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How To Fix Frigidaire Affinity Washer Door Lock Buzzing?

Frigidaire Affinity Washer Door Lock Buzzing
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Household appliances have come a long way since the analog era.

Many washing machines integrate digital components to make life easier.

When these components go haywire, it could be something of a simple fix.

However, it is important to stop using a Frigidaire affinity washer soon as noise arise.

If the unit you’ve been operating begins to make buzzing noises, there is a need for concern.

With a Frigidaire affinity washer door lock buzzing there could be several issues at hand.

The door lock in itself might need troubleshooting together with the control unit.

Either way, the user needs to stop running the machine and seek solutions.

Most Frigidaire washers are easy to fix with the right tools and some professional guidance.

Here are a few reasons your Frigidaire affinity washer door lock might be buzzing.

Frigidaire Affinity Washer Door Lock Buzzing – Causes

Door Lock Issues

The door in itself might be compromised and thus the sensors make the noise.

If one tries to lock the door or push it in and out, the noise might change slightly.

This could be caused by excessive weight in the machine, especially if it is a front loader.

Top loaders ordinarily don’t have clothes reaching the top of the unit.

If the machine moves a lot due to heavy loads, i.e. stuff gets thrown around including the unit, the lock might be compromised.

Control Board

Many times, the control board on a Frigidaire washer will act up.

This could be for several reasons too.

One reason for this issue could be a faulty control board due to age.

All electrical components have life spans.

If the CCU or central control unit has seen better days, it will create problems where they aren’t any.

Checking the control board is a professional task that should be left to experts.


Although unlikely, there could be a fault due to power fluctuations.

These inconsistencies in power flow sometimes reset the CCU.

When that happens, some parts of your washer will be compromised.

These fluctuations might be harder to diagnose as the problem.

Chances are the jump in electricity amperes or voltage led to a few other problems too, not just the door lock.

It requires some professionalism in diagnosing if power was indeed the problem.


Sometimes the unit never is the problem.

Rather, it is the misuse of the product that leads to malfunction.

Many top loaders end up getting slammed when the door is shut.

The affinity washer is a front loader thus slamming the door seems unlikely.

However, with kids and rushed schedules, the door will get slammed once in a while.

This is likely to move the door latch out of place.

It means the door lock assembly might be the issue and not necessarily electrical problems.

Door Issues

Aside from the door latch, the door itself could be manifesting problems.

The hinge the door is attached to might be loose or compromised.

As you proceed to shut the door, it doesn’t quite fit into the latch as it should.

If the Frigidaire affinity washer door lock buzzing continues even when it seems latched in place, check the door itself.

This is a common problem with front loaders as kids can put their weight on the door and swing on it.

Frigidaire Affinity Washer Door Lock Buzzing? – Fixes

Replace the Lock

An easy step to accomplish is to replace the door lock.

This requires screwdrivers, nothing more or less.

There are no diagnostics to be carried out and no expertise is needed.

However, of importance is which parts to find and where.

Use credible online stores or find a reputable local supplier with experts to offer advice.

It takes a few minutes to replace the door lock after which the problem should be resolved.


If a new door lock doesn’t fix the issue, it might be time to check the control unit.

It requires an expert to diagnose the component’s performance and offer advice.

The central control unit might simply need troubleshooting or replacing.

If replacements are necessary, it is well-advised to hop on a reputable online source.

They will offer OEM parts while consulting on replacement steps.

Tighten the Door Hinges

If the door seems to close completely and stays shut, it might be the issue if the buzzing continues.

Tightening the hinges holding the door in place is in order.

It will ensure the door meets the latch according to specifications and the buzzing should end.

If the noise continues after the hinge is tightened, try the steps below.

There are still other ways to fix the issue that does not require buying a new appliance.


Press or push the door inward to see if the buzzing goes from loud to more of a whirring sound.

If the noise subsides once you push the door in, it is an issue with the door lock.

Again, there could be something stuck in the door lock, like pieces of the lock itself.

With time the machine gets old and some parts can get worn out, or broken.

A broken piece of the lock needs to be cleaned out to allow the door to latch fully.

Foreign Objects

With a front-loading washer, there are instances when stuff gets stuck on the door.

This could be anything from laces, objects from pockets, and other smaller items that latch onto doors.

Where the rubber is in place between the door and the tub, stuff gets caught occasionally.

This can be harder to spot if you are focusing on the latch itself.

Clean out the rubber between the tub and the door and pay attention to the hinge too.

A lace or coin is hard to spot and will keep the door from latching properly.


Remember the issue of kids swinging with the door?

If the door is out of place and misaligned, you have a bigger issue and the door needs to be removed.

This requires checking if the door is properly aligned with the latch.

If not, the hinge will need to be fixed and it is likely, some twisting and turning to realign the door.

It might require a helping hand in the form of a professional.

Otherwise, one might consider taking it to a repair shop.

Surge Protectors

Most homeowners use surge protectors with their units to avoid damage due to power.

These protectors don’t always work for heavy appliances like washers.

It is advisable to have a surge protector installed at the main power supply.

This ensures all power entering the house is within recommended units.

Any surge in power will not be enough to cause damage to appliances.

How to Fix My Frigidaire Washer Not Locking?


Check the load in your washer and remove clothes if necessary to avoid pushing in the door.

It is the simplest approach to fixing a door not locking.

If stuff is lodged on the hinges or the rubber between the tub and door, you will notice it with a thorough inspection.

Latch Problems

Aging causes the latch to become worn out and lose its grip on the door.

If this is a problem, simply replace the latch.

Original products are available in credible online and local stores.

These parts assure you of longevity and fewer problems and replacements in the future.

Door Lock Assembly

Aside from the latch, door lock, or door itself, you might need to replace the entire assembly.

This includes the latch and any sensors or wiring connecting this component to the CCU.

It should not be a costly affair if you seek parts from credible sources and find local installers.

Bottom Line

These units require proper handling to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs in the long run.

It is better to practice proper and recommended usage of your washing machine to avoid repairs.

Stick to sourcing parts from credible suppliers too.




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