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5 Best Wok for a Gas Stove (Complete Guide)

best wok for gas stove
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Are you looking to dive into Asian cooking? Then wok is the right investment for you.

But, now, the question is, if you are using a gas stove for cooking, then what is the best wok for a Gas stove that gives perfect results?

Woks have been using by Asians for many years. But now a day’s wok cooking is just not limited to Asian countries but also renowned in the western hemisphere.

Here I will share with you some best wok models that are perfect to use on a gas stove with a complete buying guide.

If you are in hurry then, this is my top pick for you:

M.V. Trading 14” Carbon Steel Wok

Can You Use a Wok on a Gas Stove? / How to Cook with a Wok on Gas Stove?

How to cook with wok on gas stove

Traditionally, wok works best for Chinese cooking which uses an open flame. So, yes, definitely you can use wok on a gas stove.  Cooking with a wok on a gas stove is the best alternative you are going to use for best cooking results.

The wok is the most versatile appliance. It is great for stir-frying. But you can also saute, sear, deep fry, steam etc. by using the wok.

If you are a beginner for wok cooking on a gas stove, then you should be well informed about how to cook with a wok on gas stove.

Home gas stoves are generally coming with 7,000 to 10,000 BTU. It is a little low for wok cooking. So, if you are going to use wok on gas stove use smaller burner (with low BTU) of the gas stove.

If you use a higher burner, the heat will not have concentrated at bottom of the wok because most of the heat goes on the sides of the wok. You need focused heat on the bottom while cooking with a wok.

If you are going to stir fry the food, high heat is an important factor. So, keep in mind, it should be closer to the heat for perfect results of stir-frying.

You can place wok directly on a metal grid of gas stove. The wok will wobble little on the grid, but you can make it steady by gabbing wok by left hand with wok mitts. You can also use the wok ring to tackle the wobbling issue.

But how to use wok ring perfectly for a gas stove? Let’s get to know.

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How to Use Wok Ring for Gas Stove?

If you are using wok directly on a metal grid of gas stove you may face wobbling issue with your wok. It is also the case if you are using the round bottom wok on a gas stove.

Using directly wok on a gas stove sometimes doesn’t get heat to the center and not get hot enough for wok cooking. So, you can solve these issues by simply using a wok ring.

But how to use wok ring on a gas stove?

You have to place the ring at the wider part on the top. The smaller part of the ring should be at the bottom.

As I said above gas stove comes with bit low btu for wok cooking. If you fix a smaller part on the top, the distance between the flame and wok bottom is higher and wok is far away from the gas flame.

So, low heat provided to the wok and cooking with wok is not much effective whereas wok cooking is known for its high heat cooking.

So use the smaller part of the ring at the bottom. This allows the wok to get closer to the heat for perfect wok cooking.

Where to Buy Wok and Wok Ring for Gas Stove?

You can buy wok and wok ring from your nearest local store. But you can also find it on an e-commerce website like Amazon at an economical price.

Though wok ring is inexpensive, you may choose from a wide variety of product with a discounted price on Amazon.

You can compare the prices and hit simply “Buy Now” button for hassle-free buying. Isn’t it easy?

So, take advantage of online offers and garb it for pocket-friendly prices.

How to Choose the Best Wok for Gas Stove?

How to choose wok on gas stove

Shape of Wok

You can use either round bottom or flat bottom wok on your gas stove. They both work perfectly on a gas stove.

Most of the woks come with the round bottom. Round bottom woks great for center heat retention which is the essential thing when cook with a wok. Tossing and mixing of food is seamless with a round bottom wok.

If the wok is too shallow or flat, you will lose the tossing and mixing ability which is the core of wok cooking.

So, choose the wok with 4” depth and 5” flat bottom which is the golden rule of thumb.

Size matters

Woks are usually coming in ranges 10” to 14’’. The size depends on how much food you cook with a wok at one time.

More cook space of wok allows for even heat distribution and better cooking. So, I recommend 13” to 14’’ wok is ideal for the gas stove.


Woks are constructed of every possible material for cookware like cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum, non-stick etc. But carbon steel woks are the most popular and most widely used among them. They are greater in the aspect of heat retention and durability than other types of wok. Due to light in weight, it can quickly lift while cooking.

After using the carbon steel wok over time, it develops delicious charred smoky wok flavor like street food. It also responds to heat changes quickly which the main element of wok cooking that we lose in other types of woks.

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Best Wok for Gas Stove

There are a lot of options of wok for gas stove in the market to choose from. Choosing the best one is quite tricky for you. So, here are the best woks which work perfectly on your gas stove.

Best Carbon Steel Wok for Gas Stove: M.V. Trading 14” Carbon Steel Wok

This M.V. Trading 14” wok is a versatile wok allows you for fun with cooking and also enable you to cook like a real pro. It is constructed of heavy 14-gauge carbon steel.

Due to the flat bottom, it works great on a gas stove as well as the electric stove. As it has flattened bottom, you can place it directly on a stove and allows for high heat.

Keep in mind, this wok is unseasoned so you need to season it before use and enhance its life. It has wooden side pool handle which makes it easy to maneuver while cooking.

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  • The wok designed in such a way to generate fast even heating and cool fast.
  • It is easy to clean with simple hand washing.
  • The wok is easy to season
  • It’s quality construction ensures durability.


  • It is heavy in weight as it weighs about 7.5 pounds.

Best Cast Iron Wok for Gas Stove: Useful. UH-CI 193 14” Cast Iron Wok

The Useful. UH-CI 193 wok comes in 14” size which allows you for a large amount of stir-fry recipes. It comes with contemporary style with curved lines.

As it is made up of cast iron, it has great heat retention ability and also enables even heating. The wok has two loop handles allows for a secure grip. Due to cast iron construction, this one is durable.

Its robust, sturdy base and flat bottom prevent wobbling during cooking. It has a rough surface, but you season it in right way, you will not get your food stuck at the bottom.

This wok is ideal for high heat quick stir-frying.

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  • The wok is pre-seasoned and ready to use.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • Large enough to cook for a big family.


  • As it is made up of heavy duty cast iron, takes up little more time to heat up.

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Best Stainless Steel Wok for Gas Stove: Cooks Standard NC-00233 Stainless Steel Wok

The Cook’s Standard NC-00233 wok has stainless steel housing with an aluminum clad disk at the bottom. Its stainless steel construction helps for even heat distribution. This helps for more heat control while cooking.

This 13’’ wok comes with stainless steel dome lid which fixes securely. It helps a lot to steam your food quickly.

It has a sturdy stainless steel handle with stay cool air flow. This wok is compatible with all kinds of a stovetop. It is also oven safe 500-degree F.

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  • It is easy to clean wok as this is dishwasher safe.
  • The wok is oven safe up to 500 degrees.
  • It comes with the handle featured with stay cool technology.
  • The wok comes with a lid that locks the heat and moisture.


  • The interior of the wok gets stained easily.

Best Round Bottom Wok on Gas Stove: Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow wok

The craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Wok is originally designed by craft wok who are well known for their quality over the years.

This Craft wok is the round bottom wok with a small diameter. “Stir fry” is the core function of this wok. But you can also use it for deep frying in hot oil or making soups etc. and you can also enjoy it as steamer and smoker.

It comes with two handles: one is the steel helper handle which prevents you from burning while cooking on high heat. Another one is wooden handle allows you for tight grip while stir frying.

This round bottom wok is not suitable for the flat electric stove. This wok works well on an open fire to cook Chinese dishes. You need to season it before use.

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  • As this wok is suitable for open fire, also convenient for outside home cooking.
  • This is an attractive wok with hand hammered look.
  • It comes with solid construction.
  • The wok can be seasoned easily.


  • It is a heavy wok.
  • The wok is not suitable for an electric stove.

Best Flat Bottom Wok for Gas Stove: Joyce Chen 21-9972 Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok Set

Joyce Chen 21-9972 carbon steel wok is constructed of 1 ½ mm gauge carbon steel which allows it fast and even heat distribution. It comes with a small bottom.

The wok is featured with two birch wood stay cool handles: One is long and on opposite side helper handle.

It comes with nonstick steel dome lid which traps the heat and moisture. You can use it on gas as well as the electric stove. The wok is provided with a bamboo spatula and recipe booklet.

You need to season wok as per the instructions in the manual and also clean it as per manual to prevent rusting. If you season it precisely, it will be the perfect wok for you!

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  • The wok is provided with a dome lid, bamboo spatula and, recipe booklet.
  • It is light in weight.
  • The ridged sides work perfectly for classic stir fry recipes.


  • The wok tends to scratch easily.

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So, these are the best wok for a gas stove.  Whether you are a beginner or the pro chef these wok models takes your wok journey to the next level. Choose the wok according to your need. I am sure, you will not regret upon. By choosing the best one you will enjoy your wok recipes at full spectrum.

Happy Cooking!!