Why Is My Blendjet Blender Not Charging?: The Complete Guide

BlendJet Blender Not Charging
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People love to use Blendjet blenders in their kitchens because they are popular electric appliances.

In most homes, it combines food and liquids several times a day and is used several times.

However, a Blendjet blender can start having certain problems due to its repeated heavy use.

One of the most common problems is the Blendjet blender not charging.

There are many reasons why your blender is not charging.

Your BlendJet blender wont charge due to broken cable or faulty charging adapter.

If the power cord is not working properly causes the BlendJet not charging.

In some cases base is the culprit for occuring this issue.

If the base gets damaged or faulty connection inside the base leads to this issue. 

The following instructions will help you fix the blender charging issue.

 Reasons Behind Blendjet Blender Not Charging

There can be a few reasons why your Blendjet blender is not charging.

Most probably, these are reasons that cause your Blendjet not charging issue.

You are using a broken cable

Sometimes solutions are so quick that you don’t need to dive into much technical.

A rechargeable blender usually comes with the blender USB charging cable.

If you are using a cable that is broken, your Blendjet blender will not charge.

So, you should check the cable if it is working properly or not.

Dust on the charging cord, for example, can also cause a problem.

In that case, all you need to do is clear the cord and start charging.

The charging adapter is not working

Many folks use a charging adapter for charging your personal rechargeable blender.

After the inspection of the cable, once you got to know, the cable is working perfectly, checking the charging adapter is an essential step.

If your charging adapter is not working, your blender will not charge.

The power cord is not working properly

The power cord of the blender should be maintained properly.

It means you should take care of the power cord of your portable blender while using your blender.

The serious bends or folds of the power cord lead to damage to your cord.

If the power cord of your blender is not working properly, your Blendjet blender won’t charge.

Faulty connection inside the base

The Blendjet has a fixed motor into the base.

If the cable and adapter are working right, you need to inspect the base.

Check if there is any faulty connection inside the base.

A damaged base

Blendjet doesn’t recommend hot liquids over 120°F / 49°C which may cause damage, including leaks, to the Blendjet one jar and base.

To clean your BlendJet one, you simply need to put water with an optional drop of dish soap inside and run it once or more times as needed.

Never submerge the electronic base into the water.

If you submerge the base into the water, it will damage your blender.

So, if the base is damaged, the Blendjet won’t recharge.


There may be a simple reason why your Blendjet blender is not charging.

If you also have the not charging issue with your Blendjet blender, you can take some initiative to solve the problem.

How to Solve Blendjet Blender Not Charging Issue?

Use a High-Quality Error Free Cable

A proper way to charge your blender is to use an error-free, high-quality cable.

You should charge your blender with the cable that comes with the product.

You can also use your phone charger to charge your Blendjet blender.

But make sure the cable is working properly.

People often mistake and think that the issue is with the blender.

Inspect the cable first before going for the next step.

This can be done by using the cable on another device and seeing if it works.

Make sure you use an error-free, high-quality cable while charging your Blendjet blender.

Check The Charging Adapter

If you are using a charging adapter to charge your blender, make sure it is working correctly.

After inspecting that the charging cable is working smoothly, it is the next step you can check.

Checking the charging cable is also easy.

You can also check it using other electronic devices.

You have to buy the best charging adapter if the one you are using is not working properly.

If you find out that the charging cable and the adapter are working properly, there must be an internal reason why the Blendjet is not charging.

Verify That The Power Code is Working Well

You have to make sure the power cord is in good condition with your Blendjet blender.

The cords inside the protective cord sleeve often break if they are kinked.

You can check to determine if the cord is bent or folded by looking for serious bends or folds.

If the cord is kinked, it is likely to cause the problem.

This is why your blender is not charging.

Check the blender’s instruction manual for more information.

The cord should be easy to replace once it can be removed from the inside of the base.

Make sure the terminal is Clean

If a blender isn’t charging, you should try to clean out the terminals.

Take off the cover of the switch housing and the switch buttons so that you can see the screws that hold it in place.

Disconnect the screws connecting the housing to the plate.

Spray solvent on the contacts, terminals, and openings once cleaned.

You may also fix your blender this way; after that, try charging your Blendjet blender.

Restore The Damaged Base

When you find the blender base is damaged, your blender will not charge anymore.

You can repair the damaged base using the instruction manual.

But before replacing the base, make sure all the base parts are set up properly.

Make sure the base is screwed on tight enough, then start charging.

If it is not working, use further inspection and repair it.

Contact The Professionals

You can also ask the blendjet support team to help you out of the situation.

In some cases, they may request further investigation of the unit.

You must follow their instructions to solve the issue.

If your Blendjet blender is still under warranty, you can replace it with the help of them.

A professional can also examine your blender if you prefer to solve the not charging issue of your blender.

The blender can be repaired through them if there is a problem.

The Perfect Way to Know if Your Blendjet Blender is Charging

If you’re wondering, how do I know when my blender is charging?

Once you plug in the blender, you can check its light to make sure it works.

The colors of the Blendjet blender are different from the regular blender.

When it is charging, the device’s ring changes colors from purple to blue.

The blender is fully charged when the light around the power button gradually changes to a blue circle.

It indicates that you need to plug in the Blendjet when the circle on the blender flashes red and purple.

You must read the manual of your portable blender to learn what each color signifies about the charging status of the battery.

Additional Tips To Take care of Blendjet Charging System

 Here are some extra tips on how to take care of your Blendjet charging System.

You can extend the life of your blender if you take proper care of its charging system.

1.Before using the blender, unplug the charging cable.

2. Charge the portable blender before using it.

3. The motor base of the blender should not be submerged in water unless the manual specifically states it is waterproof.

Related Questions

How long to Charge a Blendjet Portable Blender?

Depending on the blender model, some may charge in only 2 hours, while others may take 8 hours.

Blendjet blender takes 1.5 hours to charge fully.

In a sense, portable blender setting systems are designed like phone charging systems.

The same is true for portable blenders, which can be charged using slow, fast, or quick chargers.

Make sure you charge your blender after each use.

For maximum performance, you must charge your blender properly.

Why will my BlendJet not work?

The jar and base are equipped with a small magnet that must be aligned for the blades to spin.

There can be so many reasons why your Blendjet is not working.

Flashing red lights signify that your blender needs to be recharged or that it has blocked blades.

Recharging it properly and solving the blocked blade issue will make your Blendjet work.

If your BlendJet is not working here is our full guide to fix it.

Is it Safe to Use a BlendJet Portable Blender While Charging?

You can plug the micro USB cable into anything from your PC to a portable car charger to charge the personal blender.

It’s not possible to use the portable blender while it is charging.

Some models won’t even turn on or spin while charging.

As a result, you shouldn’t charge your blender and use it simultaneously.

How do I know if my BlendJet portable blender is charging?

The light ring around the power button of the blender indicates the battery level while charging.

For Blendjet two model, as your BlendJet charges, the lights will change from purple to blue.

When the light around the power button makes a complete blue circle, it means your BlendJet is fully charged now.

If you are using Blendjet One it will differ.

When you plug in the socket, you will see a red light on the blender, indicating charging.

It indicates that the blender is fully charged when the red color changes to green.

If the blender is not fully charged, the red color will return after several hours.

Why is My Blendjet Portable Blender not Blending?

The blades of your blender may be stuck, preventing it from blending.

Another reason the blender might stall is the presence of too many frozen ingredients.

Using a perfect ratio will ensure a smoother blend.

Final Words

After reading the article, we hope you will find out why your Blendjet blender is not charging.

You will also solve the issues by using the tips and tricks.

Be sure to charge your blender before using it fully.

When using a portable blender, it is good to avoid adding ingredients that require more power.




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