Breville Blender Won’t Turn on?: 7 Main Reasons and 8 Quick Solutions!

Breville Blender Wont Turn On
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The Breville Blenders are a great addition to your home kitchen.

These are high-end blenders that offer excellent blending performance. They can last for years.

But like all blenders, the Breville Blenders are not immune to problems.

Have you ever faced a situation where your Breville Blender won’t turn on?

Maybe no, but common blender issues like stuck blades, overheating, tight lids, and not turning in are apparent in the Breville Blenders.

But no need to worry because they are fixable.

Your Breville blender won’t turn on due to a broken power cord or an error in the power socket.

There are other reasons such as burnt fuse or motor, tripped circuit breaker.

If the blades gets jammed due to any reason your blender wont turn on.

Sometimes your blender wont turn on simply due to power cord in unplugged.

In this article, we will focus on how to fix a Breville blender that won’t turn on.

We will discuss the cause and the fixes of this issue.

So let us begin!

Breville Blender Won’t Turn On? – Causes

Why does your Breville Blender won’t turn on? There are several reasons.

The worst-case scenario is that the blender motor is out of commission and beyond recovery.

But no need to jump to the conclusion of a damaged blender motor.

Your Breville Blender may not turn on for other minor issues as well.

Perhaps the blender motor is stuck, or the motor fuse is blown out.

Down below are some of the common reasons why your Breville Blender won’t turn on?

Have a look.

Unplugged Blender

We know this sounds silly, but the reason your Breville Blender won’t turn on could be an unplugged power cord.

But it happens!

An Unplugged power cord means no power, so of course, the blender won’t turn on.

Broken Power Cord

Speaking of unplugged power cords, another common reason why your Breville Blender won’t turn on is the damage to the power cord.

Most of us don’t pay much attention to taking care of the power cord of our blender and other home appliances.

Because of negligence, the power cord/ wire may get twisted or bent.

These harsh movements and stress in the wire can break it on the inside.

The main wire under the protective layers may break and not allow electricity to flow.

How to tell if a broken power cord is a reason why your Breville Blender won’t turn on?

Check the power cord. Observe the protective layer.

You may find kinks and bruises in it.

Those are clear indications of a damaged power cord.

Error in the power socket

Sometimes, the issue of your Breville blender not turning on can be due to external factors.

A damaged power socket.

The power socket is not immune to damage either.

It has metal conductive parts inside that allow the flow of electricity.

However, these metal parts can get rusty.

Corrosion and other dirty elements can ultimately block the conductive metal from making contact with the blender plug.

That will stop electricity from flowing and the Breville Blender won’t turn on.

Burned Fuse

Many blenders now are built with internal fuses like other home appliances.

This is to prevent accidents or critical damage to the machine due to high electricity voltage.

It is a very inexpensive item capable of saving expensive electronics.

So, if you think that your Breville blender power cord is ok, and the power socket is also clean, then you can guess that a burnt fuse is the reason for it not turning on.

If you want to be sure, then you will have to look for the fuse.

It is usually located at the bottom of the blender base.

You can also use your owner’s manual to see where the fuse is in your Breville blender.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the fuse inside your Breville blender is not burned, then perhaps the fuse/ circuit breaker of your home is tripped.

You should check the circuit-breaker box of your home to be sure of it.

The circuit breaker should have each breaker marked.

Look for the one that is marked “Kitchen”.

Jammed Blender Blades

The blades in the blender withstand the most stress.

They have to deal with the intense rotary force of the motor and also cut through all food, and ingredients you throw at it.

So, it is natural that gunk or sticky leftovers can build up in it and may jam the blade.

Burned Motor

The worst-case scenario is a burned motor.

There is nothing much you can do about it.

The only solution is to replace the motor or buy a new Breville blender.

That’s about it with the burned motor.

Fixes- Breville Blender Won’t Turn On?

Now that we have discussed all the causes of why your Breville Blender won’t turn on, let’s talk about the fixes.

The fixes are dependent on the causes.

For example, a tripped circuit breaker will have to be replaced for making the Breville Blender turn on.

If you understand that, let us take a deeper look into the fixes of Breville Blender not turning on.

Check the Plug

The first and easy solution to the silliest cause is to check the power cord.

Is it unplugged? Then plug it in.

Again, we know it sounds silly, but sometimes it is the reason why your Breville Blender won’t turn on.

So, before you dig any deeper into your Breville Blender, just check the plug.

It can save you from going through all the trouble of disassembling the blender for nothing.


The Breville Blenders have various protection features for keeping them from harm.

One of the notable ones is the overprotective feature which is found in models like the Breville BBL620SIL.

The indicator will light up if that’s the case.

Just wait for some time.

The blender will go back to normal and you will be able to blend with it again,

Clean/ Replace the Power Socket

Let us make sure of all the external factors that may result in your Breville Blender won’t turn on.

Starting with the power socket.

We have pointed out in the cause section that dirt/ damaged power sockets can be the reason why your Breville Blender won’t turn on.

The solution to that is simple!

Clean or change the power socket.

Take the blender near another power socket and plug it in.

Or you can take the time and effort to clean/ replace the existing power socket to the usual spot in your kitchen.

Fix the Circuit Breaker

If there is no issue with the power circuit, then you may check the circuit breakers of your home.

Look for the kitchen circuit breaker.

It may be tripped due to over-voltage (mentioned in the cause section).

Fix the circuit breaker and the blender should turn on.

Replace the Power Cord

If none of the previous fixes did work, then start checking the power cord of the blender.

It may be damaged. If it is damaged, then replace it.

You can bring your DIY spirit to work here.

The user manual may give you a proper tutorial on how to replace the power cord.

But if things seem too complex, then just take it to an electrician.

Replace the Fuse

Another cause of the Breville blender not turning on is a burned fuse.

To fix it, you will need to replace the fuse. It is very cheap.

Again, pick up the user manual.

It should have the necessary guidelines for replacing the fuse in your Breville blender model.

Clean the Blade

Another reason for the Breville blender not turning on is sticky and dirty blades.

As we pointed out earlier, the blade can easily get dirty with sticky leftovers and form gunks.

That can cause the motor to not spin, especially if it is a base blade cup model (e.g.: Breville BBL920BSS).

Clean the blades of the blender and give it a try.

Replace the Motor

If it is the worst-case scenario of a burned motor, then the only thing to do is replace the motor with a new one.

Sometimes replacing motor goes expensive side.

So, buying a new blender is convenient than replacing the motor.

But again, is depends upon your blender model.

Why is My Breville Blender Flashing All Lights? What Does it Mean?

If your Breville blender is flashing all lights it means that your blender is overloaded.

Breville blender has overload protection.

If your blender is overloaded, the blender goes into the overload mode.

During this overload mode, buttons will illuminate and flash.

So, it is wise, to not to use blender in Overload mode.

You can use the blender once it will cool down completely.

Your blender will reset to standby mode and it will start once you press the button.

So, you have to blend the ingredients in smaller batches.

Cut the ingredients into pieces if you are using large chunks of ingredients.

Related Questions

Is the Breville Blend Active mains or battery powered?

The Breville Blend Active is mains powered.

The Blend Active is highly portable because of its removable bottle.

You can blend all your ingredients and then take away with you wherever you need to go!

Why does food chop unevenly in My Breville blender?

Your Breville blender may chop food unevenly if you filled the jug with too much ingredients to blend at one go.

So, try to blend food in smaller batches.

If the ingredients are too large, try cutting then into small pieces.

For best results, cut the ingredients into the pieces no larger than one inch.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all the reasons and fixes of your Breville Blender won’t turn on.

We hope that you have found our article helpful.

Remember, if things seem too complex with the fixes, then it will be best to go to the Breville service center or an electrician.


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