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Breville BCG600SIL The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder Review

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Are you looking for a decent coffee grinder for your favourite cup of Joe?

Then Breville BCG 600 dose control pro coffee grinder is great grinder giving high-end results at its cost.  

Different coffee brewing methods have need of different grind size and Breville BCG600 does it like a pro.

It works efficiently to grind the coffee from finest espresso to coarsest French press. Even it is entry level grinder by Breville, it grinds coffee like a pro.

It is competent to produce uniform grind with its all 60 adjustable settings. You can enjoy your coffee with maximum flavour and great aroma by using this grinder.

About Breville Coffee Grinder- Overview

Breville is an Australian company established in Melbourne in 1932. They are well known for small kitchen appliances.

Now they have been capturing worldwide market. They achieved various awards for excellence due to outstanding innovations.

Looking at the Breville in coffee grinder segment, they offer quality products with convenient features.

Breville provides coffee grinder which generates lesser noise than other coffee grinders in the market. Breville always maintains the balance between quality and price of coffee grinders.

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Features Of Breville BCG600 SIL Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder

1.Stainless steel conical burrs

This Breville BCG600 SIL Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder comes with the stainless steel conical burrs which ensure minimize heat generated during the grinding process.

It helps to protect the necessary oil of your coffee beans. These conical burrs assist for grinding the coffee beans consistently uniform and it allows for better control over coffee grind size.

It ensures long term durability. This grinder also comes with adjustable upper burrs which offer more grind setting than the setting specified on adjustment collar.

Conical burr extracts individual and bright flavour, so you can get hold of a best cup of coffee with maximum flavour and aroma.

2.60 precise grind settings

As you know, different kind of coffee preparation needs different grind size and dose. For this purpose, Breville provides 60 precise grind settings for different types of coffee brew.

It allows for wide range of coffee brewing from the finest espresso to coarsest French press brew. So this grinder is perfect for any type of coffee brew.

3.Electronic grind timer

Breville offers timer function which you missed in other grinders for quantity control. T

his Breville BCG600 coffee grinder featured with precision electronic grind timer which allows for adjusting time up to 50 seconds of continuous grinding.

You can adjust grind time easily with just turning the dial. It ensures the right amount of coffee grind every time for your perfect coffee.

4.Removable bean hopper

This Breville dose control coffee grinder provided with clear plastic made bean hopper which can hold up to 12 ounces of coffee beans at one go.

It is featured with the locking system that enables easy removal, transfer of bean hopper and also good for storage.

As the hopper is removable, you can clean the grinder even beans are inside. This feature is useful for cleaning ease.

5.Removable grind catcher tray

This grinder comes with grind catcher tray at the bottom which is easily removable. It aids for least amount of mess and easy cleaning.

It is more beneficial than built-in trays. If any coffee grind resides in the tray, you just have to remove the tray, clean it and set it back to the grinder.

6.Adjustable razor for portafilter holder

It comes with small 50mm to 54mm and large 58 mm portafilter holder.

This grinder has adjustable razor dosing which is attuned with 50mm to 54mm and 58mm diameter portafilters.

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How To Use Breville BCG600 SIL Dose Control Pro Grinder In A Precise Way?

Watch out following is the video that shows how to use this Breville dose control coffee grinder for best end results.


1.Easy to use and clean

This Breville BCG600 SIL dose control pro coffee grinder is very easy to use. It grinds coffee with full of flavour in just a few minutes.  

It comes with removable bean hopper and grinds catcher tray which makes breeze in cleaning. The top burrs also can be easily removed for adjustments and cleaning.

2.Pause function

You can pause the grinding for up to 10 seconds when grinding process going on, with simply pressing start/ stop button.

You can start back by pressing start/ stop button and again it will grind the coffee for the leftover time. It allows you adjust the ground coffee before next processing.

3.Less noisy

This coffee grinder model generates less noise while operating. You can grind coffee at any time without disturbing your loved ones.

So now you can enjoy your cup of Joe early in the morning or even at late night.


It is a versatile coffee grinder as it is competent to grind coffee for almost all types of coffee brew methods.

It works great whether it is espresso, pour over, drip coffee or French press.

So you can enjoy different types of coffee by using this grinder.

5.Stylish and durable design

The Breville BCG600 dose control pro coffee grinder has a very stylish look. The grinder is durable one as it has stainless steel conical burr grinder. The plastic parts made up from ABS plastic.

6.Hands free operation

This coffee grinder is provided with the 50-54mm and 58mm portafilter cradle. You can catch coffee grounds directly into a portafilter or filter basket. This allows for hands-free operation.

Watch the following video to know more about burr adjustment of Breville.



1.Difficulty in grinding dark oily beans

There is difficulty  in grinding dark oily beans at espresso range. As majority parts of the grinder made up of plastic, creates difficulties in grinding dark oily beans.

2.Little messy

The portafilter holder is too far located to collect coffee grounds. When using a portafilter holder, the grounds spill over. It will create a little mess.

3.Difficult to grind coffee finer than 10

As you set at finer setting, bottom burrs get higher. This creates a gap where coffee grounds can build up. Burrs cannot remove this ground coffee out. There is difficulty in grinding coffee at a level finer than 10.

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How To Clean Breville BCG600 Dose Control Coffee Grinder?

  1. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  2. Remove the beans from bean hopper and make it empty.
  3. Wash the bean hopper and lid simply with soapy water, rinse it and make it dry.
  4. Wipe out the external body of the grinder with a damp cloth.

How to clean Conical Burrs of the grinder?

Conical burrs are played a major role in grinding coffee beans.

If you don’t want to lose the freshness and real flavour of coffee, clean the burrs regularly. This helps you for obtaining consistent grind every time.

  1. Unlock the bean hopper and release it.
  2. Grasp a hopper over the container and a turn dial which helps to release the beans into the container. Line up the hopper into the right position.
  3. Start off the grinder and run until it makes empty.
  4. Remove the hopper and upper burr. Clean the upper, lower burr and grind outlet with cleaning brush.
  5. Set the upper burr firmly into exact position and lock it.
  6. Line up the hopper into position and lock it.


  1. Do not clean parts of the grinder in the dishwasher.
  2. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or steel wool for cleaning as it may damage the surface.

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Following is the video review of the Breville BCG600 Dose control pro grinder. Take a look.


Our Verdict

Breville is one the renowned brand for kitchen products. They consistently offer high-quality products and Breville BCG600 is no exception.

There is the perfect balance between price and quality of this Breville BCG 600 SIL dose control pro coffee grinder.

It is more consistent and versatile grinder than any other electrical burr grinder in the market at this price point. The positives of the grinder overcome certain minor flaws.

So, if you are looking for upgrading your coffee grinder, this is the best option you have.