How to Clean Blendjet Blender?- Complete Guide!

How to Clean Blendjet Blender
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Technology has surely evolved with innovations!

One such invention you can find with the major upgrade is the blender.

Formerly blenders are normally kept in one place, mostly near a plug.

But nowadays with the advancement of technology blenders are highly portable.

BlendJet is one of the most popular brands among portable blenders.

It is innovated by John Zheng and Ryan Pamplin, which launched back in 2018.

If you are looking to create healthy, nutritious smoothies and juices wherever you go, Blendjet is the best bet.

However, if you are wondering how to clean the Blendjet blender without hurting your favorite blender, then here you’ll get to know everything about it.

Can I Wash My BlendJet?

Yes, of course, you can wash your Blendjet if it’s needed cleaning.

In fact, you should always clean your BlendJet immediately after each use to prevent food from drying and sticking to the blades.

Your BlendJet 2 blender is water-resistant, so it’s okay if the USB port gets wet, but never put your BlendJet base, jar, and lid in the dishwasher, or submerge it completely under water.

So, yes, you can wash the blender but with little care and caution.

How to Clean Blendjet Blender? – Step By Step Process

Most of you might seem that cleaning your Blendjet blender is a tedious task.

But surprisingly, cleaning this Blendjet is super easy!

Basic Cleaning Of Blendjet Blender

Step 1

To clean your BlendJet, fill the 2/3 jar with warm water. Add cleanser mixture/ Drop of dish soap into your Blendjet blender cup.

Step 2

Turn on the blender Let your blender run it one or more times as needed. Or you can blend one full cycle until the blender stops automatically.

Step 3

Pour the cleanser mixture back into the sink and rinse the blender cup with clean water.

Step 4

Clean your Blendjet blender at least twice a month to upkeep your blender.

Step 5

You can put a paper towel between your Blendjet blender and a surface.


The BlendJet is a very easy to clean blender.

If you process with liquid ingredients like those for a smoothie, blending water with a bit of soap is enough to clean.

Cleaning the blendjet is also easy if you made food something sticky like almond butter.

Because once you remove the lid and motor base, the jar is easily open on two ends.

So, you can quick blend with soap and water to remove any residue on the blade assembly.

But sometimes it is annoying to clean soap trapped under the lid and motor base seals.

For this, you may need to rinse away soap trapped under the lid and motor base seals every time.

Deep Cleaning Of Blendjet Blender

If your Blendjet needs a deep cleaning, you can clean it by following steps:

Step 1

Remove the blender jar from the base by twisting the jar counter-clockwise while twisting the base in the opposite direction.

Step 2

Take a fork to remove the silicone gaskets carefully from the lid and base for deeper cleaning.

These two gaskets are slightly different so take note of which gasket goes where.

The one gasket comes with the groove which goes in the base.

Step 3

Wash the jar, lid, and gaskets using soapy water.

You can use a soft dish brush to get rid of any debris around the blades if needed.

Never put your hands in the path or between the blades as it can hurt you. So, perform this step carefully.

Step 4

Each part of the blender should be dried thoroughly. So left it out long enough to let it fully air dry.

Step 5

Now you need to reassemble the blender.

To reassemble your blender, fix the grooved gasket back in the base.

Ensure the grooved side is facing down. Press it firmly into place.

You can use the tip of a spoon if needed. Make sure it is placed properly as it will prevent leaking.

Secure the jar on top and screw it into the base to push in the gasket fully.

Fix the second gasket back in the lid by pushing it into place using fingers or a spoon.

Blendjet Portable Blender Cleaning Instructions

Always clean your BlendJet blender immediately after every use.

It helps to prevent food from drying and sticking to the blades. It helps prevents build up in long run.

If you have BlendJet 2, it is water-resistant, so it’s okay if the USB port gets wet.

But Blendjet doesn’t recommend putting the jar or lid of the blender in the dishwasher.

So, never put your BlendJet electronic base, jar, and lid in the dishwasher. Also never submerge these parts entirely underwater.

Slightly pat the BlendJet logo to make it dry, or simply allow air dry after each washing.

How To Remove Tough Stains of Blendjet?

Clean with Baking Soda

For tougher stains, sprinkle some baking soda or powdered cleanser over the surface or inside the jar.

Allow it to stand for at least 10 minutes.

Scrub the jar with a dishcloth until all of the stains get removed.

Rinse the blender thoroughly. Do not soak Blendjet Portable blender in water, or run the blender under water.

Do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals like bleach or lye, as it leads to eroding.

if the blender is not taken care of, it will become a dirty mess!

Can the Blendjet 2 Go in the Fridge?

Yes, the Blend jet 2 can go in the fridge.

However, it is not recommended to keep it in the fridge.

Most drinks made in blenders are for immediate serving and consumption.

If you keep this blended food in the fridge, it reacts with the air which causes a loss in its nutritional value.

Another issue with these stored drinks in the Blend jet container is a reaction with the blender’s material.

If you store the blended drink in the blendjet and store it in the fridge, it will cause a reaction with the blender’s material which leads to food causing health risks.

Another issue is with the internal components.

Some of the internal components can get damaged when kept in the fridge.

E.g. there is a possibility of the battery and the battery coil would get damaged when kept in the fridge.

Also, the blender jar cannot be detached from the bottle without the content getting emptied.

So, even though you can put your Blendjet blender in the fridge, it is not advisable to put or store it in the fridge.

Related Questions

Is the BlendJet waterproof?

BlendJet 2 is a water-resistant blender.

So, you don’t have to worry if getting liquid in the USB-C port or accidentally submerging your BlendJet 2 in the sink or pool.

How to store your BlendJet Blender?

After using the Blendjet you need to clean and store it properly.

You can leave it on the countertop or store it safely in the cabinet.

You should keep the lid loose as it allows any excess water to evaporate.

Can you store food in the Blendjet?

No, you can’t store food in the Blendjet.

Most food blended in the Blendjet is in liquid form.

So, it is advisable to consume or drink it immediately after blending as exposing blended food to air leads to an adverse effect on the nutrient, fiber content, and shelf life.

You will end up with your drink with a loss of nutrients or fiber or its shelf life.

Additionally, the material that composes Blendjet blender reacts with the food causing health risks in the long run.

Can I use frozen fruit in my BlendJet?

Yes, you can use frozen fruit in Blendjet.

As you know, the BlendJet 2 is the perfect gadget for making smoothies on the go, baby food, sauces, salad dressings, and more.

As long as what you are making is primarily in liquid form, the BlendJet 2 can handle frozen fruit and ice without any issue.

Can BlendJet blend/crush ice cubes?

Yes, Blendjet can blend ice. The BlendJet 2 is suitable for crushing ice.

The Blendjet 2 feels sturdy and makes crushed ice with good consistency in about four minutes.

But it can’t process a large number of cubes at once because some tend to get stuck above the blades instead of being processed.

Blendjet can process four cubes at once.

You can blend the first three for a few seconds to break them up then add the fourth.

Final Thoughts

Now you know, cleaning a Blendjet is a piece of cake.

You should hand-wash your Blendjet to guarantee it truly gets cleaned properly.

The best way to get rid of stains, odors, and buildup from your Blendjet is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

So, you won’t need to deep clean often if you take care of its everyday maintenance.


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