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Maytag Washer Clicking Noise? – 5 Reasons and 6 Solutions

Maytag Washer Clicking Noise
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Maytag washers provide an efficient and effective way of performing laundry tasks, stress-free.

These units integrate heavy hardware along with modern software.

All these components combined allow the machine to facilitate laundry tasks quickly.

That being the case said components also have troubleshooting options to reduce overspending on repairs and replacements.

If your Maytag washer makes a clicking noise it could be due to several reasons.

Primarily, the washer might have internal mechanical issues like loose belts, or the unit could be unstable.

Most issues related to clicking noises will be linked to mechanical problems.

Be sure to have a handy professional technician check and fix the problems.

Maytag Washer Makes Clicking Noise? – Causes


If any belts are out of place, worn out, or loose, the machine could make a clicking noise.

This is true for the belt attached to the pulley too.

When this comes loose or slightly worn out, it is not as sturdy or rigid anymore.

It causes parts of the machine, including the pulley or motor to operate loosely.

It can be responsible for the clicking noise.

Support Rods

At the rear of the Maytag washer are support rods for the drum and other parts of the unit.

If these are dry or a little rough, they could make clicking noises during agitation.

These might be harder to locate or fix once they are identified as being the problem.

Any attempt to fix, repair or replace them should be carried out by professionals.

Motor Support

The Maytag washer making clicking sounds could be a result of the support being loose.

If the motor support is loose and is touching the bottom, it could be responsible for clicking noises.

Anything concerning the motor and spinning hardware will inevitably be compromised.

The motor support hitting the bottom panel while agitating will create a clicking noise.

This could also be a result of heavier than normal loads making the machine unstable or overworking the motor.

Anything that compromises the spinning of the motor and drum can result in the Maytag making a clicking noise.

Foreign Objects

If stuff gets caught in the drain hoses and the drum, they can make a clicking noise.

These noises will not come from the mechanics of the washer itself.

Rather, it will be clicking noises from stuff like coins and other small objects in pockets.

If stuff falls out of pockets and into the drain pump traps, they could make noise too.

However, this will not be a continuous noise and will be the sound of objects falling into or through the pipes.

Lid Lock

If the sound is not annoying loud or clacking, it might be the lid locking.

This sound is a distinct one and cannot be confused with noises.

If it happens to be a noise coming from this same area, it could an issue with the lid lock.

It means either it is not locking and continues trying to do so, or the locking mechanism needs to be checked.

If the noise is heard at the onset of the spinning cycle, it should be normal.

Continuous clicking implies a problem that needs professional advice and repairs.

When noises are heard within a Maytag washer, there could be several problems.

Most issues revolving around the tub and tub bearings should be addressed professionally.

It means sourcing veteran technicians and not settling for laymen.

It could be the difference between quick and effective fixes or indefinite losses.

Maytag Washer Makes Clicking Noise – Fixes


Check out traps within the machine and clean out all debris, lint, and foreign objects.

If you are unaware of the location of the trap, consult your manual or seek help.

The dirt trap holds foreign objects like coins, keys, and most small items.

These can be responsible for annoying clicking or clicking noises.

Check the trap along with pipes and the drain pump and remove all stuck objects.

Moving forward ensure that such items are removed from the laundry.

Any keys, coins, and other foreign objects lodged in the drain pump inevitably develop noises.

They also create a necessity for unexpected expenditures for repairs and replacements.


Lubricate the support rods and pulleys to ensure less noise and fluidity while spinning.

The best option would be to apply a 3-in-1 lubricant.

This helps lessen noises between the support rods and sockets while quieting the machine in general.

You can also lube other moving parts that are dry to reduce friction and any noise therein.

Tub Bearings

If the tub or drum is loose, the bearings will make a noise and the tub itself will need adjusting.

This might not be that easy to diagnose and will require experts to fix the issue.

Along with the tub bearings are the belts listed above.

If these come loose or have become worn out they pose a threat to the motor.

The clicking noise will thus be a product of a motor spinning lower than normal.

These needs adjusting or new bushes and rods for optimal performance.

Source an expert technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

It is safer to fix the problem at the onset to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.


As per the causes above, the suspension rods and sockets might be responsible.

These might need replacing if the noise is continuous.

If the washing machine makes these noises while agitating uncontrollably, the rods need to be replaced.

This is an intricate affair requiring the hands and expertise of a veteran electrician.

If you attempt to diagnose the problem yourself then there is a need to remove the front and bottom panels.

This is the only way to know which rods are causing the problems.


The motor and its support system need to be examined for loose links.

This refers to the motor support which can only be accessed after removing panels.

Once the panels are off, any part of the motor support, including the bottom panel will be visible.

It should be easy to see if the panel receives hits or knocking from the motor.

Tighten any parts that necessitate this and replace any loose belts and worn-out bushes.

If the noise is continuous, then belts and any part connected to a spinning device need to be replaced and tightened.

Empty Clothes

This refers to emptying pockets and hampers of all foreign objects.

When these objects fall out of pockets and into the drum, clicking noises happen.

Thus, this should be the first attempt at ending all clicking noises.

Such noises could be from belts too that are not removed from pants.

These click continuously during the wash and spin cycles.

With time coins and other foreign objects will clog up drainage pumps and lead to damage.

Prevention is better than seeking solutions.

Bottom Line

Most issues linked to the Maytag washer making clicking noises are not causes for concern.

The most important factor to remember is to seek professionals for drum issues.

Anytime the washer requires panels to be removed, there could be imminent damage lurking.

It means opening electrical components could also open the door to more problems.

Ensure the persons responsible for fixes and replacements are vetted and veteran techs.




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