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Can You Cook Pizza Rolls in a Deep Fryer?

Can You Cook Pizza Rolls in a Deep Fryer
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Along with pizzas, the small and delectable pizza rolls are also in demand.

Keeping aside the alarming calories that the pizza rolls have, they become irresistible when fried.

So, are you wondering if you can cook pizza rolls in a deep fryer?

The answer is a big YES.

You can easily deep fry the pizza rolls within a very short time and without bursting them.

You just need to scroll down to find out how to properly fry the pizza rolls in a very short time.

I assure you that though a bit greasy, the fried pizza rolls taste way better than the baked ones!

How Long to Cook Pizza Rolls in Deep Fryer?

Evaxo Pepperoni Pizza Rolls, Frozen (160 rolls)

Deep-fried pizza rolls taste divine due to the added crisp on the outer layer.

Though a bit oily, the brittle dough compensates for all the grease.

Most reviews and bakers’ opinion guarantee better taste for deep-fried pizza rolls!

But in order to enjoy this brittle outer layer with soft gooey fillings inside, you need to fry it to perfection.

The usual deep-frying time for pizza rolls is about 3-4 minutes.

Fry each side for about 1.5-2 minutes and then flip and cook for another minute.

Can You Fry Frozen Pizza Rolls?

Since it’s evidently clear that you can cook pizza rolls in a deep fryer, I would suggest you prepare earlier.

Given the hectic schedule that we all have, it’s best that you prepare your pizza rolls ahead and store them in the refrigerator.

But like most frozen food, you need to bring the frozen pizza rolls out of your fridge at least 30 minutes prior to frying.

The trick is to ensure that all the excess ice has melted.

Since the pizza rolls are cold, you might want to consider heating the oil to at least 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do not drop more than 6 pizza rolls at a time.

Fry them slowly until they turn golden brown in color.

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The nagging question of whether you can cook pizza rolls in a deep fryer must not have left your mind yet.

If I have guessed your woes then continue reading to get a detailed overview of cooking pizza rolls in a deep fryer.

First and foremost, if you’re not frying ready-made or packaged pizza rolls found in the super shops, then you need to make sure that your pizza dough is of the right consistency.

Follow these simple steps to avoid soggy pizza rolls:

1. Get all the dry ingredients required for any typical pizza dough and add them to your mixer.

2.If you’re using the traditional method of hand kneading then mix them in a medium bowl.

3. Add lukewarm water to your flour and dry ingredient mix, then add yeast and knead.

4. If you’re using a modern stand mixer then knead until the dough shows elastic texture.

5. Make small balls of your preferred size.

6. Grease the top of the dough with oil and let it sit inside an air-tight bowl in a warm area, preferably near the stove.

7. After one hour, seal off the airtight plastic and punch down the dough to place it in a pizza pan.

8. Bake until soft and golden.

Once you have the perfect pizza rolls, either home-baked or packaged, you are ready to fry them to perfection.

Follow these super convenient and easy steps:

Your fryer should be strong and heavy built, stainless steel is suggested.

1. Pour the oil to at least 4 inches depth and preheat to 365 degrees F.

2. Subdivide your dough into your desired pizza roll size.

3. Fill them up with your desired ingredients such as pepperoni and cheese.

4. Fold, press, and then seal the pizza rolls by applying water to the edges. Ensure proper sealing to avoid spilling your fillings into the oil.

5. After placing the pizza rolls, cook each side for about 2 minutes. Do not move away from the deep-fryer.

6. Flip over for the other side to be cooked.

7. Bring them out when they look light brownish. They darken in color after bringing out of the hot oil.

8. Garnish with parmesan cheese powder and mixed herbs of your desire!

How to Air Fry Pizza Rolls?

Here’s a major shoutout to all the fitness freaks out there who were feeling sad because of all the oil involved in cooking pizza rolls in a deep fryer.

You can use air fryers as substitutes.

This completely oil-free process will still help you enjoy crispy pizza rolls!

Start by preheating your air fryer to a slightly higher temperature, around 380 degrees F.

While you’re waiting for the fryer to heat up, get your pizza rolls out and place them on evenly in layers.

Do not over stack them.

You need to cook the rolls for at least 6 minutes, shaking them up midway to fry them from all sides.

When it’s ready, place them on your serving dish and wait for 2 minutes before jumping in to gobble them up.

You might have saved the pizza rolls from burning, but you don’t want your tongue roasted!

Can You Microwave Pizza Rolls?

Microwaves are a less extensive version of the actual ovens but they do the job alright.

You can microwave pizza rolls but you may not find that exterior crisp.

Microwaving your pizza rolls will make them very soft.

But if you overheat them inside a microwave oven, the rolls just might get super hard!

Even if you maintain that your microwaved pizza rolls do not get hard, the soft ones will feel very sloppy at room temperature.

Some tips for the lazy who would still prefer cooking pizza rolls in a microwave oven are:

1. Always monitor your microwave oven with pizza rolls inside.

2. Do not stack the rolls over each other but put them on single layers.

3. For “high” heat microwave, bake 1-1:15 minutes with 6 pizza rolls inside.

If you’re baking 12 rolls, increase your baking time to 2:00-2:40 minutes.

4. Do not bring out the piping hot pizza rolls immediately.

Let them sit inside the heated microwave for at least 2 minutes.

Do Pizza Rolls Expire?/ Do Pizza Rolls Go Bad?

You may think of freezer is a space where food stays fresh for an all time.

But unfortunately, food actually starts going bad in there after certain period of time.

If your delicious frozen pizza rolls are placed in the freezer for years, they still expire there.

It is usually not dangerous to eat these frozen pizza rolls after the printed date.

But they likely won’t taste as good as fresh ones, due to the loss of flavor and texture over the period of time.

So, we suggest do not consume the pizza rolls after expiration date for health safety.

How Do You Eat Pizza Rolls? / What Goes With Pizza Rolls?

You can eat pizza rolls with melted cheese on top and hot sauce on the side.

You can bite the very top of the pizza roll off.

Blow on the inside until it gets cool enough to eat and dip in hot sauce and enjoy!

Pizza rolls also goes well with other sauces like Sriracha sauce, Taco sauce, Marinara dipping sauce.

It tastes incredible mixed with Mustard and hot sauce.

They are paired with a chunk of halloumi cheese, Nacho cheese on the side.

You can dip pizza rolls into ranch dressing & enjoy its flavor!

Pizza rolls also can dunk in sour cream and nibble.

Garlic dip, maple syrup, sprinkle of salt and pepper, a bit of garlic powder to outside crust, pesto are the other pairings goes well with pizza rolls.

Related Questions

Can you cook pizza rolls on aluminum foil?

Yes, you can cook pizza rolls on aluminum foil.

If you cook pizza rolls in the oven, it is good to cover the baking sheet with aluminum foil before putting the pizza rolls on it.

How can you tell if a pizza roll is freezer burned?

If the rolls not stored properly in the freezer, they get freezer burn.

The pizza roll gets freezer burned when air reaches its surface and dries the rolls.

There are greyish brown leathery spots on pizza rolls, that means pizza rolls are freezer burned.

The unpleasant smell and flavor change of pizza rolls is also another signs of freezer burn pizza roll.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know you can cook pizza rolls in a deep fryer.

It is the quickest way cooking pizza rolls and fried pizza rolls taste heavenly too!

Why make your taste buds suffer to maintain a good physique?

Just eat and burn!




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