many of them are searching for products with these abilities.

Along with that, the stainless steel used in Circulon Momentum is more heavyweight as compared to the other collections.

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Which One is Good For You?

While it cannot be absolutely said what product is the best for you, as every person has a different magnitude of needs, but because of the quality it offers at the same economical price than its competitors, it can be deduced that the Symmetry is the best among the three for your kitchen needs.

This is because of its better and enhanced ability to withstand an oven-safe temperature of 500°F, more than any other among those mentioned.

In the domain of compatibility too, the Symmetry offers a great deal of diversity and is usable on every cooktop from stove-heated to induction stove.

A Symmetry set is the ideal go-to kitchenware for someone looking to upgrade their already large kitchen collection.

It may warrant a little more upkeep than normal to keep it working smoothly but otherwise, it’s an excellent choice, easy to wash and easier still to care for in the long-run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean Circulon pans?

To ensuring longer use of cookware, you need to clean it on regular basis. It also required for hygiene of food.

For removing surface grease or food from Circulon pans, let soak your pan with warm soapy water for at least 3 to 10 minutes.

Use mild dish soap instead of harsh cleaners. Rinse it thoroughly.

When the pan is covered in warm soapy water, scrub the inside and edges of the pan using a soft nylon brush.

Don’t use steel wool as it causes damage nonstick coating of cookware.

Then rinse your pan with clear warm water to get rid of the soap. Dry the pan thoroughly as there may cause bacterial growth on the wet pan.

If you want to clean inside grooves of the pan, make a solution of 3 parts of water and one part of vinegar. Boil this mixture in the pan on medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Allow it to cool.

Scrub the grooves with a nylon brush and warm soapy water. Rinse and dry it thoroughly.

How to avoid damage to Circulon non-stick cookware?

As this Circulon cookware is non-stick, you need to take care of cookware to avoid any damage and ensure longer usage.

Avoid continuous high heat or overheating the cookware as it leads to non-stick coating come off. Don’t store any type of food in cookware after cooking.Avoid the use of the oil sprays as oil will burn quickly when cookware gets heated. If you want to spray oil on the food, you can spray oil before adding food in preheated cookware.

What cooking utensils should use with Circulon cookware?

Although the minor scratches may adversely affect the performance of the cookware. So you should choose the utensils carefully for using with any non-stick cookware like Circulon.

Wooden utensils are absolutely safe to use with Circulon cookware. You can also use heat resistant nylon cooking utensils with this cookware to prevent scratches.

Don’t use sharp metal kitchen utensils like fork, whisks or knives as it may damage the surface of the cookware.

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