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Frigidaire Washer e90 Error Code -Brace Yourselves!

Frigidaire Washer e90 Error Code
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When you encounter error codes on washers and dryers, it may not always be a major cause of concern.

Some codes might need a simple reset of the unit to get the unit up and running again.

Others will need a bit more than unplugging and reconnecting the unit.

When a Frigidaire washing machine pops this particular code, it might imply something quite serious.

The Frigidaire washer e90 error code is a sign of a faulty main control board, or a faulty central control unit.

Incidentally, this code appears when the two components are not receiving signals as they should.

Essentially, there is miscommunication between these two parts and thus, there is a dire need for repairs.

What Does Mean e90 Error Code Frigidaire Washer? 

When the Frigidaire washer e90 error code appears, it means two components are not communicating as they should.

These components are the MCU and CCU to be precise.

The CCU is simply the display panel that shows errors and whatnot.

The main control board is located within the machine and further to the bottom.

In addition to these specs, the central control unit boasts dozens of wires running into it.

When there is a problem among these wires, or the signals sent, there will be e90 error codes appearing.

Fixing these problems is a task better placed in the hands of electricians with deep knowledge of washing machines.

Frigidaire Washer e90 Error Code – Causes


Faulty wiring could be the cause of your washer showing the e90 error code.

This faulty wiring could be due to unprofessional repairs that led to disconnections, or moving and relocating disturbances.

When wires come loose, there is a chance of not only short-circuiting but of the wrong signals being sent.

These connections involve several dozen wires linked to the central control unit.

They require proper testing and examination to determine which might be causing the problem and what needs to be repaired.

The chances of wires being the problem are high, but it is more likely that the issues below are causing the e90 error code to appear.

Motor control board

This board gets old like any other component within the washer.

The issue arises when the unit has become old and non-functioning, or water got into it inadvertently.

The next step would be to test it for function and to see how to proceed with replacing the unit.

According to experts, it is not always easy to determine which of the two units (MCU or CCU) is causing the issue.

Specifically, it might be difficult to determine which part is malfunctioning, especially after the wiring is in order.


The central control unit is also referred to as the display unit and is responsible for the code you are seeing.

When this unit is faulty, the e90 error code appears.

It is important to remember that this code doesn’t refer to any particular cycle or program error.

It is indeed directly linked to issues of communication between the CCU and the MCU.

Thus, when the CCU is malfunctioning this error code might appear.

Electrical short circuits and bad wiring are all potential causes of the central control unit misfiring.

The diagnosis of this unit is not a walk in the park; it requires professional help.


If the circuit board gets wet, this is likely to happen and would require some major cleaning of the unit.

Water and electronics never mix and water likely caused the main control board to short circuit.

This might not be as easy to detect as one might think.

The problem requires you to examine more than just the board and indeed go through several harnesses and other boards.

The examination of this board should be carried out with the machine turned off completely and unplugged from the wall socket. 

Power surges

These are common causes of error codes popping up consistently.

If there had been a power surge or abrupt power disconnection, the Frigidaire washer e90 error code might appear.

This will require a slightly easier fix if indeed it turns out to be the problem.

Power glitches can short-circuit the central control unit and cause this error.

Also, there might be a short circuit but surges and glitches will cause miscommunication and signals to be sent incorrectly.

With the above-mentioned causes of this error code, there are also some easy and slightly harder fixes at hand.

Be sure to seek accredited agents to diagnose and repair parts accordingly.

Frigidaire Washer e90 Error Code – Fixes


This is likely to be the easiest fix to any error code you might be experiencing.

To reset your Frigidaire washer, unplug it from the wall socket and let it sit for a few minutes.

Reconnect the unit and try running a short cycle to see if the problem recurs.

If it does, shut it down again and let it sit a little longer this time. If the problem still isn’t resolved, there might be some electrical components that need to be tested.

Examine the CCU

The central control unit is part of the display unit at the top.

Accessing this panel is easier than reaching the main control board.

It requires the removal of the side panels and the top panel to access the wires for easy removal.

It cannot be tested easily with a multimeter like other components.

It means repairs aren’t going to resolve the situation and the owner needs a new board.

Removing and replacing this part with a new one requires keenness.

It might require you to take pictures of how wires were connected to replicate this on the one.

Motor control board

This main control board is housed at the bottom of the washer.

It requires removing several screws and panels for full access.

The motor control board also needs to be removed and replaced when this happens.

There is the likelihood that it could have been fried due to water or power glitches.

The central control unit should be replaced first, as it tends to be the main source of this problem.

Fix the wiring

Bad connections can cause many problems in a washer, including communication errors.

This can occur after carrying out repairs.

If electricians are not thorough, disconnected and loosely connected wires can cause such errors to pop up.

Examine all wiring between the central control unit and the display panel.

If need be, you might need to replace wiring harnesses that are damaged due to constant removal and reconnections

during repairs.

Dry the washer

When the central control unit gets wet some miscommunication might occur between parts.

Clean the machine with dry clothes and vacuum it if necessary to remove excess water.

Once wires are dried up, reconnect them accordingly and start the washer.

The error codes should disappear.

If they repeatedly appear, it might imply water damage to the board which would now need replacing.

Bottom Line

Electrical components and water never mix, and this can be the beginning of serious problems moving forward.

Ensure that panels covering electrical parts are secured firmly to avoid short circuits and the like.




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