Black and Decker Blender Blinking? 6 Main Reasons and 7 Solutions!

Black and Decker Blender Blinking
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It is a nice Saturday morning and you are craving some pancakes and a smoothie or you simply want to make some baby food.

Thank goodness for that blender you got on offer.

You get your smoothie ingredients out.

You turn on the blender and Walla, the Black and Decker blender is blinking.

Do not panic!

There are several reasons why this could happen.

Your Black and Decker blender blinking could be because of overheating, jamming or it could be overloaded.

At times you simply have to check how you placed the pitcher or reduce the load of the ingredients inside.

You should also consider checking the power cord.

Most of the time the solution requires a do-it-yourself approach. It is that simple.

Keep Reading to know reasons and solutions in detail.

Causes of Black and Decker Blender Blinking

Information is power and here are just some of the reasons why your blender could be acting up.

The lid is not properly fixed

If the lid of your Black+Decker PowerCrush is not properly fitted then the blinking will start.

Power shuts off for safety reasons so the first thing that you need to do when you notice the power light flashing is to check the lid.

Ensure that is tightly and rightly in place. If it isn’t then reset till it is properly set.

The blender is overheating 

Your Black+ Decker Crush Master loves you so much that they decided to send you a warning sign.

Yes, your blender is having a fever!

It is blinking because of too much heat and it needs to cool down.

Normally when overheating is the issue, you will detect some smoke emanating from the pitcher base. This is a sure sign that you should let your blender be.

Proceeding with trying to blend and ignoring this warning is dangerous.

You could get burned or damaged parts of the blender.

The blender needs a good cleaning

Your Black and Decker blender blinking could be as a result of it having some baggage it needs to get rid of.

It could be that something is lodged inside it.

The parts need to be checked thoroughly.

Food scraps are normally the culprits in such situations.

Improperly fitted pitcher

You woke up early with a smoothie appetite and your appetite could dictate how you do things.

The reason why your blender could be blinking could be because of an oversight.

You did not check how you placed the pitcher.

When the pitcher is improperly fitted on the blender base, it won’t work.

The blender is overloaded

The blender could be blinking because you have placed too much stuff inside the pitcher.

This is especially true when you are blending heavy ingredients.

The blender will go ahead and automatically shut off so as to avoid damaging the motor.

There is a jam

Black and Decker blenders may blink if they are jammed.

If this is the case then the blender will stop all operations to save the motor from any damage.

Black and Decker Blender Blinking?- Fixes

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to panic.

Your blinking blender is simply a warning system to let you know something is wrong.

The fixes are not rocket science so bring out the nerd in you and save the day.

Whatever a quick fix can’t do requires professional help and perhaps replacement of parts.

Reduce the ingredients

You are using heavy ingredients.

Once the blinking starts press the power button to reset your blender then unplug it from the power cord.

The pitcher should be detached from the base.

 The next thing is to reduce your heavy ingredients into smaller portions.

You can also add some water or stock to lubricate the blending process.

Clear the Jamming

First and foremost press the power button so as to reset your blender then unplug it from the power cord.

Remove the pitcher from its base.

Now take a scrapper and gently free the blades inside.

You can as well remove the contents at the bottom of the blender.

Dealing with the lid

To ensure that the lid is properly seated, all you need to hear is a click sound when rotating it.

Sometimes the click sound can be loud and sometimes there is no click sound at all but the lid is in sync with all the right hooks.

Seating the base

We already saw that if the pitcher isn’t properly seated then your blender will blink.

This can also take place and a part of it is not snapped all the way in.

Ensure that the front of the pitcher is facing you and a click sound is produced while it snaps into place. Check both sides where all snaps meet.

Ensure there is no leaning or crookedness. Point to note.

It is not enough to insert the pitcher into a blender’s base.

Always check to see it is locked in securely.

Let the blender rest to prevent overheating 

One obvious sign that your blender is overheating is that it will release some smoke.

Once again, do not fret!

First and foremost, turn it off then let it rest for at least half an hour before using the blender again.

If you are afraid then get a handyman to check out the blender for you.

Blender cleaning

The blender lights could be blinking because something is lodged inside the blender.

To mitigate this problem, you will have to remove parts of the pitcher and check if there is anything stuck where the parts meet.

If you see anything stuck for instance a small object or food scraps then pick the out carefully.

Do not turn on your blender until you have thoroughly cleaned it or else more serious damage could occur.

You might end up buying a new blender or paying more for serious repairs.

Check the cord

At times the blender blinks due to a faulty cord.

You need to check the cord if our blender light is blinking.

In this case, professional help is recommended.

Related Questions

Why is my Black and Decker Cyclone blender is flashing EE?

If your Black and Decker Cyclone blender is flashing EE, then first you have to check if the bowl is properly sitting on the driver wheel, or if the cover is ok.

Also, try out plugging the blender into another power outlet.
The Black and Decker Cyclone blender gets automatically shuts off after 2 minutes for speeds 1 to 18 and after 20 seconds for the PULSE and CRUSH functions.

If this happens, the LED display shows “EE”.

For fixing this, you need to unplug the blender and wait 30 seconds.

 Why is my Black and Decker jar bottom doesn’t come off of the jar?

Black and Decker jar bottom doesn’t come off of jar because of vacuum formed inside the jar.

For solving this issue, you need to place a jar on the blender.

Then turn it counterclockwise till the jar comes off from the bottom.

In this way, you can release the jar from the bottom.

Why is My Black and Decker blender not turning on?

Your Black and Decker is not turning on because the appliance is plugged in properly.

You can check that the blender is plugged into a working outlet.

Also, check that it is plugged in properly into the outlet.

Herbs and bread not chopping and sticking to the sides of the Black and Decker blender?

If you want to chop something in your blender, the blender jar, blade, and food to be chopped should be dry. Otherwise, it won’t get chopped properly.

The same is applicable for chopping bread and herbs.

If the bread or herbs are wet as well as the blade and jar are wet, it won’t chop the food precisely.

So, always make sure that the blade, jar, and food to be chopped are dry before placing them into the jar for chopping.


Black and Decker is a household name known to manufacture nothing but the best.

It should also be noted that like every other electrical device, blenders are susceptible to breaking.

It is therefore important to know the reasons why and how to fix the blender. 

Do not leave the issues unaddressed because Black and Decker blenders are a great investment for your kitchen. 

In cases where the issue persists, kindly take your blender to a service station.





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