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How to Clean a Glass Kettle? (5 Super Effective Remedies)

How to clean a glass kettle
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If you are using a glass kettle regularly, then you often face a problem that how to clean glass kettle?

Though glass kettles are more attractive than other kettles, it needs more frequent cleaning than other types of kettles to keep it in top notch condition.

It is essential to clean out the glass kettle because mineral deposits from hard water lead to limescale. If it is not cleaned well-timed, you may end up with limescale in your food or cup of tea. It also affects the overall performance of the kettle and decreases the life span of an appliance.

So, today, I will share with you some tips and tricks to clean out your glass kettle, If it gets little grotty.

How to Clean inside of Electric Glass Kettle? / How to Descale a Glass Kettle?

You can clean inside of glass electric kettle with the following ways.

Trial 1: Vinegar

Vinegar to clean glass kettle

Cleaning with vinegar is the natural and effective way to clean out the electric kettle. It helps to remove limescale from your kettle. You need to use vinegar and water solution to clean inside of electric glass kettle.

Try to do this least once in a month.

Things You’ll Need:

Distilled Vinegar


Clean cloth

Soft brush 


  1. Pour 200ml. distilled vinegar into the glass kettle.
  2. Fill the kettle with water to the maximum limit shown on kettle.
  3. Turn on the kettle and let the solution boil. If the kettle has a lot of limescale, increase the vinegar proportion in the solution and boil it once again.
  4. Once the boiling process has finished, switch off the kettle and unplug it.
  5. Allow the solution soak for 20 minutes inside the kettle. After 20 minutes drain out the solution. If the kettle is more grotty, leave the solution for longer to soak in the kettle.
  6. After soaking process your scaling will remove. But you notice still some scaling, scrub the scaling inside of kettle with soft brush or cloth.
  7. Boil the kettle with plain water and rinse it thoroughly after using the vinegar solution. Rinse it as many times till the vinegar smell goes completely.
  8. Drain the water completely and wipe out the inside of kettle with a clean cloth. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

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Trial 2: Lemon

Lemon to clean glass kettle

If your kettle manual says, don’t use vinegar to clean your glass kettle, then lemon juice is the best alternative. You can use a whole lemon available at home or can buy lemon juice.

Things You’ll Need:

Lemon juice


Soft sponge


  1. Cut the lemon half. Squeeze out the lemon into the kettle. If lemon is very juicy, the juice from the half lemon will work. Otherwise, you have to use juice from whole one lemon.
  2. After squeezing out the juice, cut that lemon into small cube pieces. Put into the kettle.
  3. Fill the kettle with water. You need to fill the water until the watermark shown on the kettle.
  4. Plug in the kettle and turn it on. Let it boil. When water fully boiled, turn off the kettle.
  5. Allow sitting the solution for a couple of hours.
  6. After the soaking process, when kettle cooled down completely, Take a soft sponge and clean inside of kettle with the soft sponge.
  7. Drain out the solution in the sink. Gently rinse the kettle with water.

Now you can see the limescale and build up gone away and your kettle is sparkling.

Trial 3: Baking Soda

Baking soda to clean glass kettle

You can use the baking soda to descale your electric glass kettle. Go through the following easy steps to get your kettle shiny. Baking soda is a safe and natural way to clean your glass electric kettle.

Things You’ll Need:

Baking Soda



  1. Mix the baking soda into the water.
  2. Pour water into the electric kettle and let it boil.
  3. Allow the solution soak for 20 minutes.
  4. Dump the solution in the sink and rinse the kettle with clean water.

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Trial 4: Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar just works wonder to sparkle clean your kettle. Let’s see how to use this one to gunk out your kettle.

Things You’ll Need:

Cream of Tartar



  1. Fill the kettle halfway with water.
  2. Add ½ tablespoon of cream of tartar.
  3. Plug in the kettle in the socket and turn it on.
  4. Let the solution bring to the boil.
  5. Unplug the kettle and let it cool down.
  6. Dump the solution into the sink and rinse the kettle thoroughly with water.
  7. Allow it to dry completely.

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Trial 5: Coke

coke to clean glass kettle

You might have been enjoying coke as a soft drink. But you know, it is also used to clean out many household stuff. It helps for removing oil stains, rust, and grease as well as descaling the glass kettle.

Let’s get to know how to use this coke to clean out the glass kettle.

Things you will need:


Soft sponge



  1. Fill the kettle halfway with coke. (approx. 500ml.)
  2. Plug in the kettle and turn it on.
  3. Let the coke bring to boil.
  4. Allow the kettle soak for 30 minutes.
  5. Drain out the coke and scrub inside of kettle with the sponge if needed.
  6. Rinse out with water and let it dry.

These are the simple and quick home remedies to descale and clean your glass kettle. You can also use the commercial cleaner to clean your kettle.
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How to Clean Non-Electric Glass Kettle?

If your kettle is non-electric, then you can clean your kettle by following way.

Things You’ll Need:

White vinegar

Dish Liquid

Hot water

Soft brush


  1. Fill the kettle with water and add ½ cup of vinegar into it.
  2. Whirl the solution around the kettle for few times.
  3. Cover the openings of the kettle with the cloth. Let it sit for an hour.
  4. Drain out the solution.
  5. Again fill the kettle with ¾ hot water and pour one drop dish liquid into water.
  6. Shake the kettle and wash the inside of kettle using a soft brush.
  7. Rinse the kettle with water and dry it thoroughly.

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How to Clean Outside of Glass Kettle?

You can clean your glass kettle exterior regularly by wiping down with a damp cloth or soft dry cloth to maintain your kettle.

If your kettle has some visible limescale outside or gets more dirty, then you can gently rub the piece of lemon to remove build-up dirtier. Then rinse the kettle with water. Wipe down the exterior with a cloth rag.

You can also use white vinegar to clean the exterior of a kettle. Mix vinegar into the water in 1:1 ratio. You just simply moisten the paper towel into the vinegar solution and rub outside the kettle. Now, you will get your kettle shiny outside.

How to Stop Limescale in Glass Kettle?

The high amount of magnesium and calcium content in water causes chalky build up known as limescale.

If you are living in the area where there is hard water supply, then limescale is a common thing that you notice around the bathroom and kitchen utensils.

So there is no wonder to see limescale in your glass kettle. If you are living in a hard water area, you should be clean it more often.

But how can you stop or prevent these limescale in your glass kettle?

You can invest in decent water softener to stop the limescale build up around your home. It will benefit to your health. You can stop the limescale in glass kettle too.

You can also use distilled water or filtered water for a kettle to cut down the limescale.

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How to Store Glass Kettle?

You need to store the glass kettle precisely after every use and cleaning. Make sure glass kettle power is turned off. It should be thoroughly clean and dry before storing it. Close the lid of the kettle and lock it securely. Wrap the power cord into the power cord storage, if the kettle has. Place the kettle upright on the power base. Don’t store any other stuff on the top of the kettle.

Additional Cleaning Tips

  1. Do not immerse bottom of the electric glass kettle into the water as there is a heating element located at the bottom of the kettle.
  2. Wipe out the exterior at least once in a week and clean the inside of kettle once in a month.
  3. Don’t leave the water into the kettle after use as it tends to more limescale and builds up. It makes your cleaning process harder.
  4. Don’t scrub heating element as it takes away it’s coating that designed to protect it.

Watch out the following video that guides you about easy way to clean glass kettle.


Now, you know how to clean glass kettle. Try out these easy and simple remedies to clean your glass kettle. Regular cleaning of kettle prevents from a hard build up in a kettle and uses less energy. It also helps to enhance the life of your kettle. Most importantly, you will end up with healthy and hygienic food.