Breville Blender Lid Stuck?: 5 Easiest Tricks to Fix It!

Breville Blender Lid Stuck
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When we talk about the most stylish and advanced designed blenders, no doubt, Breville is the brand that comes to our minds first.

Breville Blenders are something that you want in your collection on any given day!

However, you must be struggling with a few things, no matter how flexible you are with the blender’s usage.

Now you must be reading this article because you own a Breville Blender and want to fix the problem that has been annoying you for quite some time.

If I’m not wrong, then you are regularly struggling with your Breville Blender lid stuck that is not easily coming off!

Are you worried that your regular Breville Blender lid stuck situation will eventually force you to abandon your product?

Then don’t worry, you are in the right place to get rid of this annoying problem because this article will guide you through the causes of the lid being stuck and the best fixes for it.

The Causes Behind Your Breville Blender Lid to Get Stuck

There can be several solvable reasons behind your Breville Blender’s lid getting stuck and not coming off easily.

However, finding out the reasons behind your Breville Blender lid being stuck can save you from facing this inconvenience repeatedly.

The main reasons behind the lid getting stuck are discussed below-

Bad Gasket

Most of the time you will see that the main reason behind the lid being stuck is that the gasket of your Breville Blender pitcher might have worn off.

This is the reason in most of the Breville Blenders’ stuck lids’ cases.

If you stumble across a problem like a gasket gone bad, then you might have to come forward with your warranty card so that you can replace it and get a new one.

Otherwise, you might have to go for a new one.

Dried Up Oil Lubrication

Another of the reasons behind your Breville Blender lid getting stuck is the lack of inner side lubrication of the base cup of the blade.

Without having enough oil, the blades are more likely to dry up and will get tightened.

And this ends up causing you so much effort behind opening the container.

No matter what, until the blades are being oiled, the problem won’t be solved.

Blender Vacuum

A very common reason behind all the Breville Blender’s lids getting stuck in the blender vacuum.

It is more often seen that the container gasket has got vacuum-sealed within the container.

This mostly happens when you are up for making something using ice cubes.

Blending something for a long time with ice cubes in it will cause the blender to suck in air, which results in creating a vacuum.

So, if you find your Breville Blender lid has got stuck and you’re failing to open it, then remove the container only when your blender has finished its cycle.

Or you can use Breville BBL002SIL Vac Q Blender Vacuum Pump to remove air from the jug.

Overloading the Container

An overloaded container can be another of the reasons for your Breville Blender lid to get stuck.

The blender will have a hard time blending everything all if you put too many ingredients at once into your blender, it might end up stopping the blade from spinning, and result in locking up your blender lid.

Activator Getting Jammed

If your activator gets jammed then you are pretty much likely to experience your Breville Blender lid getting stuck as well.

This is another of the common reasons behind the lid getting stuck in Breville Blenders.

If you are not careful enough with the machine and stuff up too many ingredients in your container all at once then you will end up with your lid stuck.

Putting too many dry ingredients can make it happen more often.

Inappropriate lid placement

The locking mechanism of the lid and lid handle may become faulty if it falls from a high or comes through an irresponsible transport system.

So, the lid can sometimes get stuck for the faulty mechanism.

Food Chunk Underneath Lid Handle

If you somehow end up having food residue stuck in chunks underneath the lid handle then you are more likely to experience your Breville Blender lid getting stuck by it.

This happens many times when a chunk of food is left out from the ingredients we put into the blender and gets stuck underneath the lid handle.

This is also not an uncommon problem and causing your annoyance, this can result in your Breville Blender getting stuck.

Breville Blender Lid Stuck Solutions

The common phenomena of Breville Blender’s Lid Stuck can also be solved and avoided by applying several tricks.

If you are not about to use your Breville blender, while you are storing the pitcher, then try not to close the pitcher with a lid.

However, always try to leave the lid off the container while not using it.

Apply cooking oil or pam spray on the lid.

This can prevent the lid stuck issue in the long term as well.

Let’s look at the best solutions for avoiding the lid getting stuck.

Using thumb pressure to lift

To fix a stuck Breville Blender lid situation, you should follow the steps below:

1.Push down the ‘Release’ button once on the Breville lid.

2. Turn the pitcher upside down. The pitcher has a small button at the corner beneath. Make sure to push it up.

3. Take the pitcher and turn it upside down again. Put your thumb into the inner side after flipping the open.

4. Get your thumb inside the pitcher and have a nice grip with it like carrying a football.

Put a bit extra pressure with your thumb for pushing the lid, after getting your thumb inside.

Soon enough, you’ll see the Breville lid popping up.

5. Check it all over again.

Place the lid once more on your pitcher to observe if it easily comes off after pushing the ‘Release’ button down.

If it easily comes off then the lid is certainly working well.

Applying pressure on the handle

The stuck lid can be removed with the method mentioned previously.

However, if this fix does not work, then there is one fix that can help the lid of the Breville Blender to come-off swiftly.

1.The first step would be to apply steady and gentle pressure on the Breville blender lid’s handle.

2. This pressure applied to the handle generates additional pressure on the lumps located beneath the handle.

Also, the pressure would be created on the bilateral handle hooks.

3. Parallelly, initiate pushing the ‘Release’ button.

4. In this way, you will see the lid pop up. The best thing is this whole process of removing the lid does not require any tools.

Using Tweezers

One good remedy you can apply to fix your stuck lid to the pitcher is using tweezers.

Look at where the handle is attached to your blender’s lid and you will find white latches on any of the sides.

Lifting these latches with tweezers (a pair) will be the next step that you have to do.

Using a small flat screwdriver can do the work as well. After lifting this, the lid will come off quickly.

Using Pam Spray

Another very good option to take off the lid from the pitcher is using pam spray.

Apply a little pam spray on the Breville Blender lid.

After that pull the lid apart using a flat-head screwdriver.

A slight spray on the lid every time before using can be very helpful for smooth usage.

Using Hot water

Take your stuck Breville blender’s lid off easily by applying hot water every time it gets stuck to the pitcher.

Add hot water to a saucepan.

Applying hot water or putting the pitcher in hot water will cause the lid to expand and loosen up.

Applying this can be a good option if none of the above-mentioned steps do not work.

Related Questions

Can you put hot liquids in a Breville blender?

Yes, you can put hot liquid in Breville blender but you cannot blend boiling hot liquids in this blender.

You should allow temperature to drop before putting into the jug for blending.

You should be careful if you poured hot liquid into the blender, as it can be ejected out of the jug due to sudden steaming.

While blending hot liquid make sure inner measuring cap is in its place.

This cap protects from splashing hot liquid while blending them.

Be careful while taking off the lid after blending hot liquid because steam traps may form in liquid and ejected out of the jug.

Why does the food sticks to blade and jug of my Breville blender?

The food sticks to Breville blender blade and jug because of too thick mixture too blend.

In this case, you can ad more water to mixture.

You can also solve the issue with using slow speed for blending your food.

My Breville blender chopping food too fine or watery?

If your Breville blender is chopping food too fine or watery, then try blending for shorter time.

You can also use PULSE or ICE CRUSH function for getting better control.


As you know the easy hacks to get your Breville Blender’s lid off your pitcher, this whole thing is expected not to annoy you any further.

You must keep in mind that these are very easy tricks.

Also, you won’t need much money for applying these tricks.

So, learn the tricks and apply them whenever needed to secure your pitcher and lid.

Also storing the pitcher and lid properly should be a major priority, so that this issue doesn’t come over again and again.

So, learn these hacks and enjoy your premium Breville Blender machine effortlessly.


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